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judy cummins

After I finished the ribble blanket, I noticed the foundation chain is too tight. Can I remove it and replace with a single crochet and still keep the ripples?


I may have missed it, but please can you tell me what colours you used in what order please. I already have the yarn but it's hard to tell without a list. Thanks.

Jaira Lima

Do you have any video of this?


Hi Lucy
I love love love your projects. I know you love colour and wondered if you could please help me with a neutral colour pallet for your ripple blanket which is my next project and is a present for a very special friend. Love reading your blog. Thank you so much. Xxx

Terri Nelson

Hi Lucy, can you tell me where to find the color wash for your patterns? I have about 6 different yarns bundles and pattens.
Thank you so much,

Judith Thompson

Hi Lucy thank you so much for all your hard work and such beautiful patterns.
I know this question has been asked time and time again but please could you tell me how many stitches for a cot size blanket ( 24 inches x 48 inches).
I am really enjoying your blogs this October and hope that you continue to feel a little brighter. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia and life can be very difficult sometimes.
Thank you for brightening our day.

Monica Woolf

I want to crochet a baby neat ripple blanket. I know that there are multiples of 14 and add 3 more stitches to chain and at the end of each row The pattern does not say how many stitches for a baby blanket.
Also the pattern goes beyond the 14 stitches. Do I just continue along the crochet chain and keep repeating the pattern to the end of each row?
Thank you.
Monica Woolf

Sally Hodgson

How would you crochetneatly along the straight sides, leaving the ripples top and bottom.


Lucy, how many stitches should I start with for a crib sized baby ripple?
Thank you,

Tracy McDonald

Obviously I posted on the wrong page but you can fix that. Right?

Tracy McDonald

I want to thank you for this EXCELLENT Tutorial. I have 53 years experience and this is the ONE & ONLY comprehensive lesson available. Please! Tell me how to "Share" on social media. Please announce this existence.

Susan Montgomery

Hi Lucy
Please could you help. I am new to crocheting but successfully made Dune blanket which I love but now my sister wants me to do the coast one. The pattern gives number of chains etc for single size would you please tell me how many for double and king size.
Many thanks

Cheryl Buckingham

Hi Lucy,
I am edging my neat ripple blanket. I am up to turning the corner to crochet the bottom edge. If I work the corner with 2 dc 2 chain and 2dc in the last stitch if the left side to turn the corner. When I work the 2 treble stiches next my edging is not straight. It steps up instead.

I don't know what I am doing wrong.

Celia Simpson

Hi, I am a learner but have your Dune blanket in my stash but as always we crafters are on to the next project before finishing, that said I have been reading the tutorial on the Coast Ripple pattern and you say to put the hook under both loops in the foundation chain, but you don't stipulate this on other blankets. I have only been using the back loop for most of my work. Am I wrong? So love all of your work , thank you.

Donna L Wightman

I don't know why I can't order.Did I do something wrong or is it the fault of the coded 19 vireus.

Heather Southwood

Does anyone know how to remove a stripe from a ripple blanket without pulling the whole thing apart? I have done about 12 more stripes past the one I want to remove (accidentally used a wrong colour, it looks awful). Thanks


Hi, how many chains would you start with for a baby blanket? And is there and edging that keeps the waves at the ends?

Patsy soehlke

Wonderful article but changes b/t us and british instructions are confusing

Susie Rummens

Clear and easy to understand instructions! Great,CLEAR, pictures! Thank you so much!

Marny CA

Oh ... make the afghan in a solid color and there will only be tails when the skein/ball runs out.

Then it's tail-time again. ;-)

Marny CA

I have done a different ripple (aka chevron) and both ends had points - your edges are straight.

The change between UK and US might drive me nuts - but I like the idea of a new shape -- so, thank you VERY much and hope this moves up on my To-Do List.

I also do not weave in ends - I hold the tails as I crochet over the old tail with the new color and its tail.

Worth a try for anyone not wanting tails.

I have a gift afghan that is knit and has hundreds of tails - and it's a real PITA.

Kelly Small

I like the wavy edges at the top and bottom. How silly would it be just to finish the side edges?

Ann P.

I just ordered TWO ripple blanket yarn packs from Wool Warehouse...one for the Coast Ripple and one the Summer Ripple (Cottonsoft). I cannot WAIT to get started! (By the way, I was pleasantly surprised to see how inexpensive it is to have them shipped to the U.S.) I generally hate to weave in ends, yet here I am, chomping at the bit to start two multi-color, striped projects. Your photo tutorials are so clear and so thorough that I know I will be able to complete these blankets.

I adore your blog, Lucy, and am delighted with all of the lovely COLOR. What a feast for the eyes. I am actually considering re-decorating my home using solid, neutral paint colors and fabrics, so that I can accent our living space with your lovely designs. Thank you for all the work you put into your blog. I’ve been following it for years and can honestly say that you have inspired me and enriched my life. God Bless.


Is there anyway of doing this pattern in an Arab weight yarn please?

Sherrlyn Harmon

Is there a way to print this pattern. I am a new crocheter and it would be much easier for me to have printed instructions. Thanks

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