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I'm not sure what it is with this pattern. I think it's just gorgeous but for some reason I find it very difficult to keep the count correct. I've just accepted that my stitch count is off and I make it work when I hit a problem.

Patricia Morris

Thoroughly enjoying this Yuletide Blanket project, particularly as we've had so many dull days. The colours really brighten the day sat in front of a cosy fire with the blanket growing at a pace! I have so admired everyone else's projects which have been posted on Facebook as well as the many other various throw's that I am now completely hooked! Thank you for awakening my soul to produce some amazing worthwhile gifts!

Mary Mason

Maybe it's menopause but I have started this blanket so many times 'don't seem to be able to get beyond row 2,
Is it ultimately a complicated pattern?Should I give up and just do a granny stripe blanket?


Hello !

thank you for your site Lucy !

I Would like to make Yuletide Blancket for my daughter, but without red ! Only several different greens, blue et violet.
Is it possible ?

Thank you !

Karen Armstrong

I made this Yuletide blanket 2 Yrs ago and it is just so gorgeous!! Did you ever put together another yarn pack for different color palette for this pattern?
Thank you! Karen


Is there a stitch count available for this blanket please? I’m worried as it’s starting to look a little wobbly!
Thanks for sharing your amazing talents and making these gorgeous patterns available to us. Keep them coming!

Gill Nixon

Having trouble with the stitch count is there any help with this please?

Christine Wilczewski

Hello. I received all of my materials. I believe the pattern is written in British crochet terms. I just wanted to check to make sure I am correct before I begin. Thanks for your response. Christine


I'm trying to figure out what exactly is meant by "fasten off" at the end of each round. Are we supposed to have a bunch of yarn ends sticking out of each round/do we darn those ends in?
Thank you!

Heather G

Would love to make this as a flat striped blanket. I'm new-ish to crochet. Any suggestions? Number of chains to begin/multiples? I'm assuming I'd still want to work the same repeat rows, but flat. Am I overthinking this or have I bitten off more than I can chew???

Mary Marks

Hello Lucy.
Just finished the Yuletide Blanket yesterday, just in time for my daughter’s Christmas present. She loved it and so do I.
Thanks for the photo instructions, I found them very helpful. Despite making several mistakes and having to undo quite a few rows, I enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you for enhancing my limited crochet skills and giving me the confidence to tackle more projects.
Merry Christmas. Mary


You need to make this into a PDF so that the whole thing is downloadable and printable page by page. Trying to print even one page from this pattern as its loaded onto the web page is just a nightmare

ingrid bardyn

kan het patroon echt niet in het nederlands bedankt

Gerry Smith

I recommend counting each row to ensure no mistakes. Once you get going you can see that some rows increase by 4 stitches and some by 8. This will help keep the square shape. Each rows relies on the previous one being correct so it is best to check by counting each row before moving on.

Barbara Gorman

I’ve just got the final border row to do, can’t believe it’s nearly finished - I’ll have withdrawal!
It’s looking great - for those who needed a stitch count - Mariken posted a formula on Oct 12th (or thereabouts) last year which I found really useful

Anna Vloothuis

Hello Lucy,
I just love the Yuletide blanket colours and would like to make it in a single bed size blanket. Do you have instructions for doing such a blanket, and, if so, can you please tell me where I can find it?

Ta very much


Hi Lucy, I’m being very careful with not missing that hiding stitch but I’m definitely doing something wrong. Every time I recount at the 2nd row (stitch 2 miss one) the first side always has an extra pair of stitches. Thank you Trish


Hi Lucy
I am absolutely new to crocheting and have purchased both the Yuletide blanket set and the cosy blanket set. Both are so beautiful.
I haven’t started either yet and will probably start with the Yuletide first.
Your step by step photo instructions are amazing so thank you so much for them. I would find useful a short video just to get started. Xx

Jessica Pineda

Hello! Is there any way to get stitch counts, please? I am on row 13 and my square does not lie flat— the edges are quite wavy and I’m concerned that I may have unintentionally added stitches. Thank you!


Amazing, just a simple stitch can turn out so beautiful, thanks so much for your great tutorial 😘

Lynne Cheney

Hi Lucy. I’m new to crocheting but after receiving a blanket from my sister I’m hooked (so to speak). I have completed a granny square blanket but I’m worrying that I might not manage the weight of one crocheted in a round. Is there a granny square pattern for these beautiful Yuletide colours? I think I’ll do better in small amounts due to arthritis. Or perhaps one of your followers may have an idea. Many thanks.


Please can I ask if there is a video tutorial for this gorgeous blanket? My friend wants to make it for me and is a good crocheter, but has trouble following patterns so always uses videos.

Maureen Butterfield

Completed and blocked. Not perfectly square but near enough. I don't know how to post a pic of it.

Maureen Butterfield

Hoping that blocking works. My beginning square us turning into a diamond shape.

Dianna Z

I love this pattern but my square looks more like a hat…I’m sure I missed stitches at the beginning but I’m too far in to take it apart…hoping that I can wet and stretch it into submission. Also going to try turning it each round. Any other suggestions?

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