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February 11, 2014


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Hi Lucy, love the poncho! I know this is such a long shot but please could you let me know where you got that amazing blue satchel bag? Really love your blog been following for years

Debbie Hanson

Is there a pattern for this poncho? It's so lovely by the way.

Kacie Winterberg

I love what you do with colours! I have made several of your patterns and just really enjoy anything you make. This is the first time I have seen a photo of you, and I just want you to know you are lovely. Thank you for bringing so much colour and joy to all of our lives!

Helen Squire

I have just come across this Ta-Dah moment completely by chance - don't quite know how I've missed it before!
I can't tell you how much I love this - it is truly stunning. Would love the pattern. Please Please Please will you set aside some time and write it down? It seems you would make a lot of people very happy.

Timothy MacDowall

Beautiful. I have been crocheting since 1997 non stop since mother in law taught me. What are dimensions of the rectangles?

Donna Short

Love this Poncho !
Is the pattern available at this time?
If so, my question is : Is it possible to not do
the edging shown, maybe do a....”Simpler” edging?

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Hi Lucy,

i've been highly impressed from your work and immediately done my own home poncho. I added some different rows (cables, butterflies, popcorns...) and some front-posts, back-posts. And i liked it very very much. Here is the link to my poncho.: https://www.facebook.com/1668440183437293/photos/pcb.1951633351784640/1951631521784823/?type=3&theater

Kelly lipsky

I would wear that poncho on a Mexican cruise it's amazing!


Such a happy-looking poncho! Does someone know where this pattern can be found please?

Rachel Smith

Hi Lucy I'm love your work and have used several of your tutorials to make things.
I keep looking at your home poncho and would so love to make it. I find your tutorials so easy to follow and would really love it if you found time to write up a pattern for your poncho!
Yours hoping
Rachel xxx

Carol D

I looked at that pattern on Etsy and it doesn't look the same to me...
I know Lucy's has more colors, but it also looks like different stitch pattern.
Lucy, PLEASE disregard question above from Rita! that seems RUDE to me!
Rita, Lucy does not blog for praise, she blogs to share her beautiful world, her awesome color sense and photos - and even her lovely family with us! How can you ask that?
Lucy, your sense of color is so awesome! I've discussed this with you before and I never cease to wonder over your choices in colors! I am forever jealous = and can only hope to come close to you in this regard - and that will only be possible if I continue to follow you and copy your colors!
Thank you for all you share so freely with us! It IS SO APPRECIATED!
I, too, would love this pattern - or at least how you started out. Though I can follow some fairly intricate patterns, I have no idea how to start shaping items of any sort. So just to get the first few rows of this would be helpful - and I could probably figure it out from there.
I've been looking for that "perfect poncho" - the one I want to make for myself - for some time...and though I've followed you for quite a while, I'd forgotten about this poncho til I saw it again tonight. and THIS IS IT! Would so love to know how to make it.....PLEASE????
And, again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you do and share with us!


I fell completely in love with this pattern and had to make one! You can see it here

It's not finished yet, but I'm almost there... then it's on to finding the perfect edging!


Bellissimo come tutti i tuoi lavori allergri e colorati! Spero anche io che tu possa fare il pattern.

Linda Lambert.

Hi Lucy,

I would love to make your home poncho, it is so beautiful!
Do you have a pattern for it please, or know where I can find the pattern?
Thank you,
Linda Lambert.



Gill Robertson

Please please please may we have the pattern for this delightful poncho and bobble type edging. Desperately want to get started with this project!!!!!

Andrea Haberkorn

hast du darfür eine anleitung bitte der ist wunderschön

Hilde Schaefer

This is so gorgeous loved it. I love all your projects.


Hi all! (Especially Rita!!!!)

Vintage poncho shawl Patterns to knit and to crochet PDF 802 from WonkyZebra

3500 metres of dk = 12-13 balls of Stylecraft special DK

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm also desperate to make this/need the pattern.

But I have a work around people - you can buy it on etsy!!!

'WonkyZebra' on Etsy has a download available really really cheaply. Can't work out how to put a link on here but you just need to copy & paste the following on the Etsy website.

Vintage poncho shawl Patterns to knit and to crochet PDF 802 from WonkyZebra

(I've bought it & the lady who sells it is super duper helpful; if you need conversions from vintage patterns/wools or literally any questions about crochet. She's a real sweetie)

I've had a HUGE headache working out how much wool to order as the original yarn in the pattern is discontinued, and I can't find yardage/weight despite trying.

HOWEVER I have found this to calculate how much wool you need for any project/any type of yarn:


SOOOOO, on the assumption that Attic24's Home Poncho is a massive size (no.....not her huge ego.......but to reach down to her wrists), I've calculated that I need 3500 meters of dk.

THEREFORE I think I will need about 12-13 balls of Stylecraft special DK.

Will keep you posted on my progress/calculations!


Linda O'Hara

This is beautiful, I love ponchos, would love to have the pattern.


This is my first visit her and I just LOVE your beautiful projects. I am in awe of you clever people who just make it up as you go along.....I am not that clever or experienced sooooo could you please give us a clue how to get started and how to do that beautiful edging...Many thanks
I would love to make one of these to snuggle up in.. :)

Terry Gatte

It is gorgeous. Is there a written pattern?


I love this poncho, beautiful colours. I found the pattern on Etsy, I just have to change the edging.

Sue Neal

Has anyonw found a pattern ywt?

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