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November 11, 2009


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Patricia  Bryan

Where can I find the pattern for this please

Clare White

Hi where can I find the tutorial/pattern for the baby granny blanket, please? I’m new to crochet and absolutely love this blanket x

Faye Faraldo

I am baaaack. Am finishing a big blanket that I just enjoyed so much that it kept on growing though no fault of mine. I have started finishing a pair of sox I started long ago and now hooked into that. Love looking at your blog and love your colors. They are just my style of colorways. Please stay well and keep up the good work.

Your friend from across the pond

Elsie Hrina

Hi Lucy: I am from Edgewater, MD a little town 7 miles south of our state capital of Annapolis home of the US Naval Academy. I have a stepdaughter who lives in Manchester England though I have never been there even though it is a beautiful places from all the photographs I've seen. I want to look around your blog awhile and will get back to you. Crochet is the next love of my life after my two sons. So far I am so impressed with your beautiful work

Marleen Staessens

I like the granny blanket but i hate the many ends i must work into the final blanket because of the many colours in use . Do you have a sugestion how to do this fast ?
I am now working on the cosy blanket and i love it!Every 15 rows I work the ends in so it is not to much work in the end.


Hi Lucy, I love your Baby Granny Blanket. I want to try and make it too, but am unsure about ordering wool. Which colours did you use two balls of? I see there are only 16 colours but 22 balls. Help!! Thanks

Teri Sullivan

Another glorious project! You have an amazing eye for color and balance. Enjoy your page so much!

Valerie Hill

I love reading your blog and looking at all the lovely things that you make. I love the look of your town. It's just a picture perfect setting to live.



Julie Mack

So lovely...as usual! I've never done a blanket without the same border around each individual square, I must try it. I wish mine were so perfectly square like yours! Beautiful! xx


hi, I'm just starting out learning to crochet and I'm looking for something easy to start with. Can you recommend anything? I looked for your tutorial for basic granny squares, but can't find it. Can you help?

Ellen Stevenson

Have so enjoyed the granny squares. I really love these color combinations. like doing grannies because they finish so quickly. Thank You

Esther Bray

Loveley blanket. At present Iam trying to crotchet a granny square and can't get my head around the corners of 3rd row.
Do you have any tips?


Extra! super beau...bravo!

Valerie McKinlay

You've really inspired me. I've bought a pack of assorted coloured yarn(17 colours in all ) from Deramanores. I'm making granny squares (5 rows) and am using a different colour for each row. I love seeing how the colours play off against each other. I'm using clashing colours as well as matching colours - it's riot of colour but working out well. Many thanks.


How lovely, lovely, lovely - your blog and you and this blanket. A snowflake pattern led me to you from Baltimore, MD and I'm so pleased to meetcha! :-) Looking forward to lots more fun on your blog. Cheers!

Jane Courtland

I've just learned to crochet to help me get over my fear of knitting with color. Your blog has been such an inspiration to me. Can you direct me to a tutorial on how to pick colors that will work together and also how to join a new color and weave in ends.
You really are giving me endless hours of joy just looking at your fantastic creations.
With great excitement


Hi Lucy,

I just simply love your website and the beautiful items you've crocheted! I'm very much a begginer at crocheting ,however, am going to attemp making this adorable baby blanket for my 10 week old daugher.

Thank you!

Gill x


I love your blog and blankets, especially the colors. Do you have the pattern for this granny blanket? I would love to make one for my newborn niece. Thanks and keep up the great work!! :)

Brenda Jones

Hi Lucy I am asking this on behalf of a friend she has made a granny square baby blanket and is devastated because it is leaning to the right and it is so obvious. What did she do wrong? If you could help her out with this we both would really appreciate it.


Susanne Ferreira

Just surfing; I found your BLOG at the beginning of 2012 You are talented and I find you sense of colour, design etc. enchanting and easy on the eye's.Keep up the Great work (kids, house and home) take care, ttbfn your new follower from "Across the pond"


Cute. I love it. so i tried to do it. but the stitches r not coming so cute as yours. yours is small, even and beautiful. But mine are big. Any tips to improve please!!!!!!!!!


elle est vraiment très jolie !!
vous faites des choses sublimes au crochet, bravo.
j'aimerais avoir autant de talent.

Home Theater Seating

Its lovely and attractive. Everybody want to buy this type of beautiful blanket.

Nancy Hariani

You have been my inspiration to crochet granny square baby blankets. I'm up to three now, all met with great admiration. I did two using the slip stitch join, but the last with your on-the-go technique: so simple &so satisfying!

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