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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Sharon The Reiki Cat Lady

this is a fabulous pattern which I intend to have a go at in gorgeous rainbow colours in the new year, you are so inspiring Lucy thanks for your blog

Tamannah Amatul-Azizah

Hello Lucy my name is Tamannah Amatul-Azizah i live in 14 hanover close and i want to tell you something that i really want you to make a whale that is very simallar to your Bower bird because i know somebody that is expecting soon and i want to make the 3D whale for them.


Thank You


Lucy - you are amazing :)
I've taken up crochet because I broke my ankle in January and have had some serious couch time - crochet projects here we come.

You site has been my go to site for all - with perhaps a few exceptions.

My first big project was a wreath and I've had a fabulous time creating ... and now my daughter's into it too! How perfect is that and it's all due to you a very big THANK YOU!!

sophie bailly

chère lucy

merci beaucoup pour votre joli modèle

ça y est j'ai réalisé la couronne avec le joli oiseau

sophie bailly de france qui grace à internet peu vous suivre

Claire Strang

Dear Lucy - bit confused (easily done) - is this the right size pattern for the xmas wreath bird? Thanks, Claire

Marianne Pistolet

Beautiful and thanks very much. I learn crochet and I think to make one.


Dear Lucy, your design is beautiful, thanks for sharing.


Que bello!!!!!

Ana Ahern

Dear Lucy

Oh my goodness!! You are so talented, thank you so much for your pattern and wonderfully clear tutorial, you are very generous. I can't wait to make a few. Wishing all the best for the future. xx
Ana Ahern, Dublin

Rhonda Comeau

Your patterns are fantastic! Your photos are the best, you show every step in great detail :) Love your work, thank you!


Lucy, thank you so much for taking the time to write down, take the pictures and put everything in a way that makes sense to us all... and for shaaring it with us!!!! I finally got the chance to sit down and have a go at it!!! It looks amazing!!!! Thanks again for sharing it!!!! Love from Argentina!


Hi, Lucy!

Thanks for the inspiration you give us.
I bought the Simple Crochet issue with your Scandi Christmas Bird kit and finished it in the first minites of the New Year. I am a newbie in crocheting and was very pleased with the clear instructions and the result - the little bird, a piece of joy.

A wish you all the best in 2015.

Take care,

Rita alias Fidike


Thank you Lucy for sharing your lovely ideas and patterns. I've already made a dozen of bowerbirds, and have learned the pattern by heart :) It's super lovely!


Oh my!!! I totally came to see if you had done the bower bird tutorial or if you were going to keep that one for yourself ;) and here it is!!!! I LITERALLY squealed & dropped my Xbox controller & a fuzzy warm glow came over me & I said "my crochet funk IS OVER!!!!" :) Wow, this is a great tut Lucy, as ALWAYS.. Impeccable tutorial that even a beginner could achieve :) Well done you .. I'm just loving having you pop up in my crochet mags. I'm like yeah .. That's my Lucy heehee. Well THANKYOU SOOOO much for this, I just about DIED when I first saw it, there were many people TRYING to replicate it but I wanted to be patient & see if you would do yours. Beautiful. Thanks for making me so happy today .. I needed it badly. You're a star Lucy.


Hello Lucy

It makes for so long that I want to tell you thank you! Thank you for your colored ideas! Thank you for your tutoriels! Thank you for your magnificent photos! But my English is so bad....
All your ideas tempt me and finally I began with the natural bower bird version Nature tropical.
I do not know if you wish to see the realizations which you inspire but my bird is visible here:http://mamieminette.canalblog.com/tag/bower%20bird
Thank you again and still I am now going to pay you a coffee, want you?
best regards

Margretta McCullough

Having just found your link on net and have scanned through a number of your links. You have an amazing set Your craft skills in crochet is very talented and can't wait to finish my projects to start on ones of your


Thank you, I have just finished my first bird. Not done the bower yet though. XX

mags dixon

My dad died recently and the family have had a lot to do and I haven't been on your site for a while but oh joy of joys here I am and you finally did the bird pattern I have been waiting for. Oh thank you Lucy. I have the wool, I have some free time at last, I shall get started now .... I mean right this minute. x

Sherry Maghsoodloo

Lucy, you are a sweet and talented young woman! How generous you are to share with all of your followers on the blog. Thank you soooooo much. I was so delighted to read every word of the tutorial and cannot wait to gety hands on some yarn to start making bower birds for my Christmas tree and to make some fory daughters for Christmas! Here in the good ol' US of A, we have plenty of supplies but I'd rather go thru your links to purchase. I hope you get paid for the referrals! Again, thank you for sharing.


Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pattern, your generosity knows no bounds! I have been struggling with an idea for a wedding present for a colleague at work, and know she will love this, particularly as we call them "the love birds". I really enjoy reading your blog, I am a Yorkshire girl and moved away from home 5 years ago - I do get terribly homesick when I see your beautiful pictures, particularly your back yard. I miss the stone architecture.
Thank you so much for bringing colour into our lives!


I absolutely love your tutorials.
Thank you

Mercedes Di Santo

Hi lucy. I live really so far. I'm from argentina and I have finnished one bird just now. It is really easy to do with your tutorials. Now I'll do them as a gift for my daughter holly communion. Thank you. Mil gracias


Thanks so much Lucy. Your patterns are far and away the most do-able and easy to follow. You have a fantastic talent. Note to self... don't try your first bower bird using the lovely Rowan silk tweed your son gave you for your birthday. It looks great now, but it was so hard to keep track of the stitches! Thanks again, have a wee coffee and cake on me. Caroline xxx


Lucy, thank you for sharing this bird. I really appreciate how much people do not retain their knowledge. Thank you. You brought happiness in my heart with this tutorial. I'm from Brazil, South America and I have followed your blog via Google Translator ... hahaha Hug


Thanks a lot for this tutorial to you, Lucy, and your husband. What a great job that you both do.
I´ve just finished my first bird, I´mglad, glad glad!!!!!

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