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November 11, 2012


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Christine Carney

A truly fun hat! I’ve been able to follow along but I would greatly appreciated if you could let me know where I can get the Pattern for your hat..

Valori Dauma

I just discovered your blog and particularly your HAT!! I have the complete opposite trouble, with an overly large head. The patterns I find that are XL tend to be more masculine than I prefer. So I end up “altering” others by trial and error (FROGGING!!)!! I don’t mind frogging, but after a bit the yarn certainly does! ;) is really like to try, alter, your pattern! Especially that flower and leaves!


I like this hat and want to make it. I'm looking at the yarn's colors and cannot tell which you used. If you specified and I missed that, I apologize. The two blues and the green, please. Also the flowers and leaves. I do not have the sense for color that you do, so I need help. Thank you.

Angela Tones

Hi Lucy where can I buy the hat pattern from?

Delores Erwin

Hi Lucy, I seem to be a little late in this game. I have been looking everywhere for the written pattern for your hat. I am dying to make it. Have I missed it some how? Please point me in the right direction. I would be most grateful. Waiting patiently.
Waiting, Delores Erwin

Frankie Leigh

Absolutely beautiful! I love your "Attic"! You are so very talented! Thank you for sharing!

Sandra Jones

I have lost nearly all of my hair now and have been looking at hat that I could wear, I am not a hat person but I am sure one like this would be great. Can't wait to get started on it.
Thank you


Hi, Lucy; I'm still slowly catching up with all your posts. Should be done in a couple of years lol.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this stunning project. Love the hat and the flower, not to mention the colours. I'm like you and prone to 'crazy' colour choices . . .

I plan to make this for next winter, but of actual wool, as it's so much warmer. Thanks again, Lucy. ~ Linne

Carol D

Amusing, I think. As I was slowly scrolling the page (the Only speed this computer knows!) the hat gradually appeared. And as it did, I was thinking, this hat is going to be "very Lucy"....and, of course, it WAS!
I love it, Lucy. And the pix you posted were lovely. I, too, just do NOT like constant grey skies and low-lying clouds...and too many days of them put me in a very bad mood, indeed! When I get up in the morning and can see SUNSHINE and blue skies, I add a bit of extra thank you, Lord for the beautiful blue sky!
The way you described the clouds made me think of my time in San Francisco. It could be a perfectly sunny, warm day - and then round 2 or 3 in the afternoon, the fog would start rolling in...watching it as it lifted itself over the mountains around the Bay was fascinating. I described it as "massive fingers of fog" because it looked like big 'fingers' gripping the tops of hills/mountains and it gradually lifted completely over top...truly amazing to watch.
Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us...I do enjoy. I feel as if I'm visiting with you - and find it so enjoyable!
Thank you!


I am not a hat-wearing person by nature, but as nature takes away my fine but thick hair and leaves me with even finer and thinning hair, my cold head wants a hat. My eyes saw your hat with its cloche shape and lovely flower trim and my brain said Yes! Yes! That one! So I will attempt to duplicate your lovely hat. Thank you!

NORA  ( aka   "MAMA MOO " )

LOVE LOVE LOVE your gorgeous hat....maybe give it a try one day?

Thanks again, Lucy xx


Hi Lucy, I only found your website quite recently, having rediscovered crochet this winter, after a break of many years. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it!

I love your hat pattern, and I've now made three! One in DK and two in Rowan All Seasons Cotton Chunky, (they're my favourites!) It's the first hat that has ever suited me, I think. Perfect for early morning dog walking at this time of year.

Thank you for sharing your skills, ideas, and enthusiasm for life.

Rona Griffiths

Lucy, thank you for the idea and for sharing how you made your hat, I needed a hat for when my husband and I go walking now it is coming into winter and I made mine yesterday, loving it, Rona xxx

Faye Faraldo

My dear Lucy, I truly love the hat and you in it. I did not know how cute you are. I don't look good in hats so it's a no go for me at the moment but I love looking at you. Thank you for all you do for us and I hope you don't stop.


Just found this hat. I love it. Is there a pattern somewhere? I would like to download it and make it sometime soon. Thanks for all your inspiration. I'm working on my 2nd granny striped blanket using my leftover yarn. I'm loving it.

Carmen Johnson

Awesome hat. I reminds me of a 1920's style which very popular now with The Dawton Abby series on bbc.

Wilma Smith

Have just come across this on the web and it looks super. Could you give me some basic information as am a novice crocheter. How many chains to start; how many trebles into ring and how did you work your increases?
Many thanks

Robin Summers

I love your hat Lucy. It is so you. You say you have a little head. Better a little head than a big head that nothing fits on. LOL I love the triple layer flower. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing your design with us. :D




Hi Lucy, this is just the hat I am looking for, making it for a friend that is in Chemo.I wonder if I make the brim a few rows larger it will look as good as your design.
Please advise I already started to work on it.
Thanks very much and please continue creating so pretty things!!!!!


Am very much a crochet novice, having completed a granny stitch sampler blanket, taught my self your neat ripple pattern and having made 1 baby hat with ears. Would love a toddler size pattern for the hat you made: I have a little someone in mind who is 12months old now. Any chance you could share/resize the pattern? Please...


Hi Lucy,

Just wondering if you posted the tutorial for the flower. I would love to give it a go!

Jacky Fry

I have only just discovered your site through another crafting blog.
How talented you are and obviously more than generous with your time and all the patterns.I have my first Grandchild due in the Spring and thought your bower bird would be wonderful hanging in the nursery...
Keep inspiring us!

Eleanor Cullivan

Love the hat. Want to scale it down for my granddaughter for Easter. Will use cotton to make it for her. She will look so cute in it!

jess bryan

I love making hats!! This one is GREAT! :)

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