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February 08, 2012


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Wendy Gardner

These crocheted flowers are absolutely gorgeous - I love the colour combinations. They make me feel happy just looking at them. (Sadly I can't crochet) so will stick to sewing with bright colours and or popping flowers into the distillation pot. Anyway, love what you have created and how you used such vibrant colours. Will add sunshine on the dullest of UK winter days....


Hi, Is there a pattern for this? Would love to have it if there is.
Thanks in advance, Cindy


Очень красивый цветочек! Яркий, добрый, милый! Вы - молодец! Успехов Вам в творчестве! Большой привет из России!


No hablo inglés, mis felicitaciones por esta hermosa flor, trataré de hacer mi propia Flor Feliz.
Saludos desde Chile.

Alex Stoltzman

"I love that it's so useless" what a funny, lovely quote :)


I sure hope there is a pattern for this flower and leaves and stem.. it is beautiful.. please tell me there is.. I truly want to make this for a dear friend..

María Cristina Letechipía

Es un hermoso trabajo que requiere de gran creatividad. Te felicito por tu bell creación. Es la flor más linda que he visto hasta ahora. Me gusta por su colorido. Me encantaría que pronto nos compartas el tutorial y espero por hacerlo ya que soy principiante. Gracias por compartir.


Is there a pattern for that Happy Flower?.
I really would like to make that:).

Thank you


Re: Happy flower decoration. Some pictures and commentary were given on Feb 2012. I would really like to make this. Since I am a novice crocheter I was wondering if you have patterns for the flower and leaves etc. And where can I find your tutorial. Thank you for your inspiration and instruction. It is greatly appreciated. Cathy

Nancy Johnston

Absolutely adorable! I'd really love to see a tutorial or buy it in a pattern/book if you do so.
Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful little happy thing.


Silly me, I just found it. THANK YOU! :)


What a gorgeous creation! I'd happy pay to purchase the pattern, did you ever get around to writing it out for us lay people? :)

carole wheeler

This is fabulous Lucy, now I have to go and find the tutorial! lol xxxx

Melissa Graham


Just wanted to let you know that I found a person that is selling a pattern similar to this one Facebook and calling it a book mark. Pretty sure it is the same exact pattern and then she has adapted it into a few others. I love that people post wonderful free patterns but it's not cool for others to call them their own!
The facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/corida.knit?hc_location=stream

Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys)

This is so colourful and cheery - can't wait for the tutorial!!! :)


I just stumbled across this and fell in love with it on the spot!!! Is there a possibility to purchase the pattern? Pretty please? Greetings from Austria!

Karen Bailey

I am an avid crocheter. I found this site today by chance and immediately fell in love with your Happy Flower. I notice that all these posts are about a year old. So what I am wondering and hoping is how and where I can get a pattern for this flower.


Lucy, your inspriations bring warmth and good feelings to me. Anyone can see the joy in your creative mind. 2012 hasn't been the best for me due to the loss of my mother recently and now maybe the loss of sight in my right eye. Hopefully with God's guidance all will go well. I just want to say thank you for your creativity and inspirations for all of us. Some of us just dream or can imagine what you can create. God Bless you and your family.


Oh it is absolutely beautiful!! I am desperate to make one for my home.

Thank you


Hi Lucy ... this should just be a contact to you ... unpublishable ...

... I really love your site ... and your works ... and your photos ... ... ... nearly every day i visit you in the attic ... :-) ... sometimes I dream about the places you show ... ;-) ... your pictures are sooo great ... thanks to let me be a part of your life ... ... ...

I would like to comment all of your posts ... but ... ;-) ... look at my English ... :-( ... !!! ... I´m from Austria ... when I was in school ... my Englisch was very good ... but now ... many years after ... my English is horrible !!! ... I think ... I have to train it ... ... ...

My name is Margit ... I live in Tirol (Austria) ... I´m a mom of 2 childs ... V. 5 3/4 years and A. 3 1/2 years ... and work as a childminder at my home ... my hobbies are the same as yours ... :-) ... I also love to read in blogs ... but I don´t have a blog myself ... because ... my day just has 24 hours ... and I would need as much again ... :-) ... ... ...

Today ... I have to write you ... because ... in facebook I saw your beautifull "Happy Flower" ... accidental ... postet from a person named Omaima Hassan ... and I´m not sure if that is okay for you ... because she also showes your photos ... ... ... look at it ... http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.469701833048898.115017.100000272561373&type=3#!/media/set/?set=a.469701833048898.115017.100000272561373&type=3

Well ... Lucy ... now I say thanks again to you ... for sharing parts of your life ... showing your beatiful crafts ... and loveley photos ... I reallyreally love every post of you ... :-) ...

If you ever come to Austria ... contact me ... and be my guest ... :-) ...

Best wishes and kind regards ...
yours M.

Wheel Alignment Equipment

Such a very cute and adorable creation. I must say you are very creative and passionate in doing such things like this.


waouh it's very cute and I like the flower with the heart


I like that flower. But I don't like stuff on the wall. So I put it .....on my head. Look at my blog, perhaps you like it.

Angelika Gorham

Dear Lucy,

Your work has such a child-like happy spirit.... it makes me smile!!

I had a question about weaving in ends..... I have been very frustrated with my crocheting because my ends ALWAYS seem to work themselves out and look awful.

How do you weave yours in?


it looks ubsolutely amazing!!!!! really like your work, your photos...your colours!!!

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