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Chin Lyn

Hello Lucy,

I like the sample piece you created when deciding on the colour sequence for you Dune Shell blanket. Please may you share what stitch you use for this. Thank you so much.

Kind regards
Chin Lyn

Debbie Grundmann

Could I be sent the dune pattern please? The whole pack wasn't available so bought the wool elsewhere but have no pattern.


Great Article. Wholesale blankets are bulk quantities of blankets that are sold to retailers, businesses, or Bulk Blankets for Hotels individuals at a discounted price compared to buying individual blankets.

Jacquela Leon

Just purchase the Dune color pack, it I will be using the yarn for a mosaic crochet blanket. Do you have a suggestion for what color I should use as a good contrasting color that will work with all of the colors in the pack. Thank you.

Shirley Kirby

Hello, I have just finished the colour wash version of the Dune blanket. Thank you so much for posting this lovely pattern. The finished result is much admired.

Louise Fisher

Hi again !

I do not have these colors on hand and I check carefully color before I use it ~ I had the random idea of using this with the Moorland possible 2 strands together.

Any thoughts of am I off my mind ! :)

Louise Fisher


Barbara Hall

I've just received my pack for the Dune blanket! I love the colours and am so excited about starting it (but must finish one or two other projects first). Thank you for the lovely design.


I would like to have the pattern for the ammonite.

Tina O’Reilly

Lucy, Your kit is on the way. I am new to crochet. I might switch to the ripple stitch for ease and speed. You have really brightened up my weekend and have something to look forward too. Thank ypu. Tina

Elizabeth messenger

Can your yarn packs be sent to France and if so what are the postage costs. Thanks in advance

Nessa Martin

First crochet project apart from a hat. Have loved doing it but it has turned out a little bigger ,which is no problem. I used a 4mm hook should I have gone down a size for future reference.
Planning a larger spring wreath next.
Thanks your blog is brilliant


For the ammonite pattern, do the commenters mean this:


Julie Arnold

Hi. Love your blankets and thank you for the way you share them and your thoughts, etc - it really is lovely and a pleasure to visit your website.
I'm looking to make the Dune blanket in the colourwash version, but want to do it in a cotton or similar yarn that is light in weight, as I will be making the largest size. As we are in lockdown and I can't get out and about to look myself, can you recommend a yarn that would do justice to your design? I'm desperate to start!! Many thanks.

Jodie Kilworth

Would like to purchase the pattern for the Dune blanket
I already have yarn as I was to crochet another blanket but it was to hard
this looks like something I can do.

Carol Betteridge

Hi. I've just ordered the dune blanket pack but was wondering if it included the hook. If not could you tell me which size to buy please x


Can someone clarify the instructions on weaving in the ends? I'm new to crochet and don't understand them. I'm on my 3rd repeat of the colors and haven't woven in any ends yet. I'd love to do them along the way. Thank you.


I would like to darn in my ends along the way, but I don't understand your comment "Note : when darning in ends, make sure to leave the first and last stitches of each row intact and unstitched. This will allow you to work around the post of these stitches when
crocheting the first border row." I saw the photo in the Spike Stitch blog, but of course it looks different from the shell pattern. I am a beginning crocheter so I'm just not sure how to darn in gracefully and securely. Any extra help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Annien Teubes

I just posted a comment, but think I had the name wring. Its actually called the Dune blanket- if not possible please help me with a different pattern - under full lockdown so I cannot go anywhere to look for some and I do LOVE yours.

Annien Teubes

Here I am, lock down in South- Africa, lost my job, but with the cupcake and hydrangea blankets finished. My granddaghters love them to bits. At that stage my partner ordered more colours which I loved and now after years I di have the time to crochet a blanket. Something that will keep me sane and my mind off the CV-19 virus. Are there any any chance for me to get the pattern of the seashell blanket. I cannot afford any more buying at this stage but....I can try.

Kristi Jo Knoll

Where is the pattern for ammonites please? I would love to make a bunch of them and hang them up as a garland. Please let me know where to find the pattern.

Jill vagg

I have just started my dune blanket and gone to check my tension and it says the 3rows should measure 120 cm,now me not knowing my cm from my ins ,I’ve just argued that it must be right that my 3rows should measure 120cm ,but then it says the blanket should measure 120cm!!!!

Kim Phillips

Hi, I have made several of your blankets and really enjoyed doing them. I was thinking of making the Dune one for a friend who is expecting a baby - but it is too large - please can you advise on making it say 120 x 120cm without losing the colour effects too much. Thanks Kim

Donna Thompson

I have purchased the Dune Blanket pack.

There is no pattern in the pack and on the sheet in the pack it states that the pattern can be downloaded from here.

However, I cannot find the pattern on here and above it states that the pattern is included in the yarn pack?

Where can I find the pattern please???

Krista E Bandy

I couldnt find an email for you. I have an issue that you might be able to help. [email protected]

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