April 10, 2008

Vintage and thrift style


Ok, so you've seen some snippets of my short jollies in Dorset :: beaches, harbours, leafy lanes, family visits. But no trip of mine is EVer complete without a bit of retail therapy. We walked into town down some very pretty little streets, doesn't this row of cottages look so lovely in the morning sunlight?

One of my absolute favourite shops to visit is the Girls Own Store. This shop calls to me, singing, begging me to go in and ooooohh and ahhhhhhh and stroke things. The two Men in my life decide that due to the name of the shop they will stand outside and not enter. Ha!! Its a plan made in heaven as it leaves us Girls to freely browse and oooohhh and ahhhhhhh to our hearts content. Oh it is heaven in this little shop I tell you. It was a damn shame we were travelling by train as I had to think long and hard about just how much I purchased. And the pretty doormat and distressed kitchen shelf wouldn't have fitted in the suitcase no matter how much I wanted them.


There is a definite Vintage vibe about this shop and to be honest I don't buy wholeheartedly into Vintage Style for my own home. I really like elements of it but not the whole kit and caboodle. I do very much like the Greengate goodies though, oooh yes indeedy. Have you just clicked on the Greengate link there? Did you browse the most gorgeous catalogue ever?? Can you feel yourself wanting your life to become a Greengate kind of life? Oh I can, I tell you I am seriously in love with this stuff. I mean, its very similar to our friend Cath Kidston, but for me it has the edge. I could have it all, in every room of my house. I could stand barefoot and wear that apron and hold that gorgeous stripey teapot. I could sit wrapped in a beautiful quilt sipping tea from a ditsy floral mug. That could easily be me wearing a pretty nightie and going to bed in delicious Greengate bedding. (((sigh))


The little rabbit was also from the Girls Own Store, sitting prettily in a basket on a shelf, I could not resist her charms. I suspect it's really meant for Little Girls and not ones that are approaching forty years of age, but I have a soft spot for pretty florals and a cute face.

I have known about the Girls Own Store for a few years now, but had no idea about the lady behind the store. So I was fascinated to see her gorgeous abode featured in two magazines recently and thought I would share with you if you haven't already seen them.
This feature below is from the February issue of Ideal Home. I like the way Ideal Home lists the exact details for us to copy, it couldn't be easier to steal someone else's style!


Not sure if you can read the text above here on the right, but this is what you need to get-the-look:

Delicate florals that evoke a feeling of time gone by
Chunky ceramics with a charming retro look
Traditional crafts such as knitting and crochet
Second-hand finds to add instant character


So you can go and do a bit of style stealing if the mood takes you. A crochet blanket, a floral cushion or two, some Aged Accessories and a dodgy lampshade.Sorted.

And this feature below is from the March issue of Country Living...



I do admire her flair for creating such a well pulled-together scheme, and I adore bits and pieces of it - the abundance of textiles, the spots and stripes, the simplicity of her style. Maybe a bit too vintagey and rustic for me, but it does make me want to go and have tea and cake with her.