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December 31, 2014


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Alexandra Köbele

Dear Lucy,
I am so fond of your site, your way of saying things, your way of seeing things and photograph them... I am still baking the no-knead-bread and making oat bisquits and crumpets for breakfast.
You see, you*re an influencer on me :-)
I love knitting and crocheting, and for several years now i*ve been crotcheting a cosy stripe blanket which takes so long for I have to look at what I*m doing all the time, can*t do it while reading or watching series like while knitting...
Now I am wondering: how long does it take you to make a blanket, and how many hours a day are you crocheting on average? Just curious... And where do all theese beautiful blankets go - do you sell them? Or is your home filling itself more and more?
Hi and best wishes for all of you at your cosy home
Alexandra from Munich

Cristina PEBAQUE

Hi Lucy,
I am writing from Sydney Australia. I used to have a pattern of yours for a baby blanket ‘chevron’ stitch although I don’t think that was the name you used. And I preferred your pattern to other chevron patterns I came across. I can’t remember how I got it, but I looked for it now and can’t find it. I have had a rough time healthwise for the last 2-3 years; I’m happy to pay for the pattern if you can help me find is that possible? Please let me know what you think.
Kind regards,
Cristina Pebaque
40/1A Ritchie Street
Sans Souci 2219 NSW


Hi there how many chain to make about size blanket? Tia Clare

Crafty Cath

Just had a Ta Dah moment - after 4 years finally finished this blanket and I love it....now just got to finish the other 3 "UFO's". Thanks for sharing your fab patterns with us :)

Crafty Cath

Hi Lucy, somehow I've ended up with 174 stitches. I am 2/3 of the way through and determined to finish this as it looks great but I can see that although oi thought i'd been following the pattern, one side of the blanket is definitely on a slope! Any suggestions as to how I can rectify without having to unpick about 35cm of work would be gratefully received. I so want to finish this blanket so I can have a go at the moorland blanket, the harmony blanket, the cupcake blanket et al!!! (Roll on retirement!), Thanks for your inspiring blogs and wonderful creations :)


Hello again Lucy,

I’m sorry I jumped the gun. I have found the pattern.

Thank you again for this lovely pattern.

Christine lumsden

I love your work, it's amazing. I am currently attempting the cosy stripe blanket (Im a beginner at crochet). The further on I get my blanket seems wider & wavier, I'm stumped.


Sweet blanket pattern and a lovely stitch. I will be making more than one of these beauties.

Thanks Lucy!

Jacqueline Upex

Dear Lucy

I have followed your blog almost from the beginning since it coincided with me deciding to start to crochet again - and I love it! I am currently making my third Cosy Stripe Blanket, for the new baby grandson of a friend.
I live in France and whilst my husband was in hospital last year, I discovered and joined a local handicrafts group of French ladies (Les Passionnés du Fils de Lamalou les Bains) who get together each week to chat whilst 'making' - I am the only English speaker though. They were primarily beautiful knitters and embroiderers, but have all started trying crochet since I joined.
They are always interested in the things I crochet from patterns on the Internet but none of them are able to follow them unless they are in French.
A couple of the ladies would like to try this blanket but I would like to ask your permission to explain your pattern in French.
I have scribbled a drawing that I hope would be simple for them to follow - but I would like to send it to you and ask if I can use it.
Thank-you for your patience in reading this long post!

Louise Shallcross

Auto fill! I am on row 16, not without a few errors( newer to crochet:-) Colours are stunning love your site/blog/everything! From Wales originally but have lived in the US for many years. The pack of yarn arrived so quickly and such nice quality. Just wish I didn't have to work so I could stay home and crochet...

Louise Shallcross

7205 se 21st


I ordered the yarn for this blanket on Friday and it was delivered before midday on Saturday. Very impressed. Have started it already but I'm so hopeless at counting stitches - I can count five times and get five different totals! Argh. So glad I fell across your blog, Lucy, you have inspired my inner crochetness :)


I finally finished my Cosy Blanket. So very happy with all it's colorful cozy stripes. Thanks Lucy!
You're a true inspiration. Looking forward to the next "hooky" project!

Shirley Furlow

I would like to order the Coastal Stylcraft Special DK kit. Is there a vender in the US who sells this?

Lyn Harris

I am having great difficulty obtaining the package of yarn for the cosy stripe blanket. Can you recommend an alternative supplier to Attic 24? Thank you. Lyn Harris


Lucy, you've saved my life. My mother died 2 years ago and I simply lost my way. Someone gave me a link to your site and I've started work on the cozy blanket. As I crochet I think of your words about finding joy in the colors. And I am. I really am. Thank you so very much.

Nele Moenaert

Hello Lucy! I like your blog very much! I hooked the blanket you designed in the colours I love. You can find pictures of it on my blog http://neleaandehaak.blogspot.be/. Maybe nice for you to see how I worked with your pattern? Greetings from Belgium!


Forgot to say - thanks so much for the CAL and the colour packs on Wool Warehouse.


Hello Lucy

Hope your internet connection is back up.

I have just finished part 5 of your cosy stripe blanket and it measures approx 154 x 120. I seem to be doing ok with width but my stitches must be longer than yours Lucy. Am I supposed to stitch into the gaps rather than top loops on the second plain treble rows? I guess the fact that I'm getting more length means I can stop sooner 😄. Think I'll stop at the last petrol stripe (number 81) as that should take me to a length of 165cm (2cm per stripe). Then I'll tackle the edge. What do you think?


thank you for the journey Ive nearly finished mine Will try to send you at pic if I can love Christine


Thank you Lucy for such an inspiring blog - best wishes to you and yours for 2015 - from the 'land downunder' :) Cara

The Ruthless Crafter

I love your colour selection! Happy 2015!!


Firstly Happy New Year, secondly thank you for sharing your Cosy Blanket pattern, I started mine in December and currently on about row 19 and just loving the colours, I decided at the start that the finished blanket would be donated to a Nursing Home where unfortunately we lost my late mother-in-law on 1st Jan 2014 and want to donate the blanket to someone with no family, I am fairly new to crocheting and found your step-by-step instructions simple to follow, only help I require is I want to also produce a lap blanket in the same colours of the Cosy Blanket but do not have a clue how many chains would be required, any help would be gratefully received. I am looking forward to challenging myself to do the Cottage and Coast Blankets, they are just wonderful - Thank You for sharing your wonderful work.


Happy New Year!!! PLEASE: keep wrtting!

Robin W.

Happy New Year Lucy! Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2015! I am still working on my blanket...but getting close to finishing. I had to put it on the back burner because a dear teacher friend of mine ordered 13 snowmen crocheted hats for her students and I was thrilled for the business.
I enjoy your blog so very much. I learned to crochet by watching youtube videos on how to crochet a granny square in October of 2011. I can't tell you how much it has added to my life. Now I have an Etsy shop and so an added bonus!
Keep up the wonderful work and I will be following along :-)

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