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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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This is genius Lucy, thank you!x


Hello Lucy ~ these colors are so so beautiful ........ I love the moors and am doing some sort of creation around this which is in the planning at the mo.
I am so tempted to get this too.
I also love the Dunes colors ~
Have a lovely week ahead ~ xxx ~


After many months of work (fully covers a twin bed), I'm almost done with this blanket that I colored to look like waves in the ocean. However, I'm at the border and the holes where I chained three to start the second row of each color don't seem to be disappearing. Any suggestions?
Thank you!

Kristi Calcagno

Hi Lucy. I’m making my second Moorland Blanket and doing the double size this time. I am wondering how much of each color do I need for my edging? Thank you!!!


I have been crocheting on and off for many years. I usually don't have trouble making the stitches. However, when I read a pattern,I have a problem figuring out where to put the hook. Thank you so much for showing where to put the hook by pointing with the needle. This is invaluable. I am on a fixed income, but plan to make a donation for your wonderful tutorials!

Joy Prince

Sooooo 19 months later I have finally finished!! This is what happens when you put it down and get distracted with other things. What on earth am i going to do now? Think Ripple is next on my list!
Thank you Lucy, my daughter really loves it (her name is Heather btw) xxx

Patricia Rayner

Thank you so much for the beautifully demonstrated edging for the moorland blanket, I'm only about 1/4 through my blanket - I struggled with neat wave pattern at first now I have the hang of it its wonderful. I adore your patterns and your instructions are so clear. Thank you very much


Hello Lucy!

I just ordered the Moorland yarn pack and want to make a ripple blanket. Can I use your colour pattern from the Moorland Blanket? Is it possible to change this colour pattern into a ripple???

Ana de Bary

Lucy, I have a question relating to darning in the ends. They are sticking out. How does one keep them from doing this? I think I am doing something wrong...
Maybe there is a tutorial where I can find out the right way to do it.
Regards fron Argentina!


Just starting part 5 but looking ahead to the border, blanket has gotten a lot of compliments. I just purchased the hydrangea pack from wool warehouse and thinking about the cozy pack also., received my pack in 6 days in USA. Love your patterns and colors and love the stylecraft yarn

Alison Wiens

I have a question relating to darning in the ends. They are sticking out. How does one keep them from doing this? Other than that, I am finished and love this pattern and blanket! Thanks.

Kim mullins

A suggestion for the baby blanket maker... instead of doing 2 rows of each colour just do one in the same sequence. Then you will end up with a square blanket but witb the same colours :)

Alison Wiens

I started the Moorland blanket recently using your colors for the baby of a friend. I absolutely love the colors and are extra special to me right now as my hubby and I spent a month in England last autumn and spent many days walking the moors. I am making the blanket smaller as a baby blanket and it just occurred to me today that while I made it a smaller width, the instructions are for 115 rows, which will make it disproportionately long. Do you have a recommendation to shorten it without messing up the color scheme? Thank you!

Jean Blythe

I'm still working away on mine. Still down in the greens. This is so beautiful! This post encouraged me to keep on and finish my lovely blanket. Thank you for the lovely crochet a long.
I really enjoy working with the Stylecraft DK yarns. I'm in the US and they aren't common here.

Angela  Montague

Hi Lucy
I've just finished my blanket and absolutely love it-thanks so much for your step by step instructions, so easy to follow .Ive really enjoyed this project and loved working with so many beautiful colors. I've also crocheted the cupcake blanket and am definitely hooked on your creations! Many thanks .

Victoria Mier

Finished! It's so lovely. The edge where I changed yarn is not as neat as it might be, but it's fine, and for my first project, I'm thrilled. Will miss it so much though... Thanks for a brilliant pattern, wonderful colours, fantastic instructions, and untold inspiration.

Anne Montgomery

Will you be printing a book with the pattern in for this lovely blanket?


Hi Lucy I havnt posted before but I have purchased yarn pack last year for your jolly chunky bag now completed and I love it. Just wanted to say thankyou for sharing your wonderful crochet patterns and your tutorials are the best, when I'm unsure I alway should refer to your blog for colour and borders. I love your work and now have some colourful blankets of my own ☺.

Jennie Craig

I love this border. Simple but so effective. Thank you x

Katrina Welsh

Thankyou so much for this beautiful blanket Lucy. It has been a pleasure to crochet ,I'll be using my blanket in our touring caravan.x

Julie Hardy

Could you tell me how
Much yarn I will need for the edging of a double width blanket?


Did you go up a hook size on the border?

Heidi E

The border is perfect! Looks beautiful. Approximately how many stitches are there on the long side?
Thank you for another beautiful pattern of colors!


Thank you for a lovely border that fits this blanket perfectly, Lucy. You are amazingly good at choosing colours, something I seem to lack sometimes. But I couldn't have done it better. And crocheting in the BLO makes it just a little more special texture and look.
And just like you and many others I don't want it to end. So glad I'm only at stripe 86 so I have a few weeks left to work on it...:))
I'm so glad that I participated in this CAL.

XX Madhurya

Jenny Turner

Thank you Lucy for such a detailed tutorial. I was worried that my edging might spoil my lovely neat blanket but I'm fairly confident now that by following your picture instructions I'll have a neat edging - I'm usually a fast crocheter but it'll be worth taking my time on this. Going to miss looking out for my Friday instructions!! Thank you soooo much for sharing your moorland with us around the world.

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