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October 19, 2014


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Hemma Juch

Hello, I was trying to get the tutorial for the wonderful cottage ripple blanket, but the link does not work for me unfortunately. Could you maybe send it please? I am just waiting to start, the yarn has been in my hands already:-)! This looks so great!!
Thank you for this inspiration!
Best regards,

Sarah Dawson-Spackman

Well Done..lots of hours put into that blanket..and love the colours too.


Hi, i'm making this blanket as well and i was wondering what size you used for this? I'm using a 4mm. When i hold it up it seems a bit "open".. Light can shine through. Is this the same with your blanket? Thank you!


Looked at the DK Special and there are 82 colours now!

Yvonne from Sheffield

Love the colours. I have just received my big bag of cottage colours and can't wait get started....


Just beautiful! I ordered this yarn pack two weeks ago and I'm waiting very impatiently (I'm in the US). Can't wait to get started!

Mel from Lincolnshire

Hi I just wanted to thank you from a total newbie to crochet, am just doing the cosy blanket and will order the cottage blanket next. I love your choice of colours and find them a total delight to work with

Neecy Weekes

Just finished this. Took 3 months. Really enjoyed it. So relaxing. Thanks Lucy for the clear and easy to follow instructions. Going to do the coast one at some point in the future.

Robin Beaver

Hello from Utah (USA). Oh, my goodness! This is so lovely -- and you're an inspiration. Thank you!

Liliana Carroll

I am making the coastal blanket using your pattern and colors and I am in love with it! I will start the cottage next and will try to do others later, as they bring me joy and peace. Thank you for the inspiration, the generosity and the good heart :)

Julie Sharrock

Lucy, I just adore your eye for colour... I can't crochet and I wish I could but I love the way you have put the colours together on the Cottage blanket that I've ordered the pack from Wool Warehouse and I'm going to knit it with a wave or chevron pattern. I can't wait for the yarn to arrive. I love knitting, its a release and i love this Stylecraft yarn.. I actually almost stopped breathing when I saw Sherbert for the first time in the wool shop ha ha. Anyway waffling over.. Just want you to know that I'm hooked on your blog and I can't even crochet but I will adapt some of your stuff in a knitted way. Thank you for the inspiration :-) Julie x

Callie from www.whimsicallycrocheted.com

Thank you for all your beautiful posts! I love reading the story behind a blanket and of course, seeing the finished project. Your blog is my favorite crochet blog to read, I absolutely love it. :) And because of you, I've fallen in love with Stylecraft yarn too. It's hard to believe such affordable acrylic yarn could feel so lovely when it's all worked up, but it really, truly does. I'm so excited to get this pack and start working on this pattern again (I've made one ripple blanket already, and thoroughly agree the pattern is beyond soothing!).


So since the border is grape what color do we start with?


You are so inspirational. I stumbled upon your blog by chance the day before yesterday and just can't stop looking at it. I did a crochet beginners workshop yesterday and am now itching to make something. I would love to make a ripple baby blanket(I have been practicing the stitches all day today) but am unsure which yarn to use. I love the range of colours of the Stylecraft Special DK, but am not sure if this particular yarn is suitable for babies. Your advise would be greatly appreciated.

Barbara R.

I just received my order of two sets of yarn...they are soooo beautiful. I live in PA, USA and am so thrilled and impressed with the fast shipping, the packaging, and the quality. I am only on row 3, but I am already in love with it. Your directions are so clear which is good because I am a beginner. I love the rhythm of the ripple. I wish I had ordered the Coastal collection also. I just got home from Turks and Caicos and those colors would be a great reminder of the beautiful island colors. I better get busy, so I can finish these two and order more. THANK YOU from your new follower in the USA,


Great blog! I am loving all the colour and inspiration.

Do you think this 15 ball yarn pack will be enough if one changed alternating rows to a granny ripple? Not unlike the Cosy Stripe (which I am working on now, tysm!) but in ripple form. I would rather buy the yarn all at once, so I thought it better to ask first. :)

Happy hooking!


Love your choice of colors! This will be my next project.
As always, everything you do is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Best wishes.


Just bought this pack and I'm soooooo excited to start it, waiting for the posty on my doorstep already!!! Thanks Lucy love, you're a star!!!!


Gorgeous love this one.

Melissa Coffey

I love these new colors :) I have made so many of your blankets without the Stylepack and they are fine and dandy.

As far as not posting what people want, when they want...oy. I know that my easier emails get a quick response, but those I really want to give my ALL to wait a bit longer. When I have MORE to say and MORE to show and yes, that includes time to take in the most wonderful things.....those emails AND blog posts need to simmer a bit so that I am sure to say everything I need to say. Am I ungrateful?? No, not at ALL. I am so overwhelmed with gratefulness that I am afraid to mess it up by being too quick to try to capture that moment.

Lucy, I have every faith that you feel the exact same way. You've shown yourself to be humble, and overwhelmed by the beauty in your life, including the spirit of love and generosity and I truly hope those harping on you would give you room to breathe.

And those who gave something and want something back in return? (a blog post, pictures, ON A SCHEDULE of your making) Next time, kindly remove yourself from participating. If you did it for something more than doing it, you did it for the wrong reason entirely. To hold someone emotionally hostage because they didn't do as you wished, for same. Over yarn? Really? Bashing another beautiful human being over something so trite. Wow.


Lucy your ripple blankets are SO BEAUTIFUL!! Once again you've totally inspired me, I'm just about to embark on my first one having done a 'sample' to try out the pattern. I love your Neat Ripple Pattern, thank you so much for your brilliant tutorials, so much easier to follow than the last rippley thing I made. And very addictive! Looking forward to a happy hooky winter project now... big hugs of appreication xxx


Beautiful colours! You have inspired me to start a ripple blanket. Ann


Just gorgeous. Those are totally "my" colors - love them all!


Do the critics not know that most online yarn shops
sell the lucy packs? She only gets commission from the ones sold through wool warehouse. Seems to me she has only written the more commercial posts all together like this because she was stretched for time. Also did you not
read that this is the last pack quite a while? Give Lucy time to recover from this flurry of commercial activity before you judge that is all sheis going to do from now on!


I think I must crochet much looser than you Lucy, as my blanket came out much much lager than 4X6 in fact I had to stop it before I got thru the whole 84 rows! Mine measured 5.5 feet wide and on Row 61 I was already a little over 8 feet long. I double and triple checked that I only had 213 chains to start also.I am using a 4mm clover Amour hook. Not sure why the size difference except maybe I crochet more loosely?

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