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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Karen Gardner

Please could you tell me roughly the length of yarn required to make each one? Trying to calculate how much I need for a blanket design I have. Thanks.

Carla Nell

i love granny's and I love your site with really great patterns....thank you....

Sheila Leader

Hi Lucy, I've just been looking at your solid granny square blanket which is really lovely.I think that will be my next project. At the moment I'm just finishing a single bed granny square blanket. Each square consists of five different colours.I alternate four of the colours in each square while keeping the 5th colour which is the 5th round the same. It will make a change to only have one colour to sew in.
Best wishes from Sheila.

Rowena Corlett

Hi Lucy - I am endeavouring to perfect my granny squares! When changing colour every round I am happy with my method however when carrying on with the same colour there seem to be so many different methods out there. I am interested to know which you use in order to have the least obvious 'seam'. I can't find a picture tutorial for these kind of grannies on your blog. If there's one could you point me to it please! Many thanks - you are my crochet heroine!


Its been years since I have crocheted, and I decided recently to start again. I wanted to make a granny square throw for my daughter for Christmas, but I wanted a more contemporary pattern. I'm glad I found this blog! I love the solid colours and can't wait to start.


I've finally got round to these little squares after thinking I wouldn't be able to do them and made 50 in less than a week for a cushion cover, is it normal to be so pleased when I've started joining them and can see the second pattern from the corner spaces! Haha. And when my son noticed it (8) without me saying I got a tiny bit excited, got the look as if to say oh no she's gone mental with the crochet again.

Well thank you for all the patterns, I've bought each of your blanket packs & am making these from leftover sunny stripe x

Margaret Martin

Just started to crochet again after 60 years. Your work is so inspiring.Can't wait to get going with some projects.

Janet Tweedie

This is fabulous! YOU are fabulous! I love these little squares, and am considering replacing the 3-round granny squares for the Stylecraft Candy Pop Blanket with these lovely little gems! Thank you! ❤️

Sherry Fish

Thanks for the post i love this idea and am starting something with this design NOW :)

Euclimar Melo

Amei, vou fazer para mim, abraços!!!!!!


Hi. Love the tutorial. I'd never crocheted before. The squares are turning out lovely! Trying to estimate how many I need for a lap blanket? Right now I have 6 skeins of colour and will finish them. If I need more squares I'll introduce one new colour skein at a time and make all the squares I can with it. I'm not even 1/2 way through each of my first 6 and I have 80 squares completed!! Just a few a night here and there!

So, just an idea of how many squares you think I need would be fantastic!

Thank you for the wonderful blog! I never had the urge to crochet before :)

Dorette, South Africa

Hi Lucy. I love your patterns and style! I started with these squares and want to make them bigger (more rows) and then work it into a blanket. But...when I go past 4 rows, the sides get too long and the block doesn't lie flat anymore. I thought maybe the increase of stitches per row becomes too much for bigger blocks? Or will it shrink into a square again?
So I tried only putting "1 tr, 2 ch, 1 tr" in the corners, but now it's not square anymore (the corners curl up).
I am using Elle Family Knit 100% acrylic Chunky and a 5.5mm needle.
What would you advise?
Thank you!!


thanks for this pattern I am using it to make larger squares for a chakra coloured blanket, will share it on your lovely page when done x


What a wonderful tutorial! As I read the instructions I felt as if I were in a classroom and you were speaking directly to me. I have been wondering how to make invisible seams and was browsing your posts and am so glad I found this one. I love this joining method, and I will be using this in my next project. I am thinking of making a granny square bag and am so happy you posted this. I love your blog and look forward to each new project of yours.
Thank you for sharing.
Mickie, Indiana USA

Barbara Walker

Hello Lucy
I have just completed a square following your tutorial and am so happy with the way it's turned out. Thanks a bundle for sharing your knowledge and creative skill so generously - it must take some time to prepare the images step by step. I would like to keep going to make a blanket with these jolly little squares and am also wondering about a border. Any suggestions? Thanks again!

Faye Faraldo

Lucy, how many little solid grannies do I need for the pillow cover? From one of your last pictures, I count 9 rows of 7 so that would make it 63 grannies. Please let me know if I am correct. Thank you for making tutorials simple enough so that even this 82yr old newbie is able to follow.


Hi would you pit an edge around the sold granny square ? If so what would you recommend? Love
all your work x

Faye Faraldo

Dear Lucy, once again from Calif to say that I have muddled through and with the help of your tutorial, I have managed to make quite a few squares. Also, in between, I made a mandala and love doing that. It came out really good and I am so proud. Thanks again for being so helpful <3


I use a yarn that is 50% acrylic and 50% cotton. My blankets are a bit heavy and stretched. Do you think I should use only acrylic yarn that is lighter?
Thank you

Faye Faraldo

Sorry, I forgot to thank Jules for informing me about doing these with cotton and another one called sugar and cream.

Faye Faraldo

Hello again from CA. I was too quick to say how much I enjoyed this project as I am having so much trouble and have to start each one at least 8-10times as I keep losing my holes in the second round. I also keep using the ch5 hole as one of my 4 holes but that always throws me off. Can any one help if they are having that same problem. When I do manage to get one made, it looks o.k.

Faye Faraldo

Dearest Lucy, I am in the process of making the squares for the pillow. It is so very warm and humid in Calif so having a wee project to take with me is fabulous. Thank you so much for showing me how to do it and is wasn't too difficult at all. I will donate to your fund so the good work can continue.



In reply to CA from California - I've made theses squares from cotton and they are lovely. The weight of the cotton makes them sit beautifully flat and the stitch definition is nice too. I used the stylecraft classic cotton (gotta love stylecraft - they have a yarn for everything!) as they have a great range of colours - lily's sugar n cream is good to use too!


Thank you so much for writing this up, I can imagine it takes a lot of time and concentration. I so appreciate it, I've only ever been able to do an ordinary granny square, thought I'd give this a go and guess what..I did it! so excited to make your cushion for my nieces 13th birthday. Thank you again...so very much


Dear Lucy, many thanks for this great tutorial, I always had problems with sewing, because don't like not pretty wrong side of my blankets. Thank you very very much! Hugs :)

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