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December 03, 2013


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I'm surprised the Old Friend did not renege on the prior donation! ;)


Well done Lucy. Your amazing feel for colour continues to inspire me. I'm now sitting wondering if there's anything boring in my wardrobe that could benefit from a dose of the Red Tulip treatment. :-)

Like Susan above, I'd love a pattern (or instructions on where to find the pattern) for the beautiful shawl pictured with your scrumptious snuggly looking coat.

Sandra Barry

Absolutely beautiful!


I love this story!You really inspired me, I'll do something like this for spring!Thank You!


How did faux fur trim make out with the dye?


Oh my! Thats almost the same as the beige coat I gave to charity a few weeks ago because it was so dull and boring...
*kicks self hard*
If only I'd known about you then... :-)


Is there a pattern for the flowers shawl/scarf in tge last couple of photos? The whole thing looks great :-) I do love red!

Clare Morris

I love the great idea of transforming your coat it is a work of art😂 and unique! Exciting and inspirational thanks for sharing xx


I love your red coat very, very much - this is such a lovely colour. And the crochet bordure comes out great.



I want to know which pattern you used for the beautiful scarf/shawl that matches the wonderful hooky squares of your coat! They are absolutely beautiful together.


Hi Lucy,

Great job! The coat looks stunning and the squares make it even more beautiful!!

I love the scarf that you have hung along with the coat too. Do you have the patter for that too?


Susan Harris-Rohde

You have inspired me. A navy coat was bequithed to me. I must replace the zipper, but the coat is warm with a plaid flanel lining... just a but dull. I think some hooky embelishments are in short order. Thank you!


what a wonderful transformation!


Well aren't you just blooming marvellous! What a cheery story, I loved it :)


Loved reading the whole story and your red coat is just beautiful! You have inspired me to pick up my crochet hooks again. I have recently discovered your blog and really like the joy and colourfulness of your projects.


A coat to make everyone smile!! x


Love it! well done.


I love this so much. I am a member of a refashion clothing pinterest group and have pined this there. I hope thats ok with you. If not let me know and of course I will remove it. Thanks for the lovely idea.

Catherine Slater

Well how fabulous is your work!! You have woken up my inspiration this morning. Thank you.


Oh, gorgeous! I love the creativity. Just my style, too! :-)

Thanks for the inspiration!


I too had a drab beige coat until 2 days ago! What a fantastic idea! I dyed mine 'intense violet'...oh it's intense; I LOVE IT! I have dyed numerous things in the past but for some reason I persevered with this boring old jacket...my only regret is that I didn't take a before picture! ARGH! x



now i know what to do with my old coat!!! thank you so much! and i simply love red!

Rudi O

Beautifully Bonkers!!!

Bari Jo

I love what you did with your coat!!!!


Lucy, it's fabulous! Totally gorgeous and very you. Not at all bonkers. xx

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