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Hi, is this available as a pdf to download at all? :)


On Round 1 I think it needs to be changed to:
'Repeat between ** 4 more times so that you have 6 treble clusters in total, separated by chain-1 spaces.'
I kept getting not enough clusters, 5 instead of 6, and then when I looked at your printable summary it says Repeat between ** 4 more times.'
Just a heads up in case anyone else getting stuck and confused like me!
Thanks again for the pattern xx


do you have the colors for square 3@4 or do we make up our own


Hi Lucy, Im relatively new to crochet and know this is a bit of a mammoth project but I can't resist giving it a go! Ive just started my first sunny granny square and already a bit confused....in the detailed step by step instructions you say to repeat part of round one "3 more times", but in the abbreviated pattern you say to repeat that part "4 more times".

Please would you clarify before I waste too much wool?!

Thank you, Jessica


hi Lucy
You are gorgeous. I've just found this stunning blog!! Salutation for your inspires.
from Tehran-IRAN

Charlotte Mandel

I am thinking of these two squares:
- Little coat square
- Sunny Granny Square


Charlotte Mandel

Hi Lucy!
I hope I can reach you this way.
I am a member of a danish Facebook-group where we crochet a new square every sunday. For the group I would like to translate one or two of your squares - and maybe some tecniques. Of course including links to your wonderful blog and your Facebook-page.
Is that okay with you?
Kind regards, Charlotte Mandel

Pam Weldon

Just started my sunny squares. Going slow as I have problems with my hands. Looking forward to finishing 16 so I can start the next stage.

Ann Brixey

Hi Lucy, I've just started my Sunny log cabin and finished my first centre. I also thought the centre was cupping but I carried on. It looks flat, neat and 10cms. I'm very chuffed. Fifteen more to go. Thank you so much for your wonderful instructions and photos.


Hi Lucy
I just love your patterns and designs and have just started the sunny log cabin. I am a bit concerned that the granny square in the middle is cupping rather. I've checked my tension and it comes out exactly 10cm with the 4mm. I tried with the 4.5mm and the cupping is a bit less (but still there) with that, but then it measures 12cm. Wonder what I am doing wrong? Don't want to go on to all the surrounding colours until I've got this right. Would be very grateful if you could either reassure me that it all flattens out when it's finished, or what I could do to put it right. Thanks so much for all your help on my crochet journey.


Just got my Sunny Pack this past weekend. A late Christmas present from my daughter. So worth the wait!! And okay since I had a couple of other projects to finish.
It was only in my hands about an hour before I made the first center square. Moved down to a 3.75 hook and measuring just over 10 cm. I think I could get to exact measurements by maybe using a single crochet instead of hdc on the final row. I was a bit worried about some slight cupping of this square but after looking at some of the pics, it appears to be normal.
So, very anxious to complete the first of the squares. This is going to be such a fun project with an amazing acrylic yarn!!
Thank you Miss Lucy for your beautiful design.
From Linda, another crocheter from the States.

Kath Lyle

Have ordered my pack (or rather my husband has for my birthday), so in anticipation of it's arrival I have done a practice Granny square and have managed to get the tension correct.... So far! But intend to practice some more.....ok, I'm addicted lol.

Have got to commend you on your instructions, I'm very new to crocheting and found it easy to grasp, thank you :)

Claudia Smith

This pattern is written so amazingly well that I was able to make my first square without any problems!I haven't touched a hook in over 30 years so I am very happy and excited seeing it all come together so nicely. I am making this beautiful, fun blanket for my granddaughter..can't wait for her to see it. Thank you so much for being so efficient.

Sheila J.

The Sunny Log Cabin Blanket pack arrived next day from Woolwarehouse so have just printed off the pattern instructions and looking forward to making the first granny square to test my tension. This is my first Crochet Along. :)


I've been working on my squares this week. After two squares, I think I got the hook size and tension right to come up with pretty squares measuring 10 cm. since I did my practice squares with the yarn from the pack, do you think I will need to order extra? I could frog those practice squares, I suppose. Also, the first 3 rounds seem to want to curl up a bit? Is this normal? Are you turning your work? The cupping diminishes with the addition of rows 4 and 5, but I'm still wondering if I'm doing something wrong. Love your work Lucy! This is my first CAL ever--what fun!

Robin Summers

I love the sunny granny square. I have one Sunny Pack and I just ordered the second pack for the granny stripe blanket. Thanks for the wonderful talent you share with all of us. Much love to you and the family.

Robin from across the pond



Eek I started with a 3,5mm because I know I am a loose hooker. It measures 12cm across. Do you recommend a 3 then. Only hook I don't have. Argh. Love how it has come out though. Really excited about this project.

Cathy Grover

I'm going to make this...your work is beautiful, absolutely beautiful! This will be my fist ever crochet along so I'm a bit excited about it, feel very grateful I found you and your style, it's just happy, and I need that, so thank you so much for what you do.


I love your designs, your colours and your great tutorials, so it's the first time I'mpart of your Cal. Just waiting when my yarn pack arrive to Germany. Only thing I miss, is a printer friendly version. Please think about this

happy crochet, Elke


Oops! My fingers just slipped and I ordered the Sunny yarn pack. I wonder how long it will take to arrive in Australia?


Just making a tester square, and got a bit confused on round 4. In the picture instructions it says that at the start of the round is a ch 6, a dtr, then 2tr (then at the end of the round you make 2tr in the same space to complete the corner.

In the written instructions it looks like maybe a dtr is missed out at the beginning. Otherwise the completed corner is 2tr, 1dtr (a ch4), ch 2, 2tr.

Or am I reading it wrong?


Thanks for the pattern, Lucy! I'm waiting for my Sunny Pack to arrive, so for the time being I'm writing this up and will test it our with some spare Stylecraft to get the tension right, so I can smash out my 16 granny squares as soon as my lovely pack arrives!

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