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Mme Bluestocking

Thank you, Lucy, for sharing this pattern. I'm using this to make my granny square (travel) blanket. Is different to yours, but the rows are the same, if that makes sense. Will be posting about it soon on my blog and give you credit. I love your writing and work!
Best wishes, Lish

Manjula Natarajan

I love this pattern and tutorial. Easy to read and complete . How can I post a photo of my blanket?


Thankyou so much for your generosity in sharing your creative gifting and beautifully crafted work


this is a good place to find easy patterns you actual have the pattern i will try this pattern tomorrow and let you know how it goes


Looking for the pattern for the pink and gray Cody striped blanket it's very beautiful Please and Thank You


I'm looking for the pattern of the pink and Gray Cozy striped blanket.Could you please post this or send it to me thank you. That blanket is gorgeous.


Beautiful. I really want to make this.

Anita Robertson

I used the chain count given in one of the comments for a baby afghan, it was perfect. I ended up doing solid colors, then varigated, but very different. The border I used was a ruffle, it came from an instruction book of border stitches. I wish I could show the photos from my phone. I made it for my first great-great niece and it came out really pretty. It's on Facebook.
# of chains for a lapgan, I would probably use close to what I used for the baby afghan, 130 was suggested, and was great, and as it grew, and it got colder outside, it was a lovely lap warmer for myself as I worked.

Anita Robertson

I made it for my first great-great niece. Because the parents chose not to know the baby's sex before her birth, I just went a little wild with colors, came out beautiful. I added a border from another pattern. It should be there by now! I was thrilled with it.


Ohhhhh I am so excited to start this I think it would be a great Christmas gift for friends! Maybe I will beable to use some of my stash! Looks easy for me and many blessing to you!🙏💓

Brenda Broner

Would like to do a toddler’s blanket, how many stitches for first row will I need?

Trudi Wright

I have been recommended to look at you beautiful blanket kits. I would love to order one, but am a little unsure about the video instruction. Are these always to be found? Bearing in mind, that it may take a time for me to complete it! Probably a silly question! I am looking forward to starting one very soon!

Cathy Wittmeyer

Hello! Is there a pattern for the border? In skipping the last stitch in row 5 there is a bump. You stated that since there is a border that will be ok. However, I don't see a pattern for the border. Please advise. Thank you.

Gautier Nathalie

J’envisage de passer commande de laine pour faire cette couverture
J’aimerais savoir si vous avez une idée des frais de douane qui seront demandés

Hilza Maria

Estou passando para agradecer o lindo passo a passo da manta,muito obrigada, estava precisando de um tutorial assim!! Obrigada por compartilhar!! Bj no Seu coracao!!!
Encontrei o passo a passo no Pinterest!!

Karen Godwin

Is there a kit to get pattern and yarn for the cozy strip blanket. Thankyou


Hi there I love what you do I am writing you from Spain!
I am try to find the pattern for that beautiful blanked you made for a baby it was yellow blue white and grey can you help me with that?

Marie Kelly

Hello Lucy,
Thank you for your wonderful pattern for cosy stripe blanket. It has been a joy for me especially now that I am confined to home most of the time due to my heart failure. I look forward to crocheting the blanket and seeing the lovely colours Come together.Wool Warehouse are so efficient getting the wool together. Hope you keep well and your family. I love looking at your Crochet pictures.I finished a blanket recently and gave it to my cousin, she is delighted with it. Beautiful patterns. Thank You so much. Sincerely
Marie Kelly. 🙏🤗

Erica Lundquist

How do I see peoples responses? I clicked the link but it goes to an html code page. I'm trying to make a baby blanket and can't seem to get the math right. I've made the Cosy Stripe before in regular size and I absolutely love it (actually have made 3!). I just can't quite get the pattern right for a smaller size.

Dian Adkins

Where can I purchase the pattern book???? Casey stripped blanket
To print takes 27 pages


I found 133 chain perfect for baby bkanket


Deb, it’s Stylecraft Special dk, an acrylic yarn. There’s a link in the blurb to a pack available from wool warehouse.co.uk where you can also see the colours used.


Im going to post a question here that I probably wont get a response to if the above questions are any indication but here goes.
I would like to know what yarn is used? Brand? Colors? I love the colors presented but there’s absolutely No info on that very important (to me) questions. Looks a bit military which is what Im going for.


Please can you advise instruction to make baby blanket.
ie how many chain to start and finished size. Also would 15 balls make 2 x baby blanket size?
I love the colours!
Thank you

Lisa  Retzer

Hello! I have seen a lot of requests for help changing the size of a blanket pattern like the Cosy Stripe. Maybe she modified the original tutorial. I just started this one.
Lucy states in bold type how many chain multiples at the beginning.

Multiples of 3 beginning chains for this one!
Hope this helps.

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