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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x


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Thank you so much for the pictures on how to do the edging - this has always been my downfall but now I see it perfectly.

Sonja Gale

Hi, I am struggling with getting this right. I have definitely got the right numberof chains, and I have followed the pattern for the first row but never seem to end up with 4 tr at the end, ready for the two tr intothe top of the chain 3. I got onto my 6th row and it seemed to be getting wider a one side (as mentioned in a previous comment), also less ripply/wavy. I just can't seem to match up my stitches and I don't know what I'm doing wrong! It's very frustrating as I've unpicked it all once already, now making a second attempt but it's still happening :-( if anyone can help I'd be so grateful. Sonja x


Hi I have for a very long time wanted to learn to crochet and a big thank you to Lucy Attic I have crocheted a few baby blanket but now after reading how to crochet round the edges I have great confidence just reading how you start ant finish along each side top and bottom was of great use to me I would have just continued all the way round.

On one of your web sites I have fallen in love with a blanket with such bright colors it has the name Nitty Nora below the blanket please can you help me to find how to get wool and pattern

Thank you sue


is there a way to do round one in this ripple pattern?


Is this the Coastal Ripple afghan?

Carolyn Ritz

2dc ch2 2dc in next chain-two sp ch 1 skip dc ch 2 dc ch2 sc-2 sp. Don't understand sp as this is first row after chaining.


Lucy, thank you very much for the free pattern. I worked for several months at my ripple blanket. I made it with automn colours en I am very much in love with the result! Icy greetings from The Flanders! x


Oh my Lucy! This pattern is fantastic! I found you on FlickR in the photo where you look wonderful in your pj's and ripple blanket! I know this is now years later and the yarn you used - the Rowan cashmerino is now discontinued (sad, sad sad face)lol Could you be able to tell me a similar yarn that you would recommend to achieve the softness of that ripple?! I did also place an order through wool warehouse for the coast colorway as well but REALLY want to recreate that very soft looking blanket in your FlickR photo!! Thank you so much in advance!

Cara L McKee

This was the first blanket I crocheted, and mine isn't perfect, but it's lovely and snuggly, and always wrapped around someone on the sofa. Thanks for a brilliant pattern. I've blogged about it here: http://caralmckee.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/crocheting.html

Pasqualina Marcucci

Did you have some yarn left when you made the blanket to the size you specified? I'm thinking about increasing the size and was curious as to how much (more) yarn I might need. Thank you!


Help please! I'm a relative beginner so maybe being a bit over ambitious with this project. However a simple question: on ending the first row it says "ending last rep with 2 tr into last chain" - does that mean the last chain of the previous 4 tr? Or finish with 4 tr and then there should be an extra one to finish in?

Lisa Ovenden

Just finished my 2nd ripple blanket and again it has turned out beautiful.

Thanks Lucy for the fantastic instructions.



You are such a clever little thing and too far to give you a hug for sharing - South Africa. XX


Hi Lucy, Finally made a blanket to this pattern. On the 2nd last colour. :-)
Had to find the edging instructions - which I have.
My blanket is for a baby so is 6 repeats of the V pattern - using a 6.5mm hook to soften the harsh acrylic that I bought = lovely! & 4 rows of each colour by three lots + the starting colour.
I have followed the pattern very carefully and my edges are so lovely and straight!! Whoopee!
Thank you for the lovely pics and detailed instructions.
This OLD GIRL now has a new favourite blanket pattern to use.

Christina Schmitt

Hi, I love your work! I finally made a ripple-blanket. Thanks a lot for the pattern. The instructions are great.


Hi Attic24
Love your page
Thinking of getting the cottage wool pack for the neat ripple blanket. Is there a specific order in which to crochet the colours please?
Thanks very much.

Penny Hill

Desperate to start my first blanket ripple pattern but now panicking as I am left handed. Do I need to change anything in the pattern? Lucy can all of your patterns be followed by a left hander without any changes? Am so looking forward to getting started. Thank you x


Hi Lucy, just a simple question on which I am not quite clear. Do I turn my work after every row, even when adding a new colour. Help !!!

Danell Bliss

This was so helpful for me finishing my first try at Chevron Rug. I didn't sew the ends of different colours in properly so the edging really worked!. Thank you so much! :-)

Jennifer Reynolds

How do I get a reply from Lucy or does she not reply?

Clarice Fox

Thank you for the RIPPLE PATTERN. I was confused at the end of the end of the rows. Still confued, but will give it a try again. I am DC w/9 DC in between. Your pattern is very clear to read.

Susan O'Meara

Hi Lucy, I am having trouble with the pattern which I have adapted only to make the sides of the hills and valleys 11stitches instead of 4. I have 140 chains plus 3 and all goes well for a few rows until I have only 10sts left at the end instead of 11 before the top of the chain 3 is worked. I can see that the tops and bottoms of the hills etc are running out of line.Why does this happen, is it the odd number of sts in the sides? Please help. Sue

Bridgette Gray

I just ordered your Coast Pack kit from Wool Warehouse to be shipped to Conway, Arkansas, USA! I can't wait to make this beautiful afghan for my grandson who is due to enter this world on June 22, 2016!!!


Last year I bought the cottage style colour pack but was a bit daunted by the prospect! I have made this my new year project and I am addicted! The ripples are growing and the colours look good together, Lucy always chooses well. I have to concentrate on the edge to keep it straight but it will be great not to have to join squares after all the hard work. Every spare moment will be used for crochet! It will take a while!


Thanks for the great instructions. So chuffed to have made my own ripple blanket. I've blogged all about it here: http://ohwedo.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/crocheting.html

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