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Mrs Sandra Hunter

Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to line this bag?

Norma Probert

Do you know when a pattern for the weekend bag might be available to buy? I am asking for a 92year old friend who doesn’t have the facilities to follow your tutorial.

Norma Probert

Do you know when a pattern for the weekend bag might be available to buy? I am asking for a 92year old friend who doesn’t have the facilities to follow your tutorial.


listen this is an abso9lte joke it didnt work all my water spilt out what happned to no plastic,i think we should bring it back! #dontsVETHEOCEAN #NOTURTLES #CROCHENOTHEONE


Lovely. I made a smaller version for a Christmas present. Easy pattern to follow.


Maybe i'm dumb but with the increases i'm having to increase the number of stitches .

Kath Garvey

Hi Lucy
I have just started my crochet journey at 67 yrs, and have watched many YouTube videos.
I came across your work on Ravelry, and it has made me so happy. I love how you have written your tutorials showing images where to put your crochet hook for the next stitch, sometimes not easy to sea on a video. I am definitely going to buy the kit for this lovely crochet bag. Thank you for sharing your talent and beautiful work with us. X


I have just whipped up this bag for a present for a friend. Thank you so much for your BRILLIANT instructions. I struggle to read patterns and normally have to watch videos, however, your step by step pics are even better! Thank you, Lucy :-)

Alison Tansley

Hello, is there anyone who can help with an issue I have with this? I've undone countless times and obviously doing something wrong?

Shirley Covington

Hello Lucy
I ordered the Weekend Bag Kit and adored making it. The bag of yarn was very generous and I plan to make another one. I love your site and tutorials and feel like I know you. I also was inspired to make a May Wreath. Thanks for your inspiration.

Valerie Clark

Such a lovely bag, and a great photo tutorial. I got the pack from Wool Warehouse, and made a first bag. It has a few unexpected design features as I struggled with the flower and it came out too big for the flap. However, for information's sake, prospective buyers may be interested to know I have made a second bag from the yarn provided in the kit - totally perfect after the trial run. There was not enough of the pale blue yarn left to do the strap twice, so I swapped the top 2 stripes and did the strap in the turquoisey green, which looks just fine with the blue border and flap. There is now not a lot of the two blues or the turquoisey green left, but there is enough of the other 4 colours to make a third bag if I am prepared to settle for fewer different colours in the stripes. The magnetic clasps are easily available from eBay for the 2nd and 3rd ones. Three bags from one pack makes this a very economical choice, and it's so pretty friends will be queuing up for the duplicates.


Baie mooi is hy nie in afrikaans ook nie
.sal dit waardeer

Rowena Corlett

Hi Lucy - I have spotted a mistake I think. In round 5 the second end says 2htr in next stitch then 1htr in next 2 stitches repeat 3 times. At the first end it says 2htr in next stitch then 1htr in next 3 stitches.I love this bag and am getting the kit for Christmas!


I would love to see a pic of someone wearing this purse so it will be easier to get a better feeling of size. I'm very visual and this would probably be helpful to others as well. They are beautiful and I'm trying to figure out if I want to make and buy. Thanks.

Fiona Paterson

Hi Lucy, I hope you don't mind me mentioning it but I think there's a small typo in the tutorial. In Round 5 for the second lot of increases it says 1htr in the next 2 stiches but I think it should be the next 3 stitches to match the increases earlier in the round. Is that right? Cheers, Fiona

Bethy Boo

Hi Lucy! Your pattern suggests that we use 8 x 100g of chunky yarn - does the bag actually use all 800g? How much yarn do you think it needs if it weren't for the lovely multi-coloured stripes? Thanks, Bethy xxx


Is it possible to obtain a printed copy of this pattern as I have enough yarn left over to make this from the Jolly Chunky Bag pack that I purchased from the Wool Warehouse this summer?



This is just gorgeous, think I've got to get me one of those packs! I love the fact that it's quick as well as easy to follow; I think I may have to make a couple as Christmas presents. Thanks for such a comprehensive, clear and well laid out pattern; I wish they were all as easy to follow as this. Karen xx

Maureen Grillo

Lucy I adore this new bag you created. Going to go order one from your website. Thank you for all your hard work. You are the best.


What an adorable project! Can't wait to try this one!

Emma Shepherd

Hi Lucy I've just finished my 1st bag and I'm really very proud of it. There are a few places that I could have done better, but given I've only been crocheting since January 2016 I think I've done OK. Your patterns are great to follow and I suspect that when I read your tutorial here I'll figure out where I went wrong!
Just wanted to say thanks very much. I think I may make a few for Christmas presents x

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