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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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I’ve done cosy blanket before. Trying again with cupcake. I just can’t get mine looking as tight as yours. My initial chain/rows too big with 4mm. Have dropped needle size which gets first rows to measure 120cm but there are big gaps, particularly between the 3tr crochet. Any advice welcomed.


Is this ok for an absolute beginner?


Please send the pattern. Nothing came up

Susan Szabo

How many meters or yards should there be in each ball?

paula s.

what some of us need to understand is this pattern is written for the UK....so that means TR is really a Double Crochet in the USA. I don't think you are suppose to do row 8 twice in different colors, I think its mistyped and it should be row 9 & 10, not 8 & 9

Lesley Spencer

Hello Lucy, I’ve just taught myself how to crochet and am hooked ! I absolutely adore your patterns and the gorgeous colour combos. Most of all I wanted to thank you for your tutorials. They are perfect and really easy to follow.

Carol Sessions

I somehow and 6 stitches short at row 18
I'm not getting the skip last stitch instruction my side on that side us all over the place
Have I got to undo ?


Ms.Hanli Versfeld

I was thinking of the same question.
But I found [Note : the cosy stripe tutorial uses different colours, but the stitch pattern is identical],I think it will be solved when you see it.

Hanli Versfeld

How come you need to skip the last stitch every 5 rows? Anyone that can help me with it?

Andrea Beck

Can I buy the cupcake blanket. But in the Moreland blanket colours?

Robin Underwood

Your pattern repeats row 8 twice with different colors. Could you clarify before I begin your lovely pattern.

Belinda Marion


Jeannie Nordahl

Im wondering how many stitches in the foundation chain for a baby blanket?


Stunning thank uou

Joan Smith

Hi Lucy
I bought cupcake blanket pack yesterday at Blacksheep
You told me the pattern was on your website.
Please would you help me find this as I want to start blanket

Jackie Butterill

Can we have replies to all the questions please.

Pam Duniven

How is it that you skip a stitch on row 5 every time that it doesn’t come out at an angle on that side


Is there any way to get this pattern into a PDF? I'd like to print it and have it with me when I take my crochet outside the house. Beautiful work

Birgit Köppchen

Hello from Germany! I have buyer the cupcake yarn to make this wonderful blanket. My English is not so good, can I find this pattern in German? Thank you very much for your help. Birgit from Wiesmoor in Germany

Lucy Micklethwaite

Hi! I love, love, love your patterns and colour combinations.
I am making a collection of baby blankets for several friends who are expecting little ones over the next few months, and I would like to try your beautiful cupcake pattern. How long should my starting chain be to make it toddler duvet kind of size? And which style craft DK shades would you recommend to make it a pastel rainbow blanket?

Donna Short

Love this pattern!!
Thanks for sharing it!
I have......hoarded yarn.
Lots of it. Mostly Red Heart
worsted weight acrylic.
Would this be ok to use
for this blanket?
Thanks 🌺

Margaret Tinsley

Just started crochet about 6 months ago but am going to attempt this Cupcake blanket !!
I have practiced on a small piece and the stitch is simple, but I have one question which I'm not sure about.
When I am starting to make a treble, do I put the hook into 2 loops or just one loop before doing yarn over .

This is a big project for me and I really want to get it right.

vicki ohara

a double crochet is yarn over once a treble is yarn over twice whicn one do in use

vicki ohara

would like to make this but would like to buy yarn at walmart or michaels can you suggest a comparable yarn to use?

Kathy Huff

Thank you for sharing.
I'm going to start this tomorrow.


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