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August 20, 2014


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Tilly Rothwell

I actually got the yarn pack and found that I wasn’t doing anything but I think I am going to have a go at using the granny stitch with the same colour pattern


I’m just attempting to teach myself crochet, I don’t do ‘learning’ but straight into the deep end! Ive just found this beautiful blanket and am inspired, I will try a test piece.

I just wanted to say though how much I loved your instructions and it made me laugh about your photo shoot, it sounds exactly what I would do.

Dorset is beautiful, I love the sea too and wished I lived by the sea. I have only seen very little of Yorkshire but that was stunning too. (I’m in Bristol).

Thanks again for a lovely read,
Regards, Mary

Irene Damascus

Please tell me how many chains to cast on for Queen size bed I have to
pkgs. of coast ripple and also wanto make baby blanket , how many do I cast on for that?

Janet Fry

Lucy this is a dream I am a newby to crocheting but have made lots of Granny Blankets for Elderly, Children I Care, Blind, Mind all of which bring comfort an go to safe feeling for person receiving them. We all at times in our life with it’s ups and downs need comfort and reassurance. I feel it’s time for me now and when I came across the Ripple Coast I have to send for the pack, I already have pack for Dune but the Coast has to be first.we are now in a very difficult time with this virus and I am in lockdown for however long I come into the oldies group but in fortunate to have a balcony the silence is serel with just the bird song for company. Lucy stay safe with your family and thank you for such a wonderful and uplifting group


Surfing the net...looking for inspiration. Love at first sight. Ordered my yarn 5 min ago. Can't wait to get started!!
Found similar colors in a merino acrylic blend. Thank you for the beautiful pattern.
Greetings from Belgium

Myra Curtis

Hi Lucy. I've made just about every blanket you've created and have love each and every one if them. Is there a colour conversion chart from your Summer Harmony but using the coast colours? I see Kaz has made the blanket but there are no links on her FB page for colourway. Would be great to have tis info. Many thanks.


Hi Lucy,

I’m just finishing the beautiful Sweet Pea CAL, and I love it. My next project will be a double-size Coast ripple.

However, I’m finding that Stylecraft Special DK is too light weight for the blanket I want to make. I want a thicker, warmer blanket. Could I crochet this pattern using 2 strands and, say, a 6mm hook? How many yarn packs do you think I would need (4?)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


HI Lucy, I am new to crochet but your amazing instructions have worked wonders and I am nearing the end of my coastal ripple blanket. I cannot tell you how much joy it has brought me to create something like this (it seemed too ambitious when I started). Thank you for your blog and I am already looking for my next project in your archives. :-)

Cheryl armitage

Loved reading this as we went to eype and west bay when our children were young and chideock and Lyme Regis and loved it X am braving myself to start the coast blanket for our caravan in Whitby

Bleuen Boivin

Dear Lucy,
I made this beautiful blanket last year for my son and he loves it. I would like to make a matching one for my other son but with slightly different colours, as he wants a ‘Forest blanket’ with greens and browns. I want to keep the parchment and cream in there so it’s still vibrant. I would be grateful for any green/brown colour suggestions in the Stylecraft range. Many thanks.
Bleuen x

Bex Crowell

Lucy... I am one of your many hundreds, probably thousands, of fans. I am making the Coast blanket now. How how I love picking it up each morning (I am retired and 69) and delving into the lovely beachy colors of my youth, also. I live on the east coast of Mass. in USA and grew up and live near the beach but don't get there much as I have severe arthritis. My husband is a commercial lobsterman so the ocean is in our lives always. When I open my windows in my cottage here in Salem, I can smell the sea... and now my beautiful growing coast blanket (I liked that a commenter called it a "beach blanket"!) is giving me more pleasure than I would ever have imagined. So... thank you!

Kathryn Ashe

Sadly, I just completed my Coast Ripple blanket, the colors are energizing to work with. Also, sad because I am giving this lovely creation away. However, glad it's going to my niece as a wedding gift, she lives near the ocean, she will be thrilled. I only worked 75 rows and got my six foot length, and four feet width using a 3.5 mm hook. The blanket is beautiful, I can't stop gazing at it. The color combinations are amazing.I love working with Wool Warehouse, they also amazing!

