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September 20, 2013


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Katy L

How I would dearly love to sit with you for an afternoon to try and soak in some of your skills.
I don’t need to cover the post or make a base cover, I just need the lampshade cover.


Muchas gracias por compartir!!
Tu idea tan bonita me vino muy bien para resolver una lámpara muy similar que tengo!!


You are so creative. I am going to make the lamp shade cover. I got a really pretty but very large ceramic lamp and cannot find the right boho shade for it. Yours is so awesome! I am a good crocheter so it will be a fun project. Thank you.

Crafty Cath

This is just fab. I love it!

Marisa Cassoni

I'm making my own lampshade now. I was inspired by you. Thanks.

Norah McPhee

Hey Lucy,
I think that your new project looks very much at home in it's surroundings and brightens up a very dull although useful lamp. Ask what i would prefer, no contest definately the upbeat happy lamp. I would worry though if you started to crochet the telephone a jumper to keep warm though,
happy crocheting

Maria eugenia

Hola,quisiera el patron plata hacer la lampara rayada tejida al crochet.gracias


the pale lamp turned into a colourful funny creature !


Just LOVE the lamp!! You are my new guru. Just started crocheting and loves it!!! :-)


fab . make a great boble flor baby hats etc as wel

vivienne blake

You are the discovery of my year. There was I, just finished two quilt projects (one huge, one small), written some nonsense poetry, and wondering how to occupy myself for the winter. NOW I KNOW. Thank you.


I keep forgetting to convert your stitches into North American ones...my first ball wasn't so teeny weeny!


So pleased,to discover your lamp tadah moment.. Just love,it.! Will have to make one. Thanks amazing Lucy

Sabine from Germany

I found your site right yesterday, but I'm not able to do my work anymore, cause I am sooo in love with your yarndales, your Ta-Dahs (I laugh everytime with you), your whole site... the colors, the creativity... everything!! Thank you so much! But - what do I tell my employer?


I think it's amazing!!
It would also look so cool in a minimalist colour scheme setting as the one focal point
in a room, (alongside the crocheted chair! :-)

Jane E. Hazen

This is wonderful. But I can't figure out how to Pin it so I can share with others who will love it as much as I do -- and may have as much scrap yarn and old lampshades as I do!

Mary Beth Coggins

I absolutely love your blogs! Thank you for brightening my days.





krista montalvo

I love it! I told some of my favorite downtown shops about it and showed them your pictures. They got really excited too. I hope that they do it and get some cool items in their store like your lamp. It inspired me so I started making Yarn Bombed Jewelry. Antlers to be exact. I am giving away a Yarn Bombed Antler Necklace on my blog at http://www.amarmielife.com/2013/12/a-big-giveaway-for-new-marmie.html. It's easy to enter to win! Come check it out.


I do love it. Bravo !


I just love your joy for color and beauty. Your site brightens my day every time. Bless your heart.


I love it! Such a colourful and creative project. :-)


Hi Lucy, this lamp looked great in your knit and natter corner at Yarndale. With regards to the bauble pattern, it's sooo much easier when you're doing amirugumi to join the round with a slip stitch then chain 1, this acts as your stitch marker so you don't have to count as you're working the round. You can't work a stitch into the ch 1, so you know then that's the end of the round. Does that make sense? Give it a go, or have a look at the 'cute stuff' post on my blog. If this pattern hadn't included this ch 1 at the beginning I think I'd have given up making it!! X


AWESOME!!!! I'm going to have to do this very soon!

Lucy, do you do anything to your decorations (lampshades, wreaths, wall hangings) to protect them from dust and grime? I used your marvelous instructions and made a rose wreath, and am concerned that it will collect dust, grime, and dirt. I really want to keep it displayed but don't want it to collect airborne nastiness. (No,it is not in the kitchen.) Do you use something like a fabric protectant spray on your pretty things?

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