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April 25, 2012


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Karen Brimhall

A great thing I learned as a young thing; instead of using pins for your centered zipper, use skotch tape (transparent tape). First sew a seam with a big basting stich on the machine, where your zipper will come together. Iron open. Then, on the back-side, lay your zipper into place, centered on the seam (make sure the right side of the zipper is facing the wrong side of fabric.) Tape the zipper in place w/ several short strips of tape, cross-wise across the zipper at about 2-3 inch intervals. Then you can sew it from the front side to make sure your stitching is straight and even. Sew from top to bottom, pivot, sew across the zipper, pivot, then back up to the top. Then, just pull out the basting stitches, and peel off the tape on the back. It's a bit fiddly to get the part between the stitches, but not too hard. Voila!


Lucy, as a new reader (a couple of months now) I am always struck by our similar tastes and interests. You could be one of my daughters! I love all of your crochet and share your color tastes. My home is very cottage-ish and full of color. I think you do a great job writing your patterns and I admire you for sharing them freely. I also admire your decision not to show the faces of your Little People...although I'm beginning to feel grandmotherly towards and would like to meet them :). Anyway, I enjoy your blog so much and have learned so much and love that you UK girls have taken the "old lady" out of crochet and given it new life.


lucy…you ROCK!!!!!


I love your cushion. It's beautiful! This is the first time I've visited your blog, but I will return. I enjoy your writing style and colorful pictures. Thanks for sharing.


that's so pretty i would like to give it a go but the zip appears a little complicated for me!! keep up the tutorials i really love them they really inspire me
thx pipparainbows


love it totally love it :) x

Katrine - make it & fake it

I love all the colors!! how cool and vibrant!! adore!! you did a great job!!

love K


Love Your new cushions Lucy will have to make some for my Daughters Summer house. Don't know why you bother with the zip an Envelope pillowcase type would save you the expense of the zip and looks just as good if you use some ribbon either side to keep it closed. Happy Days :)


Lovely cushions Lucy, well done you!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx

ps. Sorry to be a pain but will you be doing the crocheted rose tutorial sometime? xxxxx

Ginny in Oxfordshire

Hi Lucy, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, as ever! Quick tip re zips if it's not too late: first sew the seam you want the zip in, right sides together with a very long stitch, open out seam flat and centre the seam over the zip. Pin in place, stitch up either side of zip with your zipper foot, then remove your initial long stitching - Ta-Dah!
Have fun!


Beautifully bright and wonderful and just your style! Perfect for connievan too!

S x

Anna wright

If you put a book inside while you sew you could trim by hand xx

Rural Tennessee, USA

Your pillow is lovely. You can make another including the ribbon and rickrack.

Bari Jo

You did a great job!!!! I haven't tried zippers yet and it looks like so much fun in a scary way! That's one thing on my summer list of hope to dos! Love your pillows - they are great! Can't wait to see the other two!

Sandra Licher

I just ordered the Homespun Style book! I pretty much take all your recommendations to heart. I've been looking at fabric on the internet until my eye are crossing! I haven't bought any yet but it's just a matter of time. I got crazy over Helen Phillips quilt that she made and the fabrics she used...over the moon I was so I know how you feel. Actually, I like the pillow cover you made better than the one you bought although they are both delightful! Your sense of combining colors can't be beat! I can't wait to see what it will look like with ribbons and trim...how could it get any prettier?


Ooh! Love it! You HAVE to do one with the ribbons, though. I think it'll look great mixed in with the non-ribbony one. What a happy accident.


Lucy, I know I'm not the only one to mention that Ms Lake has a blog that is fun to visit.

Meanwhile, your blog is always fun to visit. Can't wait to see your next excursion into zipper-sewing land.



Hi Lucy, I thought of you when I came across this site, I was brousing "mug rugs" (a mini placemat for your tea/coffee cup & a snack)
Take a peek when you get a moment!
Have a great night!
Patti in Pa



How fun!!! I've been wanting to do some fabric work myself. I love your pillows!

idiosyncratic eye

I sooo remember those yucky furry cushions and I love your new one! Beautiful fabrics and lush colours. I always buy zips too long and I can sew them in (by hand) but I'm terrified of sewing machines. It's far better to be afraid of zips! :)


I'm so impressed! Zippers scare me, too- but she is a beauty and I'm sure connie-van will adore her!


I LOVE your blog and every day you are for me a ray of sunlight, so, this evening, I shared a coffee with you (and a delicious cake) and I'm very pleased with this.
Thanks for your cheerfulness, your fantasy, and your colourful life you share with us.

PS : I'm French, and litterature teacher. I think my english is not perfect, but I hope you unterstood my friendly thoughts.


Beautiful Lucy, is there no end to your talents? Love Jo xxxxxxxx


That's lovely! I wish I could get over my fear of sewing because I have dreamed of making something like that for a long time!


A pesar de estar tan lejos, creo que los gustos se comparten al ver el hermoso libro que has mostrado lo coloridos de los trabajos, son geniales, deseo agregar que tus trabajos son muy femeninos y decorativos, felicitaciones.
Saludos de Chile.

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