Karen McCue

Hi - I would like to do a tension sample for the coast ripple blanket but can't find one. Could you please post please? Thanks

Penny Gibson

hello Lucy
on this page, where you show off the colours for the beach blanket but in squares - do you have the pattern you used for those squares? I like the colours and the squares so would like to do a blanket using this.
thank you for a lovely blog - I visit regularly.

Kathryn Ashe

After finishing the Moorland blanket, I began on the Coast Ripple. LOVE THIS BLANKET!!! Our local Quilt shop had a Quilt Till You Wilt event this week. 15_hours of quilting,workshops, and show N tell. Well, I worked all day on the Coast Ripple. The quilters oohed and aahed over it. Of course I gave Lucy the credit. Lucy, you would have been pleased at the positive comments.

Pat Mulholland

Hi Lucy.

Could you please tell me how many chain did you make for the single bed size Coast blanket and where do I find the pattern for the edging.


Lucy have you any instructions for the little squares? I really want to make a blanket with those lovely squares.

Love your work, love the colors!!
Thank you so much,


Rosemary McCloskey

Could anyone send me directions of how to crochet these ripples please
Rosemary McCloskey


this is for Lyn from WA, Australia.
I have trouble locating the top chain in the first treble (that's Australian terms, calling it a DC is using USA terms). What I do is place one of those ever so cute plastic safety pins that are made to be used as yarn markers in the top chain after I have made it.
The hole disappears as I wrangle with my blanket, but thanks to the pretty safety pin, I know where to look (er dig) to find it to put in my end V of trebles.
Without my 2 trusty plastic yarn marker safety pins, I could not have made this blanket.
Lyn, if you are wondering innovations.com.au sells them in Australia as do a lot of yarn shops here.

Lynette Taylor

Dear Lucy. You are really a lovely lady a friend told me about Attic 24. I think I have worked out how to turn by dcr into the 3rd chain of the previous row . It took me awhile but have I got it right??? The end is kind of ripply, one end more ripply than the other.

Kind regards
Lyn. Western Australia

kerry welch

I just purchased your coastal ripple blanket packet from wool warehouse and received it today. I am in the US and ordered it from the US site. I assumed that since I was in the US that my pattern would come written in US crochet terms, especially since I purchased it.

Can you provide the pattern in US crochet terms. I could probably translate it, but I'm afraid I would leave something out and would not know until I'm far along into the project. I would be so appreciative. I can't wait to get started on the blanket. I'm very busy with my work, and have little free time, so it will probably take months to finish, but it's worth the wait.

Thank you,

Dorothy Bradbury

Is there a right side and a wrong side to this blanket. I have done 9 stripes and I think my right side is the wrong side! I think being left handed may have something to do with it! I also find it a bit more difficult doing the edging as your starting point isn't my starting point!


Saw and admired your Cosy blanket while visiting my aunt, and resolved to make a 'Seaside' one similar. Chose the wools before realising you had a 'Coast' blanket, and found we had included similar colours. I love the ripple pattern, and am about to begin the major work. I promise I will do a trial sampler. Thank you so much for your inspiration!


I have been looking for a seaside inspired pattern for a blanket for ages and couldn't get one, I knew what I wanted and Dorset and Cornwall are on our favorite places in the world list so yes when I came across this today I was flawed, there is was the idea I needed have just purchased the pack and can't wait to crochet it thank you Lucy xx

Patricia Maaz

I have just sent for your Coast Blanket kit. This is my seventh Ripple Blanket I think I'm HOOKRD!!!! One done for my daughter, two granddaughters, daughter in law , dear friend and one I finished for a very dear friend who died just after she started it. This one I gave to the Hospice that looked after her. I love doing them I find it so relaxing, haven't crocheted for over 50 years until my Ripple addiction, I am now 86' oh and one for a friend that I did my own colours, I didn't think it came out as well as yours but she was very pleased with it. The last one I did took me just four weeks, I pick it up every available moment. Love doing them listening to music. Can't wait for my next one to arrive, hopefully to-morrow.

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