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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Jo Carnachan

Does anyone have a colour pattern to do a Harmony Stripes blanket. TIA

Cheryl Harmon

Hi Lucy. I've almost finished joining the squares in a pram sized version of your Harmony granny square blanket. My first time at "join as you go". At first I thought I needed a third hand, but soon got the hang of it. Thankyou for your very detailed tutorial. I'm a tactile learner and really appreciate that level of detail and lots of photos. Love ya work Lucy ❤️

Kiran Sethi

Would it be possible for you to suggest how I can make this blanket 150 cms wide?

Samantha Sweetlove

Hi, I relearnt to crochet in the first lockdown, and I finished the Harmony blanket last night (23rd Feb 21). This is my first ever blanket, and I loved it! Onto the Cosy Stripe now!

Natasha Cole

I've just completed my second Harmony Blanket, this time using the Woodland theme colour pack. So pleased with the end result. Once again, it has been a pleasure to use your pattern and a small donation is on its way to you Lucy as a token of my appreciation.

Natasha Cole

Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern. I really enjoyed making it up and found the joining information very useful for future reference. With all this spare time on my hands due to the lockdown, I managed to complete it in 3 weeks. Usually blankets take me 3 months! I have made a small donation in gratitude.


Hi Lucy, I wonder if you could tell me if your harmony blanket pattern uses all 17 balls of yarn in full? I have some of these colours in my stash but not necessarily full balls...some between around 50g and 90g...will I manage with any of these or will I need to buy all new balls? Many thanks, Helen

shirin nathani

need contact phone no to reach you about a order

Jackie Adams

Please can I ask a question??
I have just begun crocheting this harmony blanket. My problem is that the squares do not lie flat (I’m using the same make of yarn in the different colours). I stupidly tried steaming them, but this has totally flattened them - and I don’t like the look of the stitches and squares that way at all. Am I doing something wrong ? Do I just ignore the non-flatness? I would appreciate any helpful advice, thank you.?
Also do you keep one side as the right side, or reverse the work? I always thought reversing it kept it s better square, but this isn’t Mentioned. Thanks for your help.

Christine Battersby

Hello Lucy
I would like to make the Harmony Blanket in the summer colours. Which pack do I purchase for that?

Karen Gallup

Hi Lucy
Just starting and getting my ducks in a row over here in USA. TWO THINGS : I was checking out the chart for square placement and noticed that strip1is reverse of 8 and strip 2 is reverse of 7 and 3 is the reverse of 6
However 4 and 5 are not exact reverses The H square and F square are not reversed. I am goi g to switch them on my blanket but thought you might want to know. Or maybe there’s a reason for it that I can’t figure out

Also what process do you mean when you suggest “darning” in the ends?
Thanks so much for this beautiful and super well organized pattern


Hi, I was just wondering. Is there enough wool in this pack to do the pattern twice over to make it for a double bed? Thank you x love love the pattern.


Hello. I'm making your blanket but the squares of the leaves of the patterns do not correspond to those in the photo, help.


Hi Lucy
Is there a diagrammatic pattern for the Harmony Blanket, never knew crochet could be such fun Thanks


Lucy, I found your link through Pinterest and wanted to thank you for your detailed instructions and wonderful pictures! I'm a beginner and this was the first afghan ive ever made thanks to your instruction! Thank you so much!

Mojca Srečnik

Hy,Lucy, it,s a wonderfool work.Thank you for your clear instructions. My eyes are resting on your photos all the time. Pretty colours and clear instructions. Thank you!
Best regards Mojca

Sara R

I just ordered this pack from wool warehouse - I'm excited to start my 2nd Attic24 pattern. I'm a little nervous about all the fiddly ends but I will darn as I go so it won't seem so overwhelming! I'm in the U.S. and I look forward to your lovely blog. Your area of the world is on my bucket list to see someday - you live in such a lovely fairy tale type country. Just like your crochet it's so beautiful!

winifred waite

Love the joining as you go method, the ridges really add some depth to the blanket. Congratulations Lucy, well done.

Barbara Evans

Hi Lucy, I am making your beautifulHarmony blanket and I have this problem where my squares keep cupping .I am using a 3mm crochet hook to get the 4 inch square, as I crochet rather loosely. It seems the only way I can get my squares to measure 4 inches is to add more stitches as I am crocheting. Hoping you can help me.

Jeanette jarvis

Hi ..I have received the wool for the above..but i didn't get the patern to go with it ..I would really appreciate it if you could send it to me please to the same address as wool thank you ..love the wonderful colours


Help can't get joining strip 2 my work isn't very neat when I gettothe corners


I only have the colour strips for 5 pattern asks for 9 could I have it sent to me, but I may not have enough wool for the 9 I have 15 balls, love your site margaret

Helun Ford

Hi Lucy
I absolutely love your yarn packs and patterns and currently have both the Cosy and the Cottage on hooks as WIPS.
I love the colours in the Harmony blanket but would like to make it as a stripe. Have you ever done a colour guide for a stripe using these colours?

emilia de Luca

Could I have some help please? I've made all the squares fine but I'm left handed abd can't work out how to make the join-as-you-go method left hand friendly as I can't seem to "flip it over". Any know how to use this method left handed?

Dana Sheridan

First I have to say that I absolutely adore your site! You inspire me to crochet. I bought one of your yarn packs (18 colors) and am making an afghan following one of your patterns. I have a question and you might have already addressed it. It might seem silly but how do you make your clothes pin yarn color samples? Do you tie them on or glue? I think that's a great idea but don't want them coming apart. :)
thanks, Dana

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