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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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On my iPad, I am not able to copy the instructions! Help!!


This was a great tutorial to follow but the definitions of double crochet and treble at the beginning seem to be off. I believe the treble is actually a double crochet and the double crochet is actually a single crochet


Hello, Lucy, love your patterns. I'm interested in the little fish attached to your scissors. I wanted to make something similar for my tiny embroidery scissors.


Thank you so much for posting this tutorial, all the photos were super helpful! I love the square I made :)


Dear Lucy,

Many thanks for this beautiful tutorial, which I am currently using to make my mother a vest for her birthday. I haven't made her entirely modular clothing before, so the clarity of the pattern for visual learning is a balm to my nerves.

I am also working on Aria and Leo, to clothe myself, and look forward to further beyond-basic square designs. I like them so much that I don't get have a clear idea of how I will make-up Leo


ديجي فانوس

فروشگاه اينترنتي ديجي فانوس با هدف ارايه خدمات به مشتريان سراسر کشور تاسيس شده است. ديجي فانوس با نام فروشگاه فانوس از سال 1390 فعاليت خود را در زمينه کامپيوتر،سخت افزار و لوازم جانبي شروع نموده است و با گذشته يک دهه از فعاليت فروشگاه خود توانسته است رضايت تمامي مشتريان خود را جلب نمايد. تنوع بالا محصولات و خدمات،قيمت عادلانه، به روز ،خريد کامپيوتر آماده سرعت و کيفيت در ارائه خدمات و در نهايت رضايت مشتريان عزيز از اهداف کلان اين فروشگاه مي باشد.

Janice Pearson

Hi Lucy, love your site, your patterns are wonderful. Have been following the pattern for the Harmony Granny squares, can you tell me how each square is joined please?
Also love the fish needle holder is there a pattern for this.
Many thanks Janice


Hi Lucy
Where do I find the pattern for your Summer Bunting?

Donna Philpott



Do you have a pattern for the gorgeous little fish which is attached to your scissors and holds your needle?


Hello after quite a few attempts and some one to one tuition I have completed round five of my first granny square and am very happy will be taking it along on my cruise in February thanks Lucy x

Zoe Katz

I bought your yarn pack for this blanket but it did not come with the printed pattern :(

Jenny Reynolds

Hi Lucy - Love this blog. Could I ask if you have the pattern for your tiny little fish pin cushion that is shown holding your needle in the first photo please? I just love it so much.


Allison Silverson

Hi Lucy. I love your blog and absolutely adore your new creation.
Thank you for sharing with us all and brightening up our world

Margaret Bolton

I live in Canada. Love your summer harmony afghan. Having wool delivered to my friends home in Uk. Therefore when I visit in October she can remind mehow to crochet. I have read through your instructions but unable to find Uk crochet size hook to use.
Thanks for your help.
I due to have knee surgery soon and this project will help me
get through recovery.

Anny vano Daalen

Thank you for the pattern. I had a lovely sundayafternoon making Some squares. Anny.

Erin Buck

Following your summer harmony blog but I can't find what size crotchet needle I should use??


I just finished making my first strip of squares, completing all 6 rounds. Now, when I go to the instructions for joining them, it looks like I should have waited to do the 6th round of Parma violet to join them. Do I have to rip out the 6th round on all squares but the first one? If I do that, will I run out of yarn? Or is there another way of joining them? I've really enjoyed learning this pattern and don't want to undo what I've done! Thank you.


I can't crochet at all! When wrapping the yarn round, does it from back to front or front to back?


I have done all my Suarez but can't understand how to put the squares together

Michelle Palmer

Hi Lucy,

I just want to say that I am currently working on this blanket, and I love it!!! :) (the ends, not so much, but I usually make bright bold afghans, and it's the nature of the beast).

Thank you so much for not only the pattern, but also the colour pack! Choosing colours is so overwhelming to me. This takes the guess work out! This is the first Attic24 colour pack I have ordered, but will not be my last! :) xx


Thank you lucy for such an enjoyable pattern. I just would like to comment that on your photo version of the squares on round 5 it says to chain 1 after the first two corner trebles (not in the written version). Thank you again!


Do you have a tutorial for your little fish that attaches to your scissors? its perfect!

Shula Roberts

This pattern is a joy to work I am happily joining strip 2. The colours are lovely. I have an afternoon with aged relatives so will be taking my crotchet along.


Hi Lucy,
I started last thursday on the harmony granny blanket en the pattern is very clear. Also how to use the colours for each block. But as a controlfreak i am scared i don't have enough yarn for the border. If i make each block 9 times do i have then enough left over for the border as showed on the pictures or must i make less of some and more of others.
Do you understand my problem?
Sorry for my english

Thanks you in advange!

I love all of your blankets and working on my second now.

Love Myranda

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