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March 06, 2014


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I am trying this cushion and pattern for the first time but my work is really wonky. I tend to have tight tension but it seems more than that. Shall I unpick or restart?

Wedding Pixie

These are just stunning, would make a fabulous baby blanket also!

Fiona McIntosh

Hi Lucy,

My son and girlfriend bought me your rainbow cushion cover set for Christmas which was a lovely surprise.

However, I am having a problem with the wonky sides. I see from other comments that it is not just me...thankfully and wondered if you have any tips as to where I am going wrong?

Much appreciated.


Is this usa terms?

Jane Kirby

Hi Lucy,
I love your blog and your patterns and have bought several of your wool packs.
I started your raindrop cushion this evening, but it is turning out at an angle. Can you give me any help in how to straighten it up please. I don't really want to crochet any more until I know what I'm doing wrong.
Thanks very much.

Maria Luisa Luque

I did it I did it I am very happy I finished my cushion, where can I show it to you?

Enid (ancient octogenarian)

Sent for the complete package for the raindrops cushion - making it for son & daughter-in-law for their caravan & 20th wedding anniversary. As other comments I ended up with crooked sides. Undid all, third attempt and extra careful reading of your very good tuition I seem to be getting better but my sides still do not look as good as yours. Am doing 16" cushion (48sts)so working out buttonhole spacing is proving a bit taxing for my old brain. They might get it for their 21st anniversary at this rate!


This is such a beautiful design and I can't wait to start it! I don't have a 6mm hook my biggest is a 5mm hook, will that be alright to use with chunky yarn? Thanks for all your lovely patterns and advice :)

Linda Packer

Hi Lucy
I have hopefully got the correct link to make contact and comment. I met you in Skipton in July.We had a coffee together, I live in Cornwall. You may remember me. I love the vivid colours in your cushion. I am going to have a go, but before I do, I want to try a ripple cushion. You were busy crocheting the coast ripple blanket. I love the colours in the blanket. Is it poss to make a cushion in the ripple pattern? I have never been successful trying to do a ripple pattern in the past. However, you have explained how tos go about it in your excellent way, so I am going to take the plunge and get the colours from Style Craft so that I can replicate the effect you created in your blanket. If successful, I will have a go at making the blanket in the same colours. Thank you Lucy for all your inspiration that you share with us. Linda


This is absolutely gorgeous! Every time I follow a link to your blog I am delighted. You do such beautiful work. Bravo and thank you for all of the inspiration.




Angelica Calve-Vicens

bsolutely gorgeous! Love your 'raimbow corner'... Perhaps I'll be able to have one like yours some day! The case is that I'm afraid I'won't have enough time in the rest of my life, which I hope will be very long, the thing is that the cue of my next projects is becoming too long for a lifetime ;) Does that happen to you as well?
Thanks a lot for sharing your beutiful ideas!
A hug with two kisses, the Spanish way!!!


Love the stitch, but don't know how to make it with straight sides. Help!


What a fab idea, i'm all about cushions and throws at the moment. I'm half afraid though of how challenging it would be for me to create something similar as it looks so detailed!


Just finished mine but in a slightly bigger size and I'm a tiny bit in love!


just started making this and it is really easy to do. And the side edges are lovely and straight! Thanks so much Lucy :-)


I absolutely LOVE this and I'm definitely going to give it a go.

Can I ask though how do you start it off, for your size cushion, how many chains?? Thank you xxx

Gemma Payne

I'm having a lot of trouble with this pattern, I consider myself to be an intermediate crocheter but this has me stumped. I've just posted a picture to your facebook page to show the problem. I've started the cushion twice now but it keeps going wonky. I've done a sample/tester square and it's done the same. I swear I'm following the pattern exactly. It keeps skewing to the right. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Can you help? Thanks in advance


Just finished making the cushion. It was a lot quicker than I had expected so am going to give it to my sister for her birthday (hadn't thought I would finish it in time). I enjoyed making it and it was a real "people magnet" - I often crochet on the 'bus or in public and I've never had so many people ask me about what I'm crocheting. It also attracted another Attic 24 fan who recognised the design!

Just one thing - I found the technique you suggest about the ends distorted the side with the ends a bit. It doesn't show too much now the cushion's sewn up, but I don't think I'd use that method again.

Thanks again for the lovely pattern and your clear way of describing it.

Vikki Shelton

Hi Lucy - I love this cushion and already have some lovely colours of yarn that I could use but it is DK not chunky squidgy!

Do you think it would work if I used DK instead of chunky yarn? I can obviously just work the number of stitches and rows required to fit the measurements you have provided, but what hook size would you recommend I use?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Lucy,
I am trying this pattern using shades of yellow and orange in a DK weight to make a blanket. It looks lovely...but I'm getting those wonky edges that I see at the start of your pillow, even though I *think* I'm following the directions correctly. I can usually figure such things out on my own, but wondered if you had suggestions?


Many thanks for posting the raindrops pattern and details of the cushion. I needed a new and colourful project so have bought the wool and am going for it. Just one thing - I couldn't see the number of stitches for the cushion anywhere, am I missing it? You mention 50 stitches when you're describing the button holes, but that doesn't work out as a multiple of 4, or a multiple of 4 plus 3, as you say in the raindrops pattern.

Silly Little Sheep

It is beautiful! I didnt read the whole post, but I love the pictures and the buttons that you chose are just perfect!

martina wynne

wow loving yr site,beautiful


Besides your ripple blanket, which is my top love, this is the 2nd most gorgeous thing you have created!!! LOVE THIS!

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