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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x


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Hello Lucy - just wanted to drop by and thank you for your EXCELLENT tutorial for these delightful little circles-inside-squares. I made a friend a baby blanket with the pattern. Gillian x


Christine Mattera

Thank you for sharing this information!!


Do you have a color layout of squares for the Summer Granny Afghan or a pattern maybe??? I love your colors and saw there is a Lucy Pack from a UK yarn company. How many skeins or packs do I need to complete an Afghan?


Lucy, Do you block your squares before you join and if you do do you have a tutorial on how blocking is done??? Thank you


Beautiful color choices! When you are doing your Summer Garden Granny Squares how many different colors do you use in the blanket. How do you layout the color pattern. I noticed in this sample that you used blue and green as the border for the whole piece. Do you keep the borders to a couple of colors then have the inner flower colors vary more? You are very talented! Thanks Pam

Susan Schrott

Hi Lucy
Love the granny square quilt. I have been making them myself for decades. Just wondering how you ASSEMBLED your squares. Do you have a photo of that too.
Susan from New York


just starting this today...

Liz Connelly

hello I have followed your squire and you make
it so simple
\thanks for that.
Love LIZ


I am CB, from The Art Drawer, a crafty blog! I made my granny squares with inspiration from yours, and they look a lot like yours, so is it all right to post instructions for my version on my blog? I have the post written and saved in drafts, and it mentions and links to your instructions a lot. You definitely have credit.

Is it all right to post them?

Thanks, and I LOVE your tutorial! It really helped me!



This is a lovely pattern and the photos make it so easy to follow! I plan on making some colorful ones to join into a pillow top for my sister who has a red couch! Thanks!


Hi Lucy,
I've only just started crocheting and find reading patterns very confusing but this sunny garden granny square pattern is really easy to follow and I learnt the bobble stitch. Thank you =)


Hi Lucy, i dont know how to crochet...but i have fallen so much in love with ur granny squares that i have started looking for someone who can teach me crochet! Ur blog is a treat to the eyes and the creative soul !! Thanks..


Thank you so much for this and all of your blog tutorials. I just finished my first granny square off of this and then went ahead and made it to rows bigger. I eventually want to make an afghan off of this pattern that is the size of one given to my parents 23 years ago for a wedding present.


love it! thanks so much for posting! you are very creative! :)


Hi thanks for this lovely blog. I tried this square but found the second round doesn't have enough stitches to sit flat so had to do two clusters and a chain to get it stop the round from bending inwards. I wonder how yours sit flat?

Online Nursery

A big thank you for motivating me to begin to crochet. l have just finished my first gran rectangle. l really like your website as it is complete of motivation and the colors you use are truly amazing.
Thank you.

Beccie Bradshaw

This is my favourite granny square pattern. I taught myself to crochet a fortnight ago and I'm totally addicted.
This square takes five minutes, so I've built a nice little pile. Just waiting for my colourful new DK yarn to arrive so I can start my first project.
Thank you so much for sharing!!


This is a great tutorial! Thank you! How do you join these little pieces together?


Thaank u soo much :D I found dis pattern and tried my first Granny Square and it turned out great :D My mom was really happy !! Thaanks again :D Keep posting more :)


http://hachiyarns.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/granny-squares-step-by-step-tutorial.-with-pictures/ maybe you're affiliated with them but the picture tutorial is yours


I didn't know Granny Squares were easy to knit. I will try to make some as I'm still a newbie to knitting.

Els WC

im a complete newbie at crochet and really enjoying it. a friend recommended your blog and i particulary love these granny squares. ive been trying them this afternoon and they look fab with bright colours but i did wonder. when you join the new colour you say to chain 4 to make the 1tr and chain space than do 3 tr but then the 3 other corners have 2 ch to make space between the 3 tr clusters. shouldnt therefore the first colour join be ch 5, 3 for the first 1tr and 2 for the corner space? or am i getting confused somewhere? which really is quite possible and i think i have confused myself just typing this! lol! thanks for a reply if possible,
KRgds Els


Thank so much fr this! I was wondering why on the 3rd and 4th rounds you dont start with chain 5 since in all of th other corners there are 2 chains between each set of tr.


aw, man...i'm crying and crying; every stitch i try to learn i have to discard YET another project. i've already encountered really rude people who don't like that i just can't understand their tutorials because i'm deaf and can't follow written instructions, PERIOD, i don't understand the terminology yet, and their videos are clear except when they don't show how many chains they're making in a certain step.

i did everything for the first round and the slip stitch, and joined my yarns...but that doesn't work! the slip stitch just slips right out! you say "join three, finish off," and that it shows how to in the photo below your instructions, but all the photo shows is that you're about to join the circle with the slip stitch. i can't find anything online that explains how to "join three" and "finish off," and your photo with the blue yarn doesn't show any extra stitches or bulk within the chain.

i hate that i just spent an hour and a half doing this and can't move any further with YET another project. the complex stitches are much easier to learn but not starting new rows...help! i'm just so mad...i can't get anything done and i've spent about $350.00 on yarn.


Thank you so much for posting this. It was a great tutorial and I finally go a granny square for the first time.

Emily H.
Mary Jane Farm Farmgirl of the Year 2012

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