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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Sue Morcos

If I wanted to make a basket with the circle as a base, how do you make the sides go up?

Lynne Hoyt

Thanks for the close-up photos. My counting has always been a haphazard thing because I did not 'see' the right placement of stitches. This is the best I have ever seen.


Would this pattern be suitable for making a facial scrubby . Trying to be eco and make myself some make up and face wash pads .


These are THE BEST instructions I've ever read. If you're not a teacher, you should be! So clear and the pics are fabulous. I'm so glad you made a,point of that last stitch, I always mucked up circles by adding in the extra stitch there. Thank you! It's a great simple, precise instruction. Kind regards, Carolyn. Australia.

Diane Sherry

How do I make this bigger as I'd like to make a rug....do I keep increasing the same?
Thank you,
From Australia ......

Mary Ann

how do use crochet a childs hat using the flat circle pattern. Thank you

Loris Lutke

I love the colors you used to make this. Can I ask what yarn this is and the colors?


Thank you so much :)
As a self taught, left handed crocheter, this is the only tutorial I found that I could understand.
Bless you :)

Dawn Samuel-Davidson

I finally understand the method of creating a flat circle in crochet. Thankyou. Dxx


I will be using this pattern for an oval rug, doing half circles on each end.
Thank You So Much,

Iowa, USA

Kathryn Nighbert

Thx for sharing Lucy......starting a rug with large cable yarn; it's going to be awesome! Love this craft & all the creative folk sharing their art! KassKrochets 💟💟💟


To those of you with "curly" problems: Just crochet a plain round (no increases) every once in a while. That will flatten out your circle.

Cheryl McGowan

I'm seeing your tutorials just now. They are most helpful, as I've just taken up crochet. It's very nice to see close-up, step-by-step procedures. Thank you for these excellent resources!

Sarah Eddleston

Absolutely love it! Thanks so much Lucy.


Thanks, Lucy, for the fun and inspiration that you bring us with your blog. I just finished dressing up an old floor cushion and I am totally charmed :-)

Julie Davidson

Great I've just completed this a little task with some odd wool. Has made a good little coaster.

Penny Wallington

What size hook please for the birdies / flat circle please?! Can't wait to try.


Thank you for this really very good little tutorial - I am going to make hens - they are so sweet and cute and easy to make.


Thank you - loving this pattern. Even I as a relative beginner is cracking on nicely with this.

Roxane Brayshaw

I have been using a lot of your patterns and I started crocheting by using one of your tutorials last year when my mother got terminal cancer and I have crocheted just about everything you have done.

Thanks for the inspiration and the lovely comments it makes be feel all warm and fuzzy whilst sweating it out on the Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise in Australia


How do you get the middle circle so small? I've been making your Christmas baubles too and for the life of me can't get the hole so small unless using magic circle or going into the first chain which I get into a faff with!



I love this, so simple! And a pattern that works, not hit or miss.

Thank you

One thing I do differently to avoid the polygon effect is to stagger where I put the double htr in relation to the previous row. Produces a much smoother, rounder edge


This is great, the best step by step directions I have seen, can you please tell me what htr is? I am used to single crochet hdc or dc please explain.


thanks a lot from Emily I am amazed at the
simplicity of your pattern thanks again from Emily


I am a beginner in the world of hooking and this pattern I am able to see in loads of different ways

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