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Is there a part seven (7) as indicated there would be?
I don’t see it


Is there a printable of just the pattern and list of colour order. I already have the pack.


Anyone else left with 2 stitches at the end of row 2?

I've used stitch markers, counted perfectly. I cannot figure out why it hasn't ended on the 2 trebles at the end!


I like it when you crochet it along with it me. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be but when you talk into it yeah makes a lot more sense. I love the pattern

Kim Reamey

Is there a written pattern for the Trellis Stripe without all the pictures?
I write patterns in notebooks and need a more simple version.


Is there a border for the trellis stripe blanket?


You inspire me so much I'm about to start my very first blanket following your pattern. A little nervous as I crochet tight but am good at Amigurumi but it's time to leave my comfort zone
Thank you for sharing all the lovely things you make

Sandra Dhaem

Could you please send me the pattern for the sweet pea blanket , the trellis

Wendy Forbes

Hi Lucy, loving the pattern and colours of this beautiful blanket. How many stitches would you have to start with to make a double bed size?

Noreen j Askins

I made the lap size. When It came to the part about the "little points" I only got 24 points not 47 points. I need to know if this is the right amount of points for the lap size before I continue on.

Annie Wood

I am about to order wool for this blanket. I want to make a baby blanket to start. Will I automatically be emailed the rest to finish off. I am a total beginner and tried so many times to learn crochet. Wish me luck ;)


Going to be starting the Sweet Pea Posy blanket this week after finishing my very first blanket yesterday. Did my tension sample a couple of times and I’m a little stuck with what to do?! Using a 4mm hook my tension was too big, yet a 3.5mm was too small! I’m guessing to go with the smaller hook so I don’t run out of wool but am I doing something wrong? With the 3.5mm my tension sample measures 13-14cm.

Lesley Hunter

I am new to your post but I have started working on the colourwash blanket. My pack of wool arrived late (I am in NZ) so I am just at the end of the greens and ready to move onto the lavender shades. I cannot see where the violet shade is going to be used and wondered if it is going to be used later on. I don’t want to carry on and then find that I have made a mistake so would appreciate a quick reply.
Lesley H.

Shelley Wooten

I love this pattern. Are all of the single treble stitches placed in the backloops?
Thank you,
Shelley Wooten

Elizabeth Jessop

Hi Lucy I am just finishing Moorland and although I have the wool and have done my tension square for Sweet pea will have to finish Moorland before I start and cannot wait. Is there a colour list to use for this one as I find them very useful


Could variegated colour wool be used?

Jo Watts

Hi Lucy
Thank you for your wonderful work!
I have a query though - I completed a tension sample at the measurement was right, however having just completed part one of the CAL I re-measured and my blanket is very small - its only measuring about 98cm and is only 24cm tall - I have checked the stitch count and the pattern repeat and it's the right amount - does this mean i should have gone up a hook size? (I find the up down thing confusing - dyslexic brain)
Also it's looking so neat and pretty that I don't want to start again, would putting a larger border on at the end help? And will I need to add in some extra stripes.
Many thanks for all the wonderful work you do :-)

Maria Illsley

a beautiful blanket I would like to create a baby blanket. Will you be doing a YouTube tutorial ?

Nellie Keizer-Koopal

Just finished the first part, colourwash. love it!
pattern is so easy that I didn't need a translation in dutch.

belinda louise Shallcross

Blanket # 3! Just finished Moorland blanket a month ago, finally able to crochet along. Row #3 just completed in Portland, Oregon.

Barbara Sandison

Hi, I’m new to a CAL. Do we crochet the first four rows this week and get the colour pattern in instalments? I’ve seen posts on IG saying folk are on row 12 and I’m confused!

Diane Kelsey

Finnybobbies, I think you need approximately 300g of wool to make the baby blanket. I have just started it and used 8g per stripe. I'm think of making 33 stripes so that the blanket is 1m long.

Christine Burgess

Please,please is there a way to copy this so that I can print it.? I really love this CAL and am making a king sized blanket. Thank you so much for creating it!

Helena Cutler

I have 2 chains left in row 3... do I need to rip? 😖😖😖


Well I'm in love already! Have arrived a bit late and only just ordered my pack. Am totally undecided if I should do posy or colourwash. Have done tension piece with my stash. Just wondering how much yarn would be needed for the baby blanket size as contemplating making a different colourway for a baby due in spring and want to know how much yarn to get. Any ideas anyone?

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