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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Suzanne Clarke

Hi Lucy, I love your hexagon blanket, don't know how I haven't seen it before. Do you have a colour chart for the hexagons you did? Your colour work is always so perfect, I'd love to try this but wouldn't have the confidence without your expertise.

Pamela Romano

I have made 126 hexagon shapes and I failed to give thought to putting them together! Any suggestions as to the best way for me to do this now?

Sandra Knubben

Hi ,
Could you please send me the instructions for the hot water bottle design, I ❤ it.
I'm a beginner but hope to learn lots of work cery excited 😁

Helen Collins

Lucy I was wondering if you have instructions for filling in the spaces on the two opposite sides please. I am putting together a three row hex rug but don’t like two opposite sides. The ends sides are fine. cid:92E3465B-C426-41B8-87F0-467E1A15E966


I gave myself a project for our current 6 week lockdown.
I had bought the Stylecraft Sweet Pea colour combination earlier this year.
I made plain large hexagons( ending with 22 stitches per segment - 4 per 100g ball.) using 12 balls. When I was half way spread out on bed and joined by crochet continuous zig zag, then the short sides. Then I started again with remainder.
Now finished 70”x63”
Rosemary in Ireland

Eloise Wood

Thanks Lucy!! I’ve turned this blanket project into a heirloom for my children. It’s an absolute labour of love but I’m determined to make it a masterpiece.
It’s called Red Thread. ❤️🌹

Much love from Australia

Elle xxx


I love this pattern I am currently making a blanket out of it but I was wondering if you have pattern that follows this that is a half hexagon? To fill in the indents around the edge. Thank You


Hi! I’d love to know which StyleCraft colors most closely match those that were used in this blanket. These hexagons were my very first crochet project and the resulting blanket is gorgeous. Each hex took me about an hour to complete, so I opted to do a simple chevron on each side to make it the size I wanted. I believe I’d still be making hexagons at the turn of the century if not. Ha! Beautiful project and these colors are lovely.


Lucy, while I was searching for other granny square patterns, I came across a Dutch website that has used your picture of your hexagon blanket without giving you credit or linking to your blog. I thought you would like to know about that. This is the website: https://breiclub.nl/voor-beginners/granny-squares-haken/
(I couldn't find any other way to contact you. Maybe I overlooked it?)


Do you have the pattern for half hexagons to straighten the edges.?

Tracy Carroll-Gauci

Hi Lucy

I want to give this blanket a go it reminds me of English paper piecing which I do. I think Rowan have discontinued some of the colours would the pattern work with Stylecraft DK cotton and would I need to get extra amounts for this blanket. Sorry but I am new to this crocheting but I love your blankets and I hope to come and buy you a coffee and a cake in Skipton some Time to get some tips.


Crocheting the motifs together ad I went along was an absolute nightmare! I will NEVER do that again! The motifs, however, were a joy to make. THAT part I truly enjoyed.


I am about to start this for our soon to be built log cabin and I am really excited. I cant seem to find your video tuorial of the bobble stitch. Has it be moved elsewhere ?The link doesnt work

Gaye Baldock

I love this pattern and started doing one for my twin years ago - really need to finish it! How many hexagons would I need to do to make a rug to snuggle under?


I have made a few baby blankets using your tutorial, I'm getting ready to start a larger one! I always make my circles first and go back and join them all later, using one solid color (usually white) and it looks just stunning. This has been one of my favorites, I can't thank you enough for sharing. :)

elizabeth shelton

I love your tutorials, they are clear and not too "professional". thanks

adof titler

kkk is gud


I have made a blanket using hexagon shapes but want the finished blanket to have straight edges. I have searched for a tutorial to help me achieve this but cannot find how to straight edge my blanket. Can you help please. Thank you.


A suggestion for the lady, and her daughter, who want to learn to crochet - there are loads of free tutorials on You Tube and Craftsy have a very basic course for £12ish. Hope this helps


Hi ive been recommended to your site and just love what im seeing, only i cant crochet. I would love to learn [ my 12 year old also interested] so would you be able to go over the basics for me please or point me in the right direction for some help, Looking forward to creating some of your patterns.

Kathy Davis

This is awesome!!! Is there any way to get this pattern as a pdf.

Helen C

Would love some help please- I have made 120 hex and worked the join as you go ( wonderful instructions from you- thank you ) but now not sure how to get finished shape correct. I am sure I need more hex( plenty of scrap yarn in my hoardings!) would appreciate you pointing me in the right direction please. This rug has been my solace during the last few months and even though we are nearing summer I would like to get it finished. I do wish I had a mathmatical brain and more computer skills. Thanking you. HC


Absolutely stunning!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I love this pattern and was looking for a new project and know this is perfect to keep me occupied for a while. I was just wondering if you had a diagram layout of the color pattern that you used for this on? I want to end up with a finished product with the same color layout. I can try to guess from the first picture, but I'm sure to mess something up. I'm assuming there are multiple hexagons using the same color pattern, but I can't really tell what they are and how they lay out together to form a whole. A top view picture(s) would also be helpful, in addition to the diagram. I live in the U.S. and I'm going to have to substitute a different brand of yarn and figure out color matches. Would you happen to have color representations of the 16 colors you used? Any help would be MUCH appreciated. I'm anxious to get started.

Kim M.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Noni Florida USA

I love all of the different colors! Your work is wonderful.

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