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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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it's so colorful and cute and i can't wait to crochet it .... thanks for sharing


Thanks for tutorials! I did me flowers and they are so pretty!Greetings from Latvia. :)

Sue Robinson

I can’t wait to give this a try.. Need to get some wool..It’s beautiful and so clever.. Luv Sue from North Yorkshire.. xxx


I had made these for my beautiful little granddaughters. It was excellent timing as I can’t see them for Easter but they will still get something special from Nanny. I also have a spare for the “emergency gift stash”. They look so delightful. My mother gave me some jingle bells from a scarf she had so there is a part of Great Nan in them too. Your pattern made them so easy to whip up & I wish I knew about stiffening with PVA glue years ago. No more mucking about with sugar starch. Thank you with all my heart & stay safe. Donation being made now.

Nicola Jeffery

Please could you tell me the names of the colours you used.
Many thanks


I love this pattern. I made one for my mother and one for my sister they both love it. And now my sister in laws want the same also. But bad news is that when I was looking for a pattern I came across this page and the site doesn't refer to you. They even use the same photo that you use here. I thought you should know.
İt is on this page.


Hi Lucy, thank you so much for this pattern!
Also for the good instructions /pictures how to make the flower!.
I made him, just a bit different...
Jou can see him on my website, item 3.2 and on pinterest.

with kind regards,
Saskia from Holland

maria sabel bravo



Dear Lucy! Many thanks to you for your magnificent Happy Flower! I live in the North-West of Russia. I enjoyed reading about your colorful joyful world. I tied such a flower and hang it on the wall in my apartment, every day I will admire it and thank you for the wonderful idea. Sorry for the automatic translation.


J'adore, c'est magnifique
et ce tutoriel est bien expliqué
Thank you


Can you use acrylic yarn for this projects?

Mildima Ferreira Lima

Amei a ideia Agradeço pelo Carinho, sou Mildima Ferreira Lima de Poá SP Brasil .


I like your patterns and tutorials.

Joanne C.

Thank you so much for this awesome pattern! I am obsessed with Happy Flowers and can't stop crocheting them!! I made a whole bunch for my family and friends for holiday gifts this year! The only change I made was using spray starch instead of glue, but I think they came out OK.


thank you so much Lucy for your beautiful patterns. I had to retire early due to my health and had taught myself basic crochet before hand. your patterns are so colourful and combining colour and crochet is great therapy for me. you are an excellent teacher and your tutorials are so easy to follow. your efforts are much appreciated and I've just bought you a cup of coffee and hope that others that enjoy your work also do the same. thanks again from Australia :)

Sylma Smith

To the lady who mentioned the dutch translation and copy of this pattern. I speak Afrikaans and as such am able to read and understand some Dutch - there is mention that she translated the pattern from attic24. "Het originele patroon en de foto uitleg kun je vinden op de website van Attic24" - translated roughly means, "You can find the original pattern and photo on the website of Attic24"

Carol D

Lucy, I hope you get this message. I was just following links found on Pinterest - and found this link: http://haakinformatie.nl/patroon/haakpatroon-vrolijke-bloem-hanger/
It is an EXACT COPY of your Happy Flower Decoration! I knew immediately it was yours because I made one, following your pattern, for my granddaughter! (it is hanging happily on the wall in her room.)
It upsets me so much to see this kind of piracy! Though I could not translate (think it's in Dutch), I did not see Attic 24 - or Lucy - mentioned anywhere in this article.
I hate when people do this! She could, in the very least, give you credit for the inspiration to make this....
I'd like to see these people, who do this, prosecuted for internet piracy - because that's what it is!
Thank you, again, Lucy for all you give to us in color and hooking inspiration.


Yaaaaahoooooooo I made it.. yes i could :) because your tutorial is so great , was such a fun to work on it , i spent a good time and now its time to start with the second one ;)

many many thanks for sharing it

Lovely Greetings from Germany


it is so good idea. thank you for sharing this

taty ralph

gracias por compartir


Gracias hermosisimo los colores la flor, la explicación gracias!, gracias!

jean horrocks


Thank you for all the work you have put into making the happy flower tutorial. I have started with the stems cos I thought they would be the most difficult, anyway getting there usually I`m a bit hopeless but with your instruction not bad!
Sent you a very little something but better than nowt as we say in Lancashire, (UK). Live In Derbyshire now in the Peak District, A little windy today. I`ll carry on & again thank you.


This is an amazing tutorial ! I realy thank you! I'm a crocheter from Cyprus :)

carmela seminario

hermoso trabajo ! bella flor ! lindos los colores ! me encanto =D

Laura S.

I know it's been a while but, will mod podge work? I do have a lot of that on hand.

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