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December 12, 2008


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I have had this pattern for 8 years now and during Covid I made two enormous blankets using this pattern, which I donated to raise funds for dementia.
Although I do not consider myself to be a crocheter I have and am so enjoying this pattern.
It has been something of a trial to find out where I had found it. The light dawned and today and I found you again and am delighted to see what you have been doing.
Now I have found you I hope you will inspire me to do more.
I am so please to see you are now teaching face to face as well as on line
Keep up the good work

Prue Nel

Im just crazy about your simply glorious blanket. Those colours. Your creations are the reason I started crocheting. But the truly beautiful pieces are so hard for my butter fingers...

Hazel Vernon

Hi Lucy. Thanks for sharing your hex blanket. Is there a tutorial or pattern for the border?


I just finished something similar to this and I love EVERYTHING about what you've done :D


Thank you also for being the only picture on the entire internet that doesn't have half-hexis and filler stitches to make this lovely-shaped afghan a big boring rectangle :D


Have you a pattern for a hexagon please - or have i missed it!?!?
Love your bright colours!


Piękne.Bardzo lubię Twojego bloga Lucy. nie mam czasu na takie robótki, ale lubie je oglądać. Jesteś wspaniała:)


I am working on one now and was just googling images to see how it was all put together. What is your trick?

DD Donnelly

Very nicely done! You deserve to be proud that is a labor of love there! I have been looking for along time for a wonderful hexagon and you have done it in spades!! I look forward to my journey into the hexagon universe!


It is a question, not a comment: How big the hexagon blanket, how many hexagons?


It beautifuly

Tracy cullen

I've made a hexagon blanket but have no idea how to edge it! Can you offer some advice? I'm a complete novice x






You should be extremely proud of all your beautiful, colorful work. All the wonderful colors give a rush to my eyes that is joyous. You are extremely talented and have gifted eyes for colors.


Hi Lucy,
I'm Thea and I'm 14 years old and loove to crochet :P
I discovered your blog by accident last summer and love it :P.
When I saw your blog I barely knew how to crochet but thanks to you ive made my own rainbow sky wreath with family of 2 big birdies and 2 babies birdies and loads of flowers for myself and my best friend :) I even started a hex blanket. Still needs a bit to be finished... Anyway thanks a billion for your generosity for sharing EVERYTHING, it's amazing how generous you are :)
Oh, btw, did you spay the blanket with water or starch or something? If so what did you use? Where can I buy it?( if it's available here in Malta, that is).

Thanks Lucy,

Thea xx


It is the most beautiful blanket I have ever seen Lucy. Love Hexagons and your s is just stunning.


Ive just completed a baby blanket with hexagons and absolutely love it, as much as I love the person I am giving it to, I will be sad to see it go. Just wondered about the edging?

Danielle Johnson

This is a very beautiful blanket! "Round of Applause!"


I have just got in to crochet and loved your hexs.... followed your instructions (which were very easy to follow even for a begginer!) and am making a folky waistcoat! Will send u a pic when finished! Thanks


Dear Attick,
You are my inspiration and I love your creativity and mixed colors :) I'm from Macedonia and here we don't have large choice of yarns. So, I would like to make Hexagon blanket, but from pure cotton yarn - 50 gr. and needle 3.00 mm. What do you think, how much balls I will need for this blanket?
Greetings from Macedonia,

Sara Jenkins

Hi Lucy
I was inspired by your blog earlier this year and have picked up the crochet bug which had been hidden for the last 20 years. I was looking to knit some hexagons to make a shawl. I've now nearly finished a hexagon blanket! I'm not sure if you have time to reply directly to questions? But I thought I'd try anyway. :)
I'm struggling with edging my blanket. Can you recall if you put a double crochet in every stitch when you were creating the edging? Mine looks as if there are too many stitches but I wondered if it righted itself when you put some scallops on the next round? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks. X

Ana Angelica Clemente

Lucy, as every single piece of art your hands touch this blanket shows your primorous work and love in whatever you do. Thank you for sharing this for us too. Have a great evening.

Donna Davis

You have such a talent for color! I have crocheted on and off for about 50 years. (More off than on as life and other crafts intervene.) Your hexagon afghan has inspired me to make a blanket-sized one for my bed. I am curious on how you are able to be so "random" with your color combinations? I love the mixes but am not for the life of me able to do it! Does it just come natural to you? Maybe I'm just too "controlling" and symmetrical. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thank you!


It's gorgeous! It did inspire me as well and mine is on its way! Already crocheted half of it, hard work! I'll post a photo when it's finished! :-)


I love this! You have inspired me to make my own. I plan on painting my bedroom and have been looking for a quilt or coverlet, but when I spied this, I decided to keep using my creamy coverlet and throw this on top for cover! Thank you! I cannot wait to go yarn shopping.


How exactly do you do the shell edging and would it work for bigger hexagons? I am using a different hex pattern than yours but I love the way the shell looks on yours and would love to put it around my own when I am done I just need some basic instructions if you don't mind.

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