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August 05, 2009


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debra adams

Hi. I love the big blanket. Do you have a tutorial for it please. And instructions as to how to place the squares. I am new to crocheting.

Edwina Azzopardi

I have just finished the Aria blanket and really enjoyed it. I had not done crochet for over 25 years. Have you considered putting your patterns together in a book? I would love the pattern for the Big Blanket. In the meantime I have theHarmony Blanket kit lined up now.

Andy Macmahon

it's amazing. I am going to begin. just one square !

Jillian Evans

I absolutely love this blanket. Well done you for persevering for 7 months? Would love to be able to make my own. Would you consider sharing the pattern. X

Ângela Maranho

Olá.Sou apaixonada pelos seus trabalhos.Sou voluntária em um grupo onde fazemos mantas para gestantes carentes. Gostaria de saber como você emendou essa manta.Sou grata. Ângela

Chris A. Scott

Can some one please send me a pattern for this. I would love to make this. [email protected]

Janice Stewart

Hi Lucy. I love your blog and have learned so much from you. I am currently on my second ever crochet project and am making your cosy stripe blanket - I am on stripe 13 but using my own colours. I then intend to make big blanket in your colours - it is absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much. X


Hi Lucy,

been your keen reader almost from the beginning of the Attic24 blog. Done almost all your patterns <3 Was thinking that maybe you would be able to rething proposing a yarn back from Stylecraft for this blanket? I would like to make it in cheaper yarn. Maybe even in smaller size. Love the size the current yarn backs create. Think of the amount of work put into this pattern. Let's bring it to life again ? Thank's for being there in Attic24! <3

Jo Brown

Hello Lucy, I am completely inspired by your BB and the colour combinations, and have managed to source the colours needed.
Do you have your actual pattern to create this please.
I have just finished your Harmony blanket for my daughters birthday in June ... so onto a new project of yours. Thank you so much Jo.


Hi Lucy, is it possible for you to post the color pattern chart of this Big Blanket of yours. I will appreciate it very much as I love to crochet it exactly as yours. Thanks alot. Arzu

Anjo Armstrong

Could you please help I am trying to order wool and pattern for the Summer Garden Granny Squares. Were do I get it from.Thankyou.


So gorgeous! I have been waiting (im)patiently for the reveal, and now that I see it, I think I would be peeking in to look at it every hour. :)


It's so beautiful love your work You inspired me to learn to crochet last year and now I can't stop. Do you have a complete pattern for your BB blanket for a beginner like me. Thank you agin xxxxx

Jodi Fuller

Absolutely stunning. I love they way you combine colours. Cant wait to make my own.


Wow i love those colors of that blanket very pretty


What a stunner! Thank you for these gorgeous pictures and the lovely blog overall. I just discovered it yesterday (October 2014), and the photos are good medicine for me just now. I am deeply inspired. As soon as I'm done with the Halloween costumes for the kiddos, I'll be whipping out the old crochet hooks and binging on colorful yarn. Thank you for the inspiration!

Gemma Madden

Do you have a pattern please? Do you have any other crochet blanket/afghan/samplers/motif patterns? I'm in hospital now 8 weeks and there's no wifi so I can't look up internet other than on phone a small amount. I've been asked to crochet blankets for 22 different babies children and adults and I'm a beginner crocheter so don't know any sites to look up other than ravelry. As I've to provide these blankets for free and my crochet stuff has all been stolen out of hospital including all my crochet books I'm looking for free patterns.
If there's any you cld email me I'd really appreciate any help.
Are any of your patterns available on pdf to download?
I've not had yarn in over 6 months and I only learnt crochet 7 months ago but I'm a fast learner and I pick patterns up quickly. I have done tge shell stitch and original granny squares so am looking something newand challenging.
My crochet books were a luxury but now all my stuff has been stolen including wool I'd just bought I need to try and rebuild my collection so if you know of anyone selling second hand crochet items in the uk let me know please.


Felicitaciones Lucy, por todo lo que haces!!! me encanta, y las personas que amamos este arte, sabemos lo gratificante que es ver un trabajo terminado!!!! https://www.facebook.com/maricel.balsamo.3?ref=tn_tnmn


I just saw your BB on Pinterest. I recently made a small granny lap throw out of yarn scraps a friend gave me. I have a few questions. You said you used 14 colors. But you said you had 44 balls of yarn. Since that isn't divided evenly by 14, idid you get extras of the colors you used to go around the granny squares? I don't want to sink a lot of money into it and discover that I don't have enough of a particular color to go around the blanket. How did you figure out how much to get of each color? I hope you will answer soon because I would love to make one for my daughter's twin sized bed, maybe for Christmas but if not by then, maybe for her birthday in June. Your blanket is beautiful.

Gloria Platzer, Trento - Italia

Congratulations! You have a great imagination and taste in choosing colors

Clementine Moss

Hi! It's literally YEARS after you posted about BB and here I am in July of 2013 just discovering it for the first time. IT'S BEAUTIFUL. I, too, revel in the pleasure you must have felt upon completion. And people who ask "Where'd you get the cool big blanket?" and you nonchalantly replying "Oh, that big beautiful, colorful, warm and clever blanket? I did. I made it. No big whoop." Anyway. I love the internet at moments like this. I hope BB and you are still enjoying each other. Cheers, Clementine

Dina Leda Souza from BRAZIL (BR)

Hello! You inspired me. Thanks, Dina Souza/ BR.


The selection of red yarns make all the cooler shades of yarn sparkle. Someday, I hope you will write a post about how you choose color combinations.

Fiona Martin

I have just found your blog and love it. Not only the ideas and pics for crochet projects - which are lovely- but the fact that you enjoy your life so much and find joy in so much others would, quite frankly, sneer at. So many young women are not happy and too obsessed with becoming this or that and you show how wonderful it is being a wife and mother and doing that job well. Wonderful .. All the best to you.


Hi Lucy I have been working my way through some of your beautiful tutorials and now I have started my own blog. I felt it was only right that I let you know I have made a Homage to Attic24 in the crochet page of my blog. If you would like to see it its at http://lizzys-sweet-things.blogspot.co.uk/p/crochet.html
Keep up the great and inspirational work!

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