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Eunice Carabine

I have to say I love your instructions. You pictures are clear and easy to follow. I'm not the most experienced crocheter so I am most appreciative of your efforts. I have just made your cosy stripe blanket and returned to your site for help with a border.
Thank you.


How much wool of each colour do I need for the cosy stripe blanket please


My edging is also wobbly but I don’t see any answers to the same question on here. Please help

Sian Jones

Hi Lucy, sorry to be a pain...coming to the end and wondering if there is a typo...should it be skipped stitches on round 3?...


I cannot subscribe to the Comments Feed or Subscribe to Attic 24. It takes me to a page of computer gibberish. Any ideas how to resolve this?:

Comments on Cosy Blanket Edging




Love your blankets. For the border the first row I used double crochets and then a row of trebles in beige (one of the dominant colours in my blanket) then two rows of double crochet in navy, then two rows of double crochet in denim, then rounds 3 and 4 of your pattern in navy and taupe and it is lying perfectly flat. Round 3 I used navy which shows up well against the medium colours either side. It ends up looking like little navy dots and I love it. So my border ended up as follows; beige, beige, navy, denim blue, navy dots and then the final round of taupe. This looks balanced as it has light, medium and dark tones. I found with round 3 of the dc 1 ch1 initially it was too tight and pulled my crochet in so I redid it with a 5mm hook. The rest of the blanket was crocheted with a 4.5 mm and looks a perfect dog blanket. Another tip if I'm doing 2 rows of double crochets, I do the first from the right side and the second from the reverse and it helps prevent the blanket from curling up at the edges. Thanks everso. Barbara x

Antonette McKnight

It is a very easy blanket and really quick just as you said. I did a blanket from my scrap yarn and I love the way it came out.


Help!!! My edging is going wavy! I’ve done the blanket with 4mm and the first row edging with 4mm too. I’m wondering if I should undo my edging and use a smaller hook?
If you look at the photos, Lucy seems to have used a blue clover hook for the blanket (= 4.5mm) and an orange clover hook for the edge (= 3mm). Has anyone worked out how to get the edging to lay flat?
Thanks for any help. Julia xxx

Beverley Rickaed

Hi Lucy! I’m new to crochet but have managed to make the Cosy blanket using a kit from The Wool Warehouse. For some reason I don’t have enough of any one colour wool to do the edging! How many more balls of wool should I order to do all the rounds of edging? I’m in Hong Kong so your pattern has travelled far!
Thank you,


Hi Lucy, I love this blanket and brought your colour pack but am finding that one side of my blanket the edge is wonky (fluted)? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 😄


Hello Lucy,
I was delighted to find your wonderful blog and all your crochet scrumptiousness!
I am new to crochet and learning as I go.
I have started your beautiful hydrangea blanket and have done about 20 rows. However, my stitches do not lie flat - there is a slight "half dome" effect to each stitch repeat, which is more apparent in the second row of each colour, creating an almost-ruched effect. Although these do flatten out a little as subsequent rows are worked, they don't lie flat, as yours appear to be in your photographs.
I'm not experienced enough to know whether this is normal or is something I am doing wrong - and if so, what ?
I wonder if you blocked your blanket and if this might correct the "ruched" effect?
If so, would you be kind enough to advise how to block an item of this size, please?
Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern, Lucy, for any help you might be able to offer.


I am thrilled that I have just completed the cosy stripe blanket. Although the first row of treble on the border makes the blanket look wonky and it won't sit flat. Reading comments prior, I wonder if the pattern is correct? Also, I am using a 4mm hook - is this OK? I was very happy with the finished blanket until I began the border.

Martha D Fewell

I'd love to subscribe to your blog but the page is not available. Could you check on that?

Lucille Ettore

My edge started to ruffle on row 4 . So I changed it to put the stitch ABOVE the skipped row 2 stitch, in the row 3 CH above it. It straightened right out, if that helps anyone else. I LOVE this pattern overall!


Hi Lucy, I'm just starting out and hoped to be able to make the cosy stripe blanket. I've quickly realised that I need to start with a granny square blanket having mastered these with a kind tutor. The colours are so lovely I wondered how I could use the yarn I've bought for the stripe blanket? I've discovered that I'm someone who needs a pattern to follow so I've found myself quite stuck and disheartened about where to begin. Thank you in anticipation, Emma


I have just started making this blanket and it is by far the easiest tutorial I have found! And I LOVE it! Thankyou! x

Sharon coates

I have absolutely loved making this blanket, as I novice I found the tutorial invaluable thankyou. Sadly I ran out of the green 2 feet from the end of my final border row, should I have changed to a smaller hook for this?

Nicky Phillimore

Thank you, Lucy. Loved doing this blanket although I just made it big enough to wrap the children in the car. Used your method of using the pegs to decide on colours and got a result that I would never have worked out without them but it worked beautifully. One day I would love to visit the attic; I live in York. x


I finished in time for Christmas! Hurray! Thank you so much for this truly gorgeous pattern. I added a border of flowers, which is why it has taken so long to finish but so worth it. You inspire us all so much! Happy New Year to you and your family and thank you again! My Tah-dah: https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2015/12/30/cal9-cosy-blanket-ta-dah/

Catherine Pritchard

It has taken me a whole year in between other projects and packing up the house for our move after Christmas. Thank you for the great tutorials Lucy and have a wonderful Christmas 2015. Love my cosy blanket and it will have pride of place on the sofa in my new kitchen.


I too have a fluted edge down the side. I used 4 hook for both edge and blanket. Any help would be appreciated. Gorgeous blanket x


Iam abolutly fall in love with your blog :)
I just used your tips for ending my blanket. thanks a lot for your patterns. if you would like to see, click here http://princessiprincesa.blogspot.com.es/2015/08/zakonczony.html
all the best


I have just completed my first Crochet project! yay! Your Cosy Blanket. Thank you for making this such an easy pattern to follow.
It might not be perfect but I love it
I'm hooked !


Hi Lucy, I started working on the cosy blanket when my third baby was still a newborn (now a 5 m/o giant), and he's been keeping it warm for his big sister while sleeping on my belly. I didn't obey your instructions for darning in all the ends, so before I can enjoy making this lovely border, I have a couple of boring evenings with all the loose ends ahead of me (tsk tsk... I know, it's my own fault). I have a tab opened on this website and whilst at work I can't help myself looking at it, longing for the tah-dah! moment when I'll finally finish my first-of-hopefully-many blanket(s). Thank you for your wonderful website. You are such an inspiration. I love the colors, the joy and happiness that just drips from your tutorials.

Lyn Barnard

Have just finished this gorgeous blanket but my edging is fluted (unless I really stretch it). Do you think I should have worked just one treble into each stitch on the sides in the first row of edging. The end edges which had one treble in each stitch sit perfectly. I must add that this is my first ever crochet blanket & I have loved making it, in actual fact I have started another using your coast colour theme. Thank you for this lovely pattern. Kindest regards, Lyn

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