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March 16, 2011


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Sila Noel

Wow, this looks so nice like an embroidery


This is pure art. We are trying to teach this @ https://www.must.ac.ke/


nice article

Albena drunina

Great,my scarf is still in process

irene h chesnutt

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
For crotchers in particular, this is true. Thanks for a peak into your world.

faith kemunto

wow.so creative


i love it


I do believe I have finally found THE PATTERN I have been looking for to make a shawl with my Bamboo yarn.
I have blue,cream,pink,and tan which I think will do very very nicely. There isn't any yarn that is any softer than bamboo I do believe.

Suzanne M Lewis

Looking at all the pictures on your blog & can I say I just love, love, love your colour choices?!? I particularly love your green corduroy jacket with the flower pin. I feel like a magpie - I just can't look away! Every time I settle on a project I change my mind because I am lured away by another lovely one. I have made the yarn bag & the sweet pea blanket & am in the middle of the ripple blanket. I never even considered changing your colour schemes. They are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing it all.


Hi there can I Order but I want it to be biigger and what is the price.
My email address [email protected]

Debra Swancutt

I have recently made this scarf, I used the left over yarn from the cottage blanket. I gave to a friend as a Christmas gift and she was thrilled to receive it.


nice i like it


i like this



Paula Harvey

Why do you say you can't Block Acrylic? Using the same method as you Lucy, only on camping blocks not on the floor, I and thousands of my " friends" Block Stylecraft Acrylic all the time.
Camping Blocks, or the children's Play Mats are available in Dept Stores, Camping and Toy Stores. Also, Hardware Stores. So useful because you can join in any shape you want, then pickup and store in small packs.

I'd like to think this helps.


Cannot find the pattern for the flower. Is it available?


The shawl looks like a flower garden.very beautiful.

Lisa Lingrell

Hi there, I"m desperately wanting to make this but the motif pattern is stating no longer available. Any ideas on where I could get one?

Sally Wells

Absolutely beautiful creation. Love it!


I tried to locate the motif for the Japanese flower and when connecting to the link, it said that this item is no longer available. Any suggestions. Thanks



we supply all kind of scarf, we are the sacrf manufacture,very interest in your products ,want to cooperation with you

Email: [email protected]


i'm interest in your flower scarf


Not sure if this helps, Carol, but before I saw Lucy's gorgeous scarf I found a Japanese flower shawl in Simply Crochet (32) made in cotton. Like you I had plenty of Stylecraft special dk from making Lucy's blankets and didn't really want a shawl in cotton. So I studied the colours and found equivalents in the stylecraft yarn. I made it last year and it has worked brilliantly. Like Lucy's scarf no-one believes there are only 9 colours as the colours look different depending on which colour they are against. It drapes beautifully - I have inadvertently blocked it a bit by draping it on the back of the sofa where people lean on it. (I know you can't block acrylic - but warm people leaning against it have had an effect.) Everyone who sees it comments on how gorgeous it is and my baby granddaughter loves sleeping under it when she naps here She clutches it and studies the colours which she really seems to like. I used matador, bright pink, meadow, khaki, cream, saffron, burgundy, bluebell and royal blue.

I've recommended Attic24 to so many people who I've talked to about crochet - you know how it is when you're in a yarn shop - people talk to each other. It's a brilliant site and has been responsible for my taking up crochet again (I just had to make that Elmer blanket and the Coast blanket and the Summer Garden blanket ....) after many years. I continued to knit but somehow left crochet behind - so this is a good opportunity to say thank you Lucy.

Carol D

It's been so long since you posted this, I don't know if you'll even see my question - but I must ask anyhow.
I've so admired this since the very first time I saw this lovely, flowery scarf. Though I put it on "the back burner" for a while, I think I'd finally like to make one for myself.
But my question is this: Do you think that Stylecraft Special DK yarn would work for this scarf? I realize it will be lighter - but perhaps better for summer/early fall. I am 'armed' with lots of this colorful yarn right now and thought about making this Japanese Flower Scarf with the Stylecraft Special DK.
What do you think? would the flowers have enough body - and hold their shape?
I know you've worked with the Stylecraft Special DK a lot and thought you'd know how this would work.
Thank you so much for your continued inspiration! You were the first blogger I found when I picked up crochet again a few years ago - after over 20 years without picking up a hook. Because of you - I was HOOKED! you colors and your designs caught my eye and inspired me to keep going.
I made your Blooming Pillow - it was the first project I completed! It remains a colorful reminder of you and your inspiration.
Thank you, Lucy!


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