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Mien Warnich

Will it be possible to make n dogblanky with the triangles?

Katja Sessums

How do you string them together into a bunting? Chain stitch between each?

Catherine Taylor

Just beautiful and great instruction xx


Hi ive just seen this lovely pattern and i love to have a go at making a blanket iv'e just started to crochet so love to have this pattern please

Linda A Arias

Just discovered this pattern and I'm in love with it. Do you have pattern for the little flower you attach to the afghan?

Pearl angelie albela

Thank you so much!, you're such a generous person. God bless!

Catherine Pritchard

I've made some hexies using your triangle pattern for a blanket. I need a pattern for diamonds to fill in the gaps. Do you have a pattern for diamond shapes? Thanks

Jean Stevens

Hi Lucy.
Brilliantly clear and concise tutorial-thank you so much!

Patsy soehlke

Is there a pdf pattern?


2020 project thank you. Stunning different


Beautiful granny bunting,

thank you for the pattern and the pictures. 100% Hello from South Australia

Amy Nortum

Can 8 of these be joined to form an octagon without issues of gapping on the sides? I see it works with 6, can you show a picture with 8?

Kelli Hynes

You are the best Attic24! I knew if I came here looking for a triangular bunting and not one of those bulgy round triangles that you would have it. Thank you so much for sharing


Thanku for the pattern


Do you have the pattern for the other bunting pattern that was published in Simply Crochet magazine? I live in Australia.

Aden Pennington

I've been using your patterns for years, and I should have said this a long time ago. I really appreciate how you post the pattern with pictures. It is so helpful!!


Svp model patron triangle francais.

sharon mckinnon

Hello from Australia, love your pattern for the triangles Im going to try & make a babies blanket using the triangles....was also wondering if you have a pattern for a crochet full triangle not using the granny triangle love your work & your patterns are easy to follow
Regards Sharon

Charlotte Holloway aka Stay At Home Piggy

I can't wait to make some of this lovely bunting. It will look wonderful strung along the entrance to our tent when we go camping. x

jules K

I have amended the pattern so it is like a regular pattern: Hope it helps people

ch4, join with a ss to form a ring.
Rnd 1: (Into ring) ::
ch6 (counts as 1 tr + ch3 corner space)
3 tr into the ring, ch3
3 tr into ring, ch3
2 tr into ring. ss into 3rd ch of initial ch6 to close the round

Rnd 2
Ch6 (counts as 1 tr + ch3 corner space).
In 1st corner space 3 tr, ch1
In 2nd corner space 3tr, ch3, 3 tr, ch1
In 3rd corner space 3tr, ch3, 3 tr, ch1


Thanks for the pattern. How do you join them into a chain of bunting?

Kathryn Ashe

I started yesterday using leftover yarn from the Moorland blanket. I already have 10 triangles. So far, I join the triangles with a 3" yarn at each corner. It looks good but I am pondering different ways to join. Love to hear all ideas.


How have people joined these to make bunting?

wendy budd

Have sewed my triangles together and just cant get the blanket to lie flat, did block each one first but now that I have joined them its bunching up. Please help. Thanks.

nana fafo

thanks for yours explains and photos ! I need to make "fanion" it's perfect ! when I share them, I keep your blog to show yours creations.

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