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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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I really like the blog and I hope people will have a new blog, thanks for the blog

Susan Round

I'm SOOO excited to start and make this Summer Harmony afghan. I recently ordered and received the yarn bundle, and ready to print out the color placements. Thank you very much for sharing this beauty.

I have recently ordered another group of yarn (okay, 2 more bundles) so I'm all set with these beautiful colors to help me through this gray winter.

Boopster 13

Have just completed 2 Original Harmony Blankets. Now getting ready to jump into the Summer Harmony Blanket. As many have said, thank you for your detailed work on these projects! Just wondering if round 4 - Clematis, Turquoise, Spring Green, CLEMATIS square should be Wisteria, Turquoise, Spring Green, CLEMATIS, as noted in one of the previous comments by : Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage | September 09, 2017 at 04:43 PM. Thank you.

Carin Bakker

Hi Lucy,
I'm really enjoying the summer harmony and have made a donation to thank you for all your hard work. In https://attic24.typepad.com/files/summer-harmony-3.pdf I've found 3 discrepancies. Square 6 should be magenta-shrimp-wisteria-meadow, not magenta-shrimp-clematis-meadow. square 31: saffron-sherbert-lavender- aspen, not saffron-cloud blue-lavender- aspen. square 36: wisteria-turquoise-spring green-clematis, not clematis-turquoise-spring green-clematis. I've frogged parts, only to later find out I had it right from the first 3 rounds. Thank you again for all your lovely patterns.

Susan Priest

I have just finished the aria blanket and loved it it was especially good to have a printed colour pattern for the not so good crocherer like myself,I want to do the summer harmony blanket will there be a printed pattern for this.


Hi Lucy

I am doing the Summer Harmony Blanket. I am confused that in round 2 its Wistera, Shrimp and Magenta however round 3 it Clematis, Shrimp Magenta. Is there a mistake in the pattenr as I have already re-crocheted the round.

Crafty Cath

This is next on my list. I love your blanket designs and want to make them all. Maybe if I try to do 2 a year I might catch up with you one day ;)

Catherine Pritchard

Hi Lucy, is there a stand alone pattern for the Summer Harmony blanket? I find it hard to follow in amongst the blog. Sorry.

Chrysta Stavrou

Hi Lucy, love your website but I am having trouble with subscribing or following the comment conversation. I just get a page full of unorganized words and signs which is unreadable. Can you help?


This is Beautiful Blanket. I am new to Crochet is this suitable for a beginner?

Heather Coady

Looks great and so colourful and cheery!


Around noon I received the yarn package from wool warehouse , and so eager I even took the afternoon off from work to get started :) thank you for sharing your creativity and artistry!


Hi Lucy

I am on row 10, round 6 join as you go r of the summer harmony blanket and for round 6 of square 91 it says use Spring Green but it is already used as round 1 of that square is this correct as I thought no colour was repeated in same square) ? Thank you
Sue (loving this blanket)

Camping Blanket 

So lovely to see other blankets and colourways.
Hoping to get more done this weekend...........other things have got in the way..z

Ana de Bary

Lucy, hi! I live in Argentina. A friend from England will be ravelling soon and she will bring home a pack from your shop. In the web page the summer harmony pack is not available. There is any chance I can get it?
Thank you very much y blessings from Argentina

Claire Attridge

Hi Lucy,

Thank you for all the hard work you've put into designing the beautiful summer harmony blanket with such a detailed tutorial. I'm a beginner and I'm delighted I've achieved 100 squares of crochet loveliness! However I'm just at the stage of crocheting together my squares and I'm not sure what colour to use... there are so many colour changes of the squares I wondered what you would advise?
Thank you

Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage

I'm loving making this blanket! I'm in Round 5 now and have found an error on the list for Round 4. Under the Clematis group (pg. 3 http://attic24.typepad.com/files/summer-harmony-3.pdf) it says Clematis, Turquoise, Spring Green, Clematis. I think it should say Wisteria, Turquoise, Spring Green, Clematis. I redid that square, thinking I had gotten it wrong. But now I see that it was actually right up until the Round 4 list. It's right on Round 5, too, so it just needs to be corrected on Round 4. Thanks for making this complicated, but beautiful project for us! I love it!

Elizabeth Liddy

Hello! I was wondering if one pack of yarn is enough for this beautiful blanket. Thanks

Annie Brodrick

When I first found you Lucy, you had created your Granny stripe Blanket using these same 17 magical, rainbow colors & I was hooked ;)
Of course, I needed to learn how to Crochet first before making one of your beautiful blankets!
Timing was perfect for me; I was 50 years old and needed to retire early plus I had a brand new granddaughter💕 I was never short on inspiration in the early days. To make a long story short, my most recent order from the wool warehouse was for these happy and familiar colors that I love. I'm eager to get started on this Summer Harmony blanket as it will be for that same Granddaughter, now 4 :)
Thank you Lucy, for all the inspiration.💕 AnnieB


WOW! just beautiful, I've already been to my local yarn shop here in Cornwall and purchased all of the amazing colours. I still have to master the joining technique but I will persevere!

Tricia Foley

Absolutely love it Lucy. I agree the colour wash effect is beautiful - very clever. Thank you for sharing your love of crochet and your amazing talent.


Magnigicent!! I have to live to 103 to catch up with your exquisite blanket collection. This is my favorite so far... until you make one even more spectacular.
Thank you for sharing your talents and imagination!!




I have tried and tried to subscribe and I just get lots of garbled words - probably the programing stuff for the website.

Can you HELP??


Thank you for the schedule of colour blocks and the final compilation of all the blocks , I am going to try and convert it to a knitted version that my daughter and I will knit together . x

Leonie Brennan

Many thanks for all your creative drive ... this is a stunning project as is the original Harmony Blanket. Very much appreciate your generous sharing of the details! May you always be filled with this brilliant creative spirit!

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