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Thank you for this amazing pattern,!it makes the most perfect holly leaves, exactly what I need for the sides of Christmas bed socks!


And still after 7 years this leaf has been found and made.
Absolutely perfect!
Thank you and I wish you a wonderful winter time.

Warm greetings from the Vulkaneifel in Germany.


Thanks for the excellent tutorial! Saved me a lot of time, I sent a small donation to say thank you.

Anna Szabó

Thanks, your pattern has given me inspiration with these words: "So I did what I often do and had a go at designing something myself. It was not easy."
I often do it the same way, but in this case - your pattern is perfect - I could spare time. Thanks to you.

Kate Butler

Thank you so much for this brilliantly written pattern. Very clear instructions. And I love the result! I was searching for ages for a great looking Holly leaf pattern.
And now I’ve found it.
Can’t thank you enough 🙌


the very best holly leaf explanation that I have come across crochet tutorials. I finished a Xmas pudding beanie and was battling with the leaf. This is a life saver. God bless you and a million thank you. Wow a good teacher indeed.


Lucy, you're a life saver. I was having difficulties following another pattern for holly leaves when I decided to heck with it and did a search for Attic 24 holly leaves . . . need I say more. Your tutorials are always the best and I cannot thank you enough. I now have a white candle/jar wrap with holly leaves and red berries all set for the holiday season. ^^

R Knight

Best holly leaf pattern on You Tube - thank you!


Thank you so much, this pattern is so easy to follow for a beginner like me & pic’s
Really helpful to. I also managed to make it first time ! Thank you it’s brilliant.

Vicky Evans

Such a great and easy pattern, thank you. Just what I wanted this Christmas. Mindful holly bunting.. xxx

chris bassett

And I thought new zealand was beautiful. you have some lovely photos on your blog. Thank you for sharing

sharon palmer

where is the pattern for the holy berries? thank you!!!


I made three leaves from a different tutorial and none of them looked how I wanted them to. I found this site and just made the cutest little holly leaf. I plan to make a few more as well as snowflakes and some red mini pom poms for Christmas garland. thank you so much for this!

Dorothyc Kincaid

I agree with Jennifer from March 2016. This is the best pattern and turorial I have come across. Easy to follow and perfect results. Thank you.


Lovely leaves, conspicuous colors, direct directions. I want to donate, but I can only use PayPal. I do send encouragement your way. This is all so well presented. Thank you.


Hi. Thank you very much for the pattern, just what I was looking for :) I made a "drawn" pattern with Stitch Fiddle based on yours. Not sure if I got it correctly but I would like to share it with you, hoping it will help others. How can I send it to you? (Sorry, it's my first time here.)


~Thank you for such a lovely succinct pattern with the stitches described. I don't like following pictures so the written pattern was perfect. Will use this site again.


Thank you so much! Sent you a small PayPal payment for the pattern !

Jennifer Williams

lovely, just what I was looking for. very clear instruction too. thank you.


Thank you so much for such a lovely pattern with such clear instructions. You’ve made my Christmas crafting a breeze!

Lesley Cross

Lucy, I have tried different patterns but I wasn't happy with any of them until I found yours. Absolute perfection! Thank you so much for a pattern which is recognisable as a holly leaf and a pattern which is beautifully illustrated in picture as well as in the written description. Thank you so very much. I love making things from your designs. This is the third pattern of yours I have made and I have been delighted with them ALL. Thank you once again.


Love these! I found them as I was hunting for a non-acrylic daft Xmas jumper, which basically doesn't exist. So now I'm hooking some festive adornments for my own creative Christmas woolly! Hurray!

Linda Hilty-Tuttle

Hi Lucy,
I just LOVE your Holly Leaf pattern! It's the prettiest one I have found on the internet. Your written instructions AND clear photos made it possible for me to have success, in spite of my always trying to make things harder for myself than they have to be! THANK YOU so much for sharing your talents in such a precise manner!!!

Anneliese Born

Ich freu mich jetzt schon drauf mit der Häkelarbeit zu beginnen.


beautiful models-très joli modeles-

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