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Denise Yallop

I’m now in the process of making this blanket. It started twisting after only a few rows so I turn after each row. Looks lovely and straight now except the centre but it’s quirky. I do find any square blanket I make does this anyway. Can’t wait to see it finished x

Lisa Pridmore

Hi Lucy
I have just started the Yuletide blanket. I was wondering if you have a stitch count, like in row 4 which states you should have 7 trebles.
Kind regards


Can we purchase the 8 colour instruction booklet separately? I didn't order the pack from work warehouse but the individual wool from them as it was out of stock at the time of purchasing

Jenny Stocks

Almost finished this beautiful blanket, I've really enjoyed it. Saw it, fell in love with the colours. Made a few mistakes but put that down to the mindful place it took me to, and those mistakes are cherished as it makes this blanket unique. The pattern has worked well for me and I've not had the issues mentioned by others. It is bigger than expected but I love it, thank you Lucy. X


I’m nearly finished this gorgeous blanket, thanks so much Lucy for your incredible talent and generosity. I just read someone did Kelly green bobbles as a last row, oh my goodness……..now I’m very tempted. Re the “wonkiness”, I too had this issue and was worried about it, but I kept going and I purposely tightened up my tension in the border rows, kept same hook size and it’s reigned in this issue for me, I haven’t blocked yet, I don’t have carpet in my house 😂😂. So happy with this project and how it’s turned out, thanks again Lucy 💕💖

Rachel Hatton

Is there a stitch count please. I'm.on row 12 but it's not lying flat. Would like to see how many stitches I should have on each side for each row. Thanks


I'm crocheting a hexagon. Not sure how that happened! Hoping it will block. Love the colours and pattern.

Elsie Hughes

I just finished my blanket and it is now blocked and drying on my floor. It blocked very well and I am so pleased I finished and can give to my daughter who is anxiously waiting. Thank you Lucy for the encouragement you gave me about my wonky shape before blocking. I am about to open my second kit and get started



Patti A Roth

I too am having difficulty with the 2nd row-claret. what am I missing?

Danielle Flanagan

Hello -is there a chart for this beautiful pattern please ?

Elsie Hughes

Thank you for the information Lucy. I will give the carpet blocking a try and I’m sure it will work. This is a lovely blanket and I bought 2 so I will be starting another right after .



Mine is too, very disappointed, I’m hoping it will reshape when blocking

Elsie Hughes

I’m on the border now but my blanket is so out of shape . I should have turned my work every other row as I heard this solves the problem . Will stick to stripes in the future .


Is there any chance to get the pattern presented as a chart? Thanks!

Sarah MacLean

Really enjoying this pattern and blanket. Our crochet class meet up on Zoom every wednesday for a bit of show and tell, blanket progress and a natter. Having great fun. Many thanks

Rosie Pither

Love the pattern but why will i have a new ball of kelly green and 1 new ball of claret.


Hi, such beautiful colours but mine twisting. I have the correct count will this straighten out in blocking?

Kathy Geren

Hi Lucy, I usually don’t post anything, I just read everyone else’s posts, but I just could not resist commenting on the Yuletide blanket. I was so anxious to get started with the blanket that I stayed up until 2 AM to make sure that I got my order in for the yarn pack. (I live in the US.) I just completed my blanket (slow crocheter), and I LOVE it!!! I added a row of bobble stitches in Kelly Green as the last row on the border and I am beyond pleased with it. You are such an awesome designer, and I so appreciate all that you share with us, your faithful followers. I
so enjoy reading your blog that I check daily to see if you have posted anything new. I love your writing style and your wonderful way with words. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let you know that I think you are AWESOME!! Thanks so very much for all your inspiration.


When you join a new color, do you weave in the ends, or just crochet over them?

Anita Walters

Love the colours in this blanket, I can't crochet but me and my daughter are making Pom Pom garlands for our Christmas decorations and we have chosen these colours to make them. I can't wait to see how they turn out


Hi Lucy
My Yuletide square is so wonky ??
Tried it twice now ?
Beautiful colours but it’s not working
Thanks mandy


Amanda - the stitch count posted on Oct 12th by Mariken works perfectly


I would be very grateful for the stitch count, has this been posted anywhere?

Robin Paone

Loving this pattern! If I wanted to double the size of the blanket, how much additional yarn would I need to order. Your work is AMAZING!


Many thanks to Mariken, who posted her stitch count on Oct 12th - it works perfectly! I’m now on row 27, and it’s looking lovely

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