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July 29, 2010


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Rachel Dockery

Hi Lucy I'd love to start doing your blankets all over again as I did them the first time around but I can't find the yarn packs on wool warehouse? Could you send me the colour sequence for this one by any chance please. I would really appreciate it x thanks


Please could you send me the colour sequence for harmony granny blanket and also the colours chosen for the edging please.
Many thanks


Omg! I’m in love with crochet again and it’s all your fault, Lucy! I really want to do this blanket in exactly the same colours as you. Can you please tell me the names of the seventeen colours you used and the hook size.mi can see others have also asked you above but can’t see any answers.
Many, many thanks!

Betty Hay

For a fingering weight blanket what hook do you recommend and if I want to make a queen size topper what number of starting chains should I make? Thank you for your advice. I know the us meadurement is 60 x 80

Diana Lovatt

Hi Lucy, The yarn is no longer available, so need to ask if I need 17 x 50 gr (1/colour) but you then state 1+ x 100gr?? Please help me to sort this out.
Thank you!


I love it! And you look just like a teenager in your photo, it's not fair! :)


What a wonderful stashbuster! I have most of the colors you used, so it will be easy. Sadly, it seems that the shops here in Florida are not ordering more yarn. A time may come when I'll need a gorgeous pattern to use my stock. Thank you so very much for sharing this magnificent piece with us in the Colonies.

Hillary McCarroll

I just adore this blanket, but where is the pattern. I am a beginner at crochet and would really like to try this , it looks easy for me to do.

Carol Bremner

Hi, have just purchased the original pack but no pattern in it.
Do you have a list of the order of colours?
Thank you xx

Robin Walton

I see a lot of questions what size needle to use, how many stitches to start haven't found the pattern can you help


Hi I want to make this blanket for my daughter do you have instructions I can print off at all? I’ve just finished the cosy stripe blanket and it’s the first ever bit of crocheting I’ve ever done and I loved it even though it’s wonky and wobbly I’m so proud!!

Laraine Quinton

Hi, I am almost finished this blanket but I am just wondering if on the corners of the border you did (2dc ch2 2dc) or was it (1dc ch2 1dc)? I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed making this blanket and my granddaughter is going to love it. Thank you for such a lovely item

Laraine Quinton

Hi there, I have just found this blanket and I think it would be perfect for one of grand-daughters. Could you just give me a bit of advice, if I wanted to make it for a single bed how many chain do you think I would need and also how many rows? Maybe more that your 60?
Looking forward to your reply


What size hook?

Tahira ghaffar

So beautiful n eye catching


Hi Lucy,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for an AWESOME tutorial.I started my granny stripe blanket 9 months ago and finally finished it this morning.
Looking forward to more of your AWESOME projects.
Ella :-)


Hi love this thank you. Can I just ask a question about the edging please. You say for the final round work in the back loops, but are the slip stitches worked in the bl's too as well as the dc, ch, dc. Many thanks

rose neild

Hi Lucy,
Love your granny stripe blanket and i am doing the best to use up my scraps and furnish my home with magnificent blankets before winter arrives. it's a bit of a trick when the blanket gets large and the weather is 40 degrees celcius!
Just thought it would be fun to know that this is the perfect learn-to-crochet tutor. I have now taught three people who are all excited about being able to make something meaningful. the fact there is only three stitches to learn and a lot of chance to practice PLUS it grows so quickly makes granny stripe the perfect beginner project. thank you for creating and sharing it,

Anne Magill

Very nice blankets how do I order from your site


Loving your patterns Lucy and crocheter's comments. Can someone please explain how to see Lucy's responses?


hello. thank you very much for the tuto. you are beautiful. kisses to you from France . sorry for my English!!!!

Shirley Campbell

My first large project. Commenced April and finished tonight.Only been crocheting for 1 year. A bit of a mixture, same colours and edging as Granny Stripe, but using the Neat Ripple pattern. Will place on my Pinterest site with photo's.


I'm doing this blanket as my first project. I am doing well with the main blanket. As I get towards the end I have been wondering about the edging, I tried to do the edging on the tester. I did the granny trebles all the way around. But when I came to do the trebles I was not sure whether to go into the spaces or into the back loops or the two loops. It started to curl particularly around the corners? Can anyone tell me where to go in to please?

Pat Mulholland

please tell me where I can find the edge pattern for the Granny Stripe. Thank you.


Love this afghan! I am trying to print out the directions but not having any success. Maybe I 'm just too used the the USA way of "click here". Please help.
Also loved reading your blog, Lucy. I will be back for more.

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