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March 22, 2011


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Anke van Drempy-Dienske

I am looking for an heart made by you but I don’t find the patron .
It is not the normal heart but with lovely red colours and different figures .

Marianne Koopman


I saw you had make a snake with nice coluors. Please Do you have a patrenn for me? Ik like so much. I will make it voor my daughter. Please have you a disciption of it? You can send it to [email protected]
I will be very happy and pleased if you would,
greating Marianne Koopman Holland

Cathy Lindsay

I made a project also that is made-up only of the twigs. However, my design is far different from the pictures above. Nevertheless, mine and hers are still the same.


You are super cool( and colourful). Thanks for the hearts pattern. Going to make a lot fot my 2 granddaughter's room.


This gives me a GREAT idea for an earthen ware urn I have that i did not know what to do with!


They're indeed lovely and colorful. I have same addiction too.


We have twigs in a vase in the hallway. We call it a blessings tree. Everytime something happens for which we feel glad or happy or especially loved, we hang something pretty on.(I have some salt dough shapes me and y boys have made and painted, some beaded baubles, some glass hearts ect). The idea being at the end of the year, you have actual, real, visible and palpable proof of the nice things in the year. I can't crochet - i've tried and tried, but your hearts are calling to me... they would look so very lovely on my blessings tree :)


I absolutely love, love, love your blog I see how fun these little hearts can be. Love the twigg with them too!

I love all the colors you use in your crocheting! Have you felted anything. I'm a new knitter and crocheter, thanks for all the inspiration!!!


Who knows where your blog might lead us! But I found this and thought you might like to feast your eyes on the COLOURS!!!


Gillie on Nb Vox Stellarum

Just found your hearty twig...it is just so sweet and lovely..I am just off to find the pattern..I am loving travelling through your bloglife..so colourful and happy..Thanks :~)..x


What a clever idea! I always look for new crafts with button's.
Super idea!!


absolutely love your blog, your photo´s, your crocheting and everything else in your blog.

and yes, had to try to make these hearts as well, still figering out where to put them, but loving them already (no photos of my crocheting at all in my blog yet, but becoming someday soon)

thank you for being so delightful person and delighting all of us others with your blog too! =)


Fantastic hearts! Thanks for sharing! I'm thinking a nifty small button in the center of the hearts would be fun as well...might just have to try it.



how much do i love this? oh yes, i love it. i do. x


I'm Carole in France.
I'm so excited with your colors!
Youshow us lot of your ideas so marvellous to see.
Very GOOD work with your crochet,I try to learn by myself,I'm loving it but sometimes I have to do it again and again because it's not perfect.
You don't have this kind of problems!!
Best regards


Awe, these hearts are so cute! And what a nice little tree. Your house must be SO colourful!


Hiya Lucy I adore your blog and refer to it all the time. I have a new niece coming in 12 days and i started a hat but i'm desperate for some debbie bliss dk cotton in 35 - yellow!! I have searched everywhere online to get some, she is being named Saffron too hence the need for yellow. Do you know anywhere where I could get some? Thanks Bethany x


Wow, I totally love this! That last picture with just the hearts, twigs, and pitcher on the stool is lovely too, so simple. You're so clever.

Pinkie Cupcake

Your blog is so fabulous! You should know that it inspired me to properly learn crochet and now I can there is no stopping me....

Now onto those hearts....I have some lovely twigs in my bathroom waiting for something to hang off them!!



I just love your twiggy things!! i made the ones with the leaves before, they are quite nice too. I have started right away making some hearts for my cousins 11th birthday next week, she will LOVE them!!!


these are truly gorgeous....I have been making all sorts of colours, and have attached them to snap clips with a wee button in the middle, they look so sweet and are so quick!!! I just love your blog, your ideas are inspirational and I am very basic, but am learning to read more patterns now....I just made some booties....and of course I put a teeny heart near the toes of each....so sweet! thank you xo



Sian Lawton

Hi Lucy

Thank you so much for posting this tutorial on making hearts.

I have made several for my "tree" but I have also made some as brooches embroidered with beads


Thank you for all your inspiration. Now I´m going to start crocheting some hearts for Easter. Soo cute and nice.


Hi Lucy, I really love your blog and the wonderful things you make. I'm already reading your blog for a while and really have to leave a comment at long last :-). The twiggy hearts tree is adorable!! Looking forward to many more inspiring ideas of you to brighten up my days. Happy crochet! Nataly

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