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April 25, 2012


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Love the pillows! Well done on the DIY one. It's perfect.


Without ribbons and trims, your cushion is so sweet and lovely just the way it is! I wish I could have it !!


Oooooooooooooh, heaven is a new cushion! Cushion mountains can never be too small!!They are soooo beeeeutifully squashily perfect, well done Lucy. I'm so jealous - all my cushiony creations have envelope backs, I have not yet plucked up courage to do the zippy thaing! partly cos I can't seem to get to grips with the zipper foot. The attic and Connievan will be so blessed when you have finished ;o)


It's so pretty and very cheery. I actually love that you got too small a zip.....sorry! I did the same once, I am a very novice sewer.


What a very Attic24 cushion that is! I love the way that if everyone had identical pieces of fabric, they'd all end up with something different at the end. When people choose the fabrics, then away we go into the land of individuality and creation - what a wonderful world! There's nothing like a bit of patchwork to sooth the soul, even if it's created in a frantic window of opportunity - happy creating! Happy cushions!


Oh how lovely is that cushion, it is sooooo you !!! Next time I see you will I will give you a little tip about pins to avoid getting them stuck . Can't wait to see the next cushion with trims on .
see you soon lovely lady , Tracy xx .


Oooh I love love love your cushions! I've never sewn in a zip either I find it way too daunting! I so wish I had a brighter more colourful stash of fabrics to be creative with... I must work on this!

So glad I came by before going to bed, you always brighten my day :o) xx

mevr. Snoeshaan

It's beautiful, I love it! Made me remember a half quilt in the attic... I must finish it! Thanks for the inspiration!

Lisa G.

I particularly like the striped one!


To be honest I prefer your cushion with the longer strips of patterned material, it's a bit easier on the eye.
Well done, very good stuff Lucy!

Truly Myrtle

I love it!!! Never mind about the ribbons and trims - now you will have to make more.... Ooooo I'm so inspired to "bright mod floral" my sofa!!!

Linda Solaiman

Well done Lucy you have done a great job the cushion is lovely, so what if zip is too small and, it looks good without trimmings because the fabric is bright and beautiful anyway, you can be proud of that cushion :)


Your cushion is ADORABLE! I love it so much! I admire you for even trying a zip. I'm not that brave yet.


Great job on the cushion! Thanks for sharing your creative process. ;-)

debbie @ happy little cottage

Great job Lucy!! You are so brave to sew in a zipper! All of this patchwork goodness will be perfect for Connievan!! xoxo Debbie


Just GORGEOUS! Wonderful eye-candy. Practice makes perfect with your zip sewing - looking forward to seeing the next cushion with its trims. Andrea.

claudia w



Oooh so fab to see some patchworking here in the attic, Luce. Lovely and jolly, Connievan is looking super. Wish we could have some nice weather to go with it. You're actually right to use a zip a few inches shorter than the full length of one side of the cushion anyway, the idea is you sew each seam either end of the zip tight closed as normal, machine baste the in between seam with big stitches, then lay your zip over the machine basted section and sew it on, finally removing the basting stitches. I always hand baste my zip first so that I don't need to sew over pins which, like you say, do like to do their own thing and send your stitches a tad wonky. It pains me to baste anything but gives a good result. Sorry, I've ended up doing what you didn't want, very anti-winging it! Please keep showing us your Connievan projects.
Hen x

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy Homespun Style is a wonderful book. I love looking through my copy. On my way home I passed a shop with a display of vintage style bedding and was thinking I could make some pillow cases. I really like the idea of using ribbons and trims as well. xx

Maggie Cawthorn

Loved your cushion especially the zingy turquoise and pink in the middle. Thanks for sharing bits that you find difficult, it's really great to see that not everyone does everything perfectly - inspires me to have a go. I stitch all my cushions up and unpick it to wash!!! Think I'll try a zip now.

Nellie Dean

I've heard a lot of good things about Selina's book - I really must order it! Well done on the cushion too, it's pretty fab for a first attempt!!

penny freshour

Awwww such a happy little pillow!
Bravo....you have way too much fun Lucy...Ha Ha!
You sound like me when I've mastered and completed a project. Have a happy tomorrow. :)


Please!! Get more into patchwork and teach us! It's lovely!


I think all the zips I have put in have been wonky! The cushion is just lovely - I like the way the patches don;t line up in mathematical accuracy. Very pretty cushion. I love your stashlet of fabric as well. Thanks for sharing.

penny freshour

just fyi.. for you and your followers lucy....
selina lake has an awesome blog...i could look
at it all day long....just dreamy!

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