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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Sheelagh Franklin

Could you tell me why you have to go through both loops on the first row?

Suzanne Scarola

Is there a good way to print these instructions with a minimal amount of paper? I am a novice and especially love your wonderful illustrations! thank you!

Mary Lloyd Jones

Hi Lucy ,is the tutorial still available for the Hydrangea blanket....I bought the pack but still haven’t had the time to start. Love your blog. Don’t ever stop ,what a fan club you have. X

Linda Burris

I am working on the Hydrangea and would love to start the Woodland next. I love the Batik colorway by Stephanie Harris that you showed. Is there a way to find her yarn info? Colors, amount required etc? I suppose I can go by the photo if necessary to figure it out. I love everything about your blog Thank you for everything...you are amazing Lucy

Lucy @ Attic24

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Hello MaryJo
Somebody taught me something new this week – select the text you want to print (left click with the mouse and drag), then right click the mouse and select print from the menu. It works a treat!
Hope that helps, #Lucyxx


My yarn arrived today and I must say I love the attention that is paid to the packaging of this beautiful yarn and it was shipped via lightning bolts! It arrived in 2 days! I going to start the tension sample now. But I have a question. Is there a pdf file or any file that allows me to print off the pattern? My eyes get extremely weary looking at a computer screen for long periods of time. It won’t matter if I can’t print it off I’ll figure it out, but it can’t hurt to ask! Thanks again I’m excited to get this started!


I want to follow your comments but when I look at the comments I get a huge page of single spaced code. I’m hope by posting this it solves my problem. I’m finishing the Moorland blanket and can’t wait to start the Woodland. Love your site!

Katy Williams

I've completed my sample (starting chain I'm using a 5 hook, and the rest is a 4.5) and it's wonderful! Very intuitive pattern in my opinion. Love all of your work! Thank you!!

Heather Coady

Here I go again I was looking forward to getting started but many holdups with doggies,grandchildren and life in general! I need energy! Started sample but really want to start blanket measured so far and coming out at 17 1/2 cms sojust going for it if I run out of wool will either buy more or go short as don’t want t work with smaller hook! Lucy , you have put in such a lot of work how are you paid for it? This is my first time with you though I did manage some Autumn leaves to finish end of year!

Ruth Hamilton

Hi Lucy and congratulations on your awards, well done.
Am I just not looking properly, I cannot see a print option for the patterns on your site anywhere?

Heather Coady

I typed out a message but it wouldn’t go so will try again if this does

Sandra Stenhouse

Hi Lucy
Just wanted to say a humongous thank you for all the work,time,energy, commitment and talent you put into your patterns and colourways. I am so enjoying the woodland blanket. Your descriptions hints and photos are much appreciated!
Really enjoying how the colours sing together. Thank you

Diane Nesbitt

Received my woodlands pack in New Zealand today.. so exciting, have made a color card and am ready to go 🤗

Maria fiter

I want to start the blanket but there is not more wool packs. Will it be more? Thanks


Thank you Kim - appreciate your reply. I unraveled my work and started again. Now I have the right number of stitches :-). I had actually gone wrong at the ends of the rows somehow. Now I’m waiting for my yarn to arrive, then I’ll make another sample to check the tension with the stylecraft yarn.

Love this beautiful undulating pattern. Can’t wait to begin!

Charlotte Skelton

Hi! I'm following the Woodland Random Pattern effect and using the Granny Stripe Blanket pattern. The colours are absolutely LUSH. Thank you!


To Helena in coming up 4 stitches short in the sample. I ran into that problem as well. After reading through the tutorial several times I realized that the center “mountain” (row 6, I believe) should read “2 tr into next 3 stitches” TWICE.
This is such a beautiful pattern and awesome tutorial, thank you Lucy!


Hello Lucy. Thanks for all the work you do and all the lovely patterns with your wonderful colour selections. Just finished the Hydrangea Striped Blanket and looking forward to starting the Woodland.
I really like the colours you used with the reds at the bottom going up to the blues. Do you have a colour order for the remaining rows as I really love the way it looks.


I’m new to crochet. I’m trying the sample and after a few rows I’ve no longer got 34 stitches. I’ve referred to the instructions, studied the diagram and looked at my work for ages, but can’t work out where four stitches could have disappeared to! Any ideas? Please...? I’d really love to make this gorgeous blanket.


I've worked several rows of the blanket already before reading somewhere on the instructions that the Dcs into the foundation chain should have been worked through both loops. I did back loop only. Is this going to be problematic later when edging? I really don't want to restart!


Thank you for the pattern Lucy x I have just completed my sample (took two goes) amazingly my tension is spot on and I'm a 4mm hooker! I'm doing the Woodland colourway and so looking forward to see those colours change every week x


I have a question about doing a lap sized blanket instead, presumably I wouldn’t get the entire colour run , if you're doing 6ft length and I’m only doing 4ft instead? So I would lose the sky section?


Hi, I‘ve started yesterday with a 307 chain. Love the yarn! The kit arrived just in time from UK ;-)
@Linda: I often start from the middle of the ball. Sometimes you don’t find the beginning. Just wrap the yarn of the lump around the ball and you will find the beginning.


And to add to Emily's question about starting with a foundation US sc, door the sample would you do 34 instead? Thanks!

Sue Dodman

Hi Lucy, Well that's the sample completed - 17cm spot on! Recovering from flu, and full of cold but was determined to start the CAL on Friday 5th .. such glorious colours. I'm also halfway through the Coastal blanket, and have Cosy, Cottage and two Weekend Bags in my 'to do' stash ... !!

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