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Hello, i love the colours and the pattern but i also cant get the ripples to line up. I can’t figure out whats going wrong and ive had to restart twice now and im close to giving up. Its like others, after the FLO row.

Dee Kirk

Hi can anyone tell me how to make the Aria Blamket, using the Woodland ripple colours? Is there a colour key to do this, that's printable?


Do you answer any of the comments . Many are questions !

Veronica Brendon

Hi Lucy
Can you post when you are going to organise another 'happy hooking holiday' please? My daughter and I would love to come on one of your trips, learn some new crochet techniques and spend time with other like-minded crocheters! Veronica


The links to woodlands blanket pattern have crashed. I need part 5,6,7 please


Gave up with the ripple as the stitches wouldn't line up. Love the colours though, just doing straight lines!

Susan Ellis

I'm having the same issue after the every stitch through the FLO row. I can't get lined up after that. I've reached out on the facebook group that just say use stitch markers and count properly. I'm doing both and I just can't see my mistake. It's like there are extra stitches now after Row 3.


To everyone having a hard time with stitches lining up after the FLO row. I had some trouble too, but then when I made sure that to start row 3, my first FLO stitch went in to the same spot as the base of the ch1 just done at the end of row 2 it seemed to work for me. You also have to make sure at the end of row 3 that your last dc is done in to the top of the ch 3 that was the start of the prior row 2

Ali Jackson

Hi, I'm having the same problems as the previous five comments re not able to line up the stitches in the correct place (after the FLO row) - please can you advise what I might be doing wrong?

Karen Jones

Hi - I’m really, really into doing The Woodland Blanket - just finished Dune and love it. However, I cannot get the stitches to align however hard I try. I’ve had 3 goes and I’m getting frustrated. The trouble seems to happen on row 4. Where am I going wrong?

Liz P

Hi Lucy,
This is an amazing pattern and colours - but I have to keep restarting as something keeps going wrong - my middle 3 do not line ud - the third double is rarely where is should be - I have looked and looked at your photos and wondered is it the exact same stitch above or one along each time?

Thanks Liz

Patricia Rayner

I cannot get my 6 close trebles to line up after the FLO row. If they don't line up then the single trebles don't line up. I have tried 3 times now and dont know where I'm going wrong. I seem to have too many stitches after the FLO row. I have done your Moorland blanket with no problems at all. Help!


I have tried this pattern 4 times now and have frogged it out each time. No matter how carefully I count, I cannot get the pattern to line up. Very frustrating and thats it for me. Beautiful pattern I so wanted to succeed but I know when I am beat

Eileen Parnell

Hi Lucy
I really love the woodland ripple now I've been crocheting a very long time
I started the pattern 2 weeks ago and I'm finding it strange that it is not matching up after the dc in blo ive even sent the link to my daughter who is even better than me she has done most of your patterns and had no problem with them she just took 1 look and said everyone she knows is saying the same please could you take a look as it's a beautiful pattern which I would love to complete
Thank you

Becky Gaar

Hello Lucy, I love all your patterns I truly do. On this pattern could I cut it down to a shawl?

Kelli Lien

Dear Lucy, I haven't crocheted for a couple of years (!). But I do want to say that I learned how to crochet by happening upon your website and making several of your patterns. This was during a time period after I had suffered a severe injury and learning how to crochet (and making these beautiful things) brought me much comfort. So, thank you for that. I now want to make an afghan for my son who moved away after Christmas. I knew he'd really like "Woodland Ripple" and so I ordered in a double yarn pack. He wanted large size. I need help! I attempted to cast on 426 stitches and do the single crochet across the chain. All week long -- after several attempts -- I always fell short of the 425 single crochets. This afternoon I posted the question to ask for advice from Ravelry, and received a few suggestions. One was to complete the row in the "foundation single crochet" manner -- where it is all done at the same time. I know you know what I mean. Will this work for your pattern?

Maria Ketch

Is there a tutorial to watch. Just bought pack...I work better following someone doing it. Is this available? Or are instructions available in american version...this is how I leaned using american stitches. Please help I want to get started

Karen Baker

Is there a pattern for the leaves? Thank you.

Marilyn Sneddon

hi Lucy, I am just printing the Woodland Ripple blanket pattern and hoping I have the skills to do it in Australian drought colours. I am using Bendigo Woollen Mills Australian wool and I want to thank you for your generosity in providing all this information free. I will keep following via the Facebook group and may try one of the packs if I can nail this one! again thanks


Hi Lucy i am on row 4 and my 3rd trebles are not aligning up at all, 1-3 rows had all the correct numbers of stitches so what am i doing wrong?
Love Emma

Barbara Clark

Hi and thank you for such clear instructions on such a pretty blanket. Can I ask you if your stitches are British or American? Thanks
Barbara Clark


I'm interested to know if anyone gets a response to their questions? There are lots of questions but I don't see any answers!!! Are the answers not shown?

Peter Bartlett

Hello Yvonne in South Africa have you been able to get to colour recipe for row 37 onwards?

Yvonne Pitter

I am in South Africa and unable to download colors for ripple blanket from row 37 onwards- Can anyone email - row 36 was lime color

Sue Martin

This may seem like a daft question but should it make any difference crocheting your patterns if one is left handed. I have been trying to make the Woodland one and am really struggling. I have crocheted before so am not a complete beginner. Any advice would be appreciated.

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