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Patsy soehlke

Wonderful article but changes b/t us and british instructions are confusing

Susie Rummens

Clear and easy to understand instructions! Great,CLEAR, pictures! Thank you so much!

Marny CA

Oh ... make the afghan in a solid color and there will only be tails when the skein/ball runs out.

Then it's tail-time again. ;-)

Marny CA

I have done a different ripple (aka chevron) and both ends had points - your edges are straight.

The change between UK and US might drive me nuts - but I like the idea of a new shape -- so, thank you VERY much and hope this moves up on my To-Do List.

I also do not weave in ends - I hold the tails as I crochet over the old tail with the new color and its tail.

Worth a try for anyone not wanting tails.

I have a gift afghan that is knit and has hundreds of tails - and it's a real PITA.

Kelly Small

I like the wavy edges at the top and bottom. How silly would it be just to finish the side edges?

Ann P.

I just ordered TWO ripple blanket yarn packs from Wool Warehouse...one for the Coast Ripple and one the Summer Ripple (Cottonsoft). I cannot WAIT to get started! (By the way, I was pleasantly surprised to see how inexpensive it is to have them shipped to the U.S.) I generally hate to weave in ends, yet here I am, chomping at the bit to start two multi-color, striped projects. Your photo tutorials are so clear and so thorough that I know I will be able to complete these blankets.

I adore your blog, Lucy, and am delighted with all of the lovely COLOR. What a feast for the eyes. I am actually considering re-decorating my home using solid, neutral paint colors and fabrics, so that I can accent our living space with your lovely designs. Thank you for all the work you put into your blog. I’ve been following it for years and can honestly say that you have inspired me and enriched my life. God Bless.


Is there anyway of doing this pattern in an Arab weight yarn please?

Sherrlyn Harmon

Is there a way to print this pattern. I am a new crocheter and it would be much easier for me to have printed instructions. Thanks

susan leblang

I started the summer ripple a few days ago, printed out everything I could, practiced while waiting for the yarn to make its way to the usa. my samples were perfect
My yarn arrived. Did the chain and row one.
Help, row two is a disaster, I have taken it out so many times The yarn is fuzzy.
I am not having a problem with the pattern, finding it easy, and I did reprint it out in US terms instead of UK.
But the ripple disappears.
It is there for row one, then is gone in row two, it no longer mountains and valleys.
Am I crocheting too loosely? I did shorten the chain by 14 stitches.
I have the mountains and valleys in the right place, By the time I finish row two
it is a straight pattern unless I push the yarn up and down to create the dips and peaks. Any suggestions please, desperate, making this for my 9 year old grandaughter, need to get it done. thank you.

Belinda Hibbert

Well it's taken me two years (!!!) but I finally finished my coast blanket this afternoon. In the beginning I took it everywhere whenever I flew abroad but eventually it got too big to lug around which is why it's taken me so long. It was a joy to crochet & looks absolutely stunning. Looking forward to taking it down to the beach next summer! My only issue is that when I was doing the edging I found the initial foundation chain row nearly impossible to get my hook into.....and in retrospect I probably made it too tight - I should have crocheted that initial row of chains on a bigger hook, then swapped to a smaller one. What now? Well I've got my eye on the Moorland Neat Wave blanket....watch this space!


When starting the border, which side is the right side or doesn't it really matter? The bottom starting colour (first row) is the wrong side and the finishing colour (last row) is the right side.

Kellie Davis

Lucy, I did it! I finished my first ripple blanket and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I am a beginner crotchet-er and did a few washcloths first to get my tension consistent. Your pattern is fabulous and so easy to follow. I did have to undo quite a few rows along the way as I lost count few times and added too many stitches or missed a few and I often didn't find it until I got to the end of the row and didn't have the right number left!!! I was so tempted to fudge it and keep going but I forced myself to undo it all back to my mistake! Boy, has it taught me to check my work as I go, but also that its worth undoing and getting it right. But mostly it has taught me to enjoy the process as it has taken me 4 YEARS to from start to finish (I don't crotchet much in summer in Australia as it gets too hot. I have just completed the blanket only 2 hours ago and just in time. It is a gift for my husband for his birthday - which is tomorrow. I might send you a picture once he opens it. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern so freely, i have learned so much with it, enjoyed it immensely and my whole family and loved watching it grow.

Ingrid meynen

Wich colors do you use for your summer ripple blanket?

Helen Barham

Hi Lucy
Thanks for such a clear pattern!
I want to make a shawl in ripple pattern. Could it be done on the diagonal, do you think, to make a triangular blanket?

Barbara Hoke

5546 mobile rd

Sandra Jones

I have been wanting to do a Ripple blanket pattern for a while but not found a pattern that I can follow properly until I have seen yours. Can you help or tell me please, the mountains and the Valley points on your pattern are they prominent if you know what I mean, I have seen pictures of them where they are really pointed.
Thank you for your help.


Barbara Johnson

Hi Lucy, hope you have had happy Christmas
Could you tell me please how many stitches for baby ripple blanket ?

Sandra Jones

Hi, I love this blanket although not made one YET. But I will. How do you get the mountains and Valleys so pointed with them please. It isn't on all the blankets that I have seen but on fb a lady has got a picture of one she has done but not how she has got them so distinctive.

Julia Colebourne

Finished one ripple blanket in blue/teal shades, worked great.
For next one I want to use greens/beiges, but do I have to always make two rows of the same colour, could I do 1, 2 or 3 rows and then change colour ?


Hi Lucy,
Absolutely love your patterns and am nearing completion of my second ripple blanket!
However, on my last few rows I've not had enough yarn to complete the Meadow and Silver colours? I've done exactly the same as my first ripple (cosy cottage) which was fine but now doing the coastal I've not enough yarn? Could it be that some of the balls are not 100g???
Help please!!!

Bonnie  Brown

Hello I crochet a king size sc afghan and require an edge. Will your edging work on a sc project. I'm concerned about the deep valleys of the ripple pattern. Not all ripples are the same size. I like variety in my ripples. If not, could you give me some advice on the edging? Thank you for your help
Best Regards,


Hi Lucy, I am a learner crocheter and never done anything bigger than a washcloth. I got a kit while visiting the UK from Australia and followed the pattern with help from this site. So great to follow and I am enormously proud of my first ever blanket... thank you...

Rosemary Dargan

Hi Lucy
I have finished my blanket but have put off doing the darning in and border. I didn't crochet over the ends for the first 12-14 stitches of each row as I was following the pattern that came with the wool. Now I have all these ends along the side of the blanket and am not sure what to do with them. Can you please offer me any suggestions as I would like to finish off the blanket. Many thanks. Rosie

Geneva morton

Hi abbreviations: what difference between Dc2tog and dc2tog (ripple baby blanket) ?

Linda Hart

Lucy, You have the best patterns and tutorials. I love this blanket and plan to start soon. Just wanted to say that you do absolutely beautiful