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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Thank you, Lucy!! Wanted to say that yours is my FAVORITE blog, patterns, posts, pictures anywhere on the www. I am a frequent visitor to your wonderful sites and have learned so very much. I am a 76 yo wife of 58 years, mom of 3, grandma to 12, great-grandma to 5 & have loved your site for many years. I appreciate your expertise and help with all things crochet, which is one of my greatest loves. PLEASE always be there for your devoted fans.
Sending love and hugs from North Carolina and Kentucky, USA!

Heidi vernon

Jour flowers are beautiful ,,thank you so much.


Hi, I’ve just noticed a mistake in this UK terms pattern. At the end of round 4 you say to join to first sc, which should, of course, read dc.
A small thing, but as so many beginners use your patterns, it could confuse them.

Bonnie Kramer

Why can I not print the directions without all the pictur s and comments?

Magdalena Catherina Minnaar

Botha Street 887 Hercules
Wendy 8

ruby chalmers

beautiful patterns can i print them or buy/

Shirley West

23 Summerhill Circle Drive. It's Shirley from Arkansas ! I just want to thank you for these WONDERFUL patterns, I've been crocheting for several years, now I'm getting braver, to try more complicated patterns ! You're look easier than some I have seen ! I can't wait to try them ! Have a Wonderful day dear !

wonder woman

wow. i'm new to these and i'm sooooo grateful lucy! I have just finished the crochet bag pattern you did and the straps are attached so i began the flowers and failed 100% to do my first one without my tongue hanging out in concentration. ;-) i smiled greatly as you wrote at the end 'did you have fun?' as YES I DID! woohooo. what a hoot it was, i feel so elated i've created one just like yours. i usually also use the same yarn as you do too, i have oodles of rowan cotton dk in varying colours so i'm on a role now. then i did two leaves and am about to attach it all to the bag before then deciding what wondrous colours to miss-match and go crazy with for the other flowers on the handles. golly i'm hOOKED! :-) LOVE YOUR SITE, YOUR WORK, YOUR INSPIRATION AND GUIDANCE. eternally grateful. xxxx from Baldock,/herts.


Thanks so much for this pattern. It's one I used while crocheting flowers for my spring wreath. I also used your Teeny Tiny Flowers pattern. I shared it on my blog and linked to your pattern.

Miriam Evans

I have been making these flowers and leaves and attaching a hanging chain as a few ladies are going to yarn bomb our town for Mother's day with them. Thank you for the pattern, I am so pleased with the results


Simply Brilliant!!! There are going to be flowers on everything in my house now. Thank you for including the American equivalent for us ladies across the pond...otherwise I would have been as lost as a goose in a snowstorm!


Dear Lucy, I know we don't know each other but reading your website gave me the impression that I know you very well! I admire everything you do! You are a true artist from all point of views. Your love for the beauty of this world is imense and impressive! I have loads of thanks and gratitude for all your interesting patterns! I am new in crocheting, I started just one month ago but I find your patterns pretty easy to follow because you are a very good teacher! Thank you from all my heart!
Sincerely, a romanian friend!

Rosemary Dargan

Dear Lucy,
I am currently crocheting a jolly chunky bag and have just finished the flowers (looking lovely!). I am now trying to crochet the leaves. When you say to chain 8, start in 2nd stitch from hook, and dc, htr, tr, 2tr, tr, htr and dc I run out of stitches. Are you supposed to do the 2tr in the one stitch?
Then have to work out next bit of the leaf as well, then try to put it all together. I'll send you a finished photo so you can see how U
I've done.
Thank you. Rosemary.

Jackie mccormack

I made the pattern on the ourside as I worked the STS. It came out loose like a basket. The size is 14" x18". I am now finishing a second bag as a gift. Because the lady wants it just like mine. I call it a stash bag. I did make a bag from inside as I worked the stitches. With no handles. I put my yarn stash in it. It came out nice. I am left handed. Thank you for your generous patterns and thoughts*


Hi Lucy I have been following you for many years and always go to your site for flowers I love your stories of your home I have had the same illness you had and so understand you I just want to do what you do I'm so I love with color thank you for much enjoyment

Tamannah Amatul-Azizah

can you please crochet a easy and 3D whale that i can make please


Hi again Lucy.
Just wondering if there is any reason you don't answer your questions here on the blog.I haven't heard anything yet about my question of the background object under your flowers
Awaiting still to hear from you.


hi Lucy
Just been making these flowers and I love them.
Can you tell me what is that blue round thing you are using as background for the flowers in the last picture that looks a bit interesting. Is it something you made
Hugs from Lone in Denmark

Maureen Latta

Thank you so much I have just completed one flower and I love love love it. Thanks again


Perfect little flower to top a hat rather than a pompom. Thanks for sharing your method with us.

Faye Faraldo

A person can never have enough love and you get more that enough. I have been reading the comments from people and we all love you and what you do for us. I cannot add anything that hasn't been said over and over. You are truly a gift to us and especially for us oldsters who are not too swift when it comes to understanding things quickly. Thank you for making things so easy for me to understand and I know that goes for many people.

Jan Taylor

Just brilliant and exactly what I was looking for xx

Katherine Bays

Ah, I knew I'd find what I needed on your site Lucy!
Our WI branch, the Old Trafford Wonder Women, will tomorrow be meeting to start making our very own banner. Surrounding our logo will be lots of flowers and leaves, in part inspired by your gorgeous wreaths. I wanted to find an easy-to-follow flower example for our members who haven't crocheted before. And here it is! I've been following your blog for years and even made my own ripple blanket, so this is a lovely opportunity to share your great site with our branch. I've made a donation to say thanks x

Beryl E Corby

Thank you Lucy for the pattern. I love it. I am 76 years old, and have been a good knitter all my life, but never mastered crochet

I bought some yarn and used my mother's ancient crochet hook, and am teaching myself ... your pattern has been perfect for me to follow ... instructions so clear.
Went to Whitby last yeart, and loved to the pictures you put on of when you went ... lovely place ...lovely memories.

Beryl xx

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