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May 12, 2009


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Brenda Phillips

I would like instructions for the Edging.

Marilyn Kidney

Love your new vibrant blanket.
I have almost finished the hydrangea one but unfortunately ran out of a few colours and had to buy more. It hasn’t happened with any of the other packs I bought. Has anyone else had the same problem?

Brandi L Miller-Husted

Do you have a video tutorial for this? I will love to put this on my nieces blanket I am making

toni benolken

Absolutely love your blanket. I am in the middle of working three granny square rectangle pattern for my grandkids for Christmas. I'm going to use this shell border. thankyou. I will post a pic if I'm allowed.happy holidays. toni

Angela Bennett

Hi I love love love this blanket! I want to make one, I've mastered the sunny granny squares but could you please tell me how to join them invisibly like yours , also when you change colour what do you do with knot and loose threads?? any help would be much appreciated.

Maggie Berry

I love that rug, the hexagon rug also, is their a pattern for the hex one and the round cushion. You always inspire me, I have already completed three of your rugs.

LEDA Machado

What a beautiful, fun and delicate work!


Hi Lucy, just a quick question re the border on this blanket...vice just made something similar with sunburst squares and granny edging and it's going all wavy round the edges did you have to block and steam this blanket to make the edging lie flat?
Thank you!
Jones x


Hi Lucy,

I really want to make a summer garden blanket myself! I've looked around a lot, and it seems that a lot of the colours you used are now discontinued... Would you be able to give me some advice? This will be my first large scale crochet project, and you are my inspiration! The colours of your crochet are what attracted me to the craft, and I've been teaching myself recently. Could you suggest what colours you would use if you were to make this quilt now? I am happy to invest quite a lot of money in it - scary, but I want it to feel and look beautiful at the end. Wool is obviously nicer, but I know you have used acrylic too - are the colours better?

Thank you so much; what I want ideally is as close to yours as possible! I would never have come to crochet if it weren't for you, and your wonderful colours.

Thanks, Ellen xx

Suzanne Buck

I love this blog, and I used your fantastic pattern for wrist-warmers to make some pretty gorgeous Christmas gifts! (Huge fan of that bobble-cluster edging, too!)

I've never done granny squares before, and am overwhelmed by the variety online. Could you post the pattern for the one you show here and in your join-as-you-go post? I know it's basic, but I've just never done one! Thank you!


I'm fairly new to crochet, an elderly friend taught me granny squares earlier this year and as your crochet and all the beautiful colours you use are such an inspiration I'd love to create a granny square blanket so can you advise the best place on line in the UK to get yarn that feels lovely please? Is there a place that does a shade card too as it's hard to see the real colours on line? Many thanks for creating such cheerful blankets, you are so clever.

Franny the hooker

I adore that blanket it's beautiful (even though I'm YEARS late to the party here!).

It's occurred to me that a lovely variation on this would be to make an even thicker border - like 16 rows or more - wouldn't that be cute?

Great inspiration even all this time later.

Thx !!

Amy Way

Do you happen to have a tutorial on how to join the individual squares together?? I'm a little lost on this bit. Beautiful afghan!! I've made 56 squares so far... so much fun!! :) Thanks for the tutorial!

Allegra Lampley

I adore it! Attic 24 is my new favorite! Thankie thankie!!!

mj seborn

I too have completed 15 x 26 "squares"garden flower afgan.. thank you for the great tutorial!! i have put six rows of grannying around as the edging and that is looking like a big ruffle! not flat at all, what on earth have i done wrong? im going to frog it tonite..
any suggestions?


Absolutely fantastic!! WOW!!!

Kat Somerville

Can you help me please, I have only been crocheting a few months and finally I have managed to join 130 granny squares together. I want to edge it a bit like yours with atleast 5 rows. I can work out how to do most of it but when you have 2 squares together in the row what do you do with the corners of the squares which are now part of the row? does that make sense? Thank you lovely Lucy, I realise how busy you are in the attic with your family but had it not been for your blog I probably would have never learnt to crochet. xoxoxo


Hi Lucy - I adore this throw - am almost done making one of my own but cannot find an edging I really like - I wondered if you would be willing to share your ' own design shell edging'pattern with us?

Lu Douglas

I just adore this blanket, Lucy. I'm using this border on my first granny square blanket for my daughter, Phoebe, who is living in England for a couple of years. She needs something seirously warm to survive the cold winter since it's vastly different from the warmth of Australia!!! :-) I'm definitely doing a 'join as you go' blanket next time. All those ends!However, the mind boggled when I did the 'statistics' at the end! Time, stitches, quantity of thread etc...love this part of it!


Hi Lucy
Am now embarking on a similar throw for myself and was wondering how much yarn you used. I see you had 13 colours but did you only use one ball of each colour or more? I have to travel half an hour to my nearest wool shop and want to buy all the wool in one go so I need to get the quantity right! Thanks so much. Yours is so beautiful ... an inspiration! lol x


oh thankyou so much I have just found your site and dont know where to start I am a beginner can do squares but am aiming to do everything ha ha


Beautiful! I love all the colors! I'm making one now, and using your joining squares as-you-go method, which I find EXTREMELY helpful! Thank you so much for sharing!!!


I found your blog through a Google search while looking for edging for a baby blanket -and it's an absolutely beautiful blog! I love it and love the colors and especially love this blanket, thank you for the inspiration!


I have done it!!!!
thank you so much for the pattern :)
You are an inspiration for me!


You are my new idol. As soon as I am finished with my ongoing project, I'm gonna give this a try.

Thank you for the inspiration!

Hugs from Sweden

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