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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Bev Farrall

Oh Lucy, the tiny hearts and stars are so addictive. Am going to try the snowflakes and flowers next.... Have just finished a bunch of 5 hearts for a friend just home from hospital. Has been so good to get the crochet hooks busy again. Cheers Bev


Thank you, it worked wonderfully!!


Merci pour ce joli modèle et pour toutes ces magnifiques idées de crochet!! c'est tellement joli, j'adore!!


Do u have YouTube channel means pls send me link


Hi Lucy, nice patterns,, plz give me details about tr htr, what is this i cant understand

Sarah Dunne

Is there a video for this at all?

I find it helps while looking at the pictures


I made it on the first try. Thanks so much. Attaching it to a zombie doll for my grandson.


Thank you so much for these patterns and directions! I had quitted crocheting for more than 30 years and managed to get something nice after a few attempts... Your pictures and instructions are so clear I understand them better than some instructions found over the web in my own language (French)! I just also wanted to add one tiny comment on the teeny tiny heart: maybe my knitting is not what it should be but I end up with a hole (can't be seen when the heart is put in shape but I know it is there!) in the vicinity of the picot point. My solution was to not snip the end tail yarn once we have tightened up the first ring and use it once the heart is finished to add a pair of stitches to close the hole in question. Again, this is probably because I got something wrong! Anyway I love these hearts, and the flowers, and the snowflakes, and, well, everything in this blog, not to mention your amazing mastering of colours and I have started snowing the house under hooky things and bits and pieces of yarn...

Olga Viré

Muchas gracias! me encantan los corazones...

Virginia Jara Guerrero

Hola Lucy, Soy Chilena de <3. Me encanta todo lo que haces es demasiado bello.


They are really cute! Nice idea for interior and wedding decoration!

Jenny Chsmbers

Never crocheted a thing before...just created a tiny Heart thanks to your fabulous instructions!
Than you💜


Thanks for this - so easy, and such a great shape - perfect the #showthelove campaign



Love what you do in your bright colours it must make your days cheerful to make up for the drab rainy stuff!

Trudy Thayer            owner/artist at StrayCat Studio

I know events happen when they are supposed to, but I sure wish my finding your site had happened so much earlier. However, I'm truly tickled I found you now. Your color combos are sooooo relaxing to me, maybe it's one artist to another. I shall remain a forever fan. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. It's appreciated.


All this time later - I've wanted to make your Happy Flower decoration for so long! and FINALLY! I'm making one for my one and only Granddaughter! (I have six grandsons!)
It IS HAPPY! and it makes me HAPPY to look at it! it was fun to make - though I'm still making the 'trimmings' for it. The flower, now starched and awaiting drying (seems to take forever!), just makes me smile every time I look at it.

THANK YOU for this lovely, HAPPY decoration! You are so wonderful, Lucy! You've given so much to all of us. So as Christmas is approaching once again, I wish you and your beautiful family a Blessed and Beautiful Christmas season - and a New Year filled with God's Blessings! for YOU are a Blessing to all of us.


Hi Lucy,
I am quite new to crochet...
Love your little hearts!
Could you recommend the size of hook & yarn weight as this is not yet second nature to me!
Thank you

Dina Scokin

hi dear Lucy! i used to get your page on the internet and i do not get it any more. please put me in your mailing list again you are the most clear and enjoable sate i ever had and i miss you dearly.
thenks for shering
Dina Scokin [email protected]

ps do not have a web side

Julie Davidson

OMG so easy, thank you, your instructions are easy to understand and follow especially for a beginner like me.

Jacky Mustcraft

Oh Lucy.....this is lovely....I cant wait to have a go...thanks very much for sharing xx


I want to thank you for the great lessons :) the photos are the best I have seen and also the condensed pattern is so useful; I used to crochet a lot but have just come back to it; I have made some flowers and will be starting on hearts soon; Thankyou for sharing this;


Thank you so much for your directions! I've already crocheted 9 hearts - they're really addictive!


I just love looking at your site - it's a really feel-good, colourful, exuberant spot to browse. Love your colour combinations and ideas.


Hello Lucy! I have been reading your blog for years now and I always love it! I'm from France from La Rochelle and I sent you a mandala this year and I want to tell you that what you did with it was really wonderful!I used your tiny heart pattern to make a small bag for a lovely doll and I want to thank you for this hard work you had to make the instruction so clear! I hope my french readers can follow it!

Silvia Cardoso

Loved your sweety heart ♡

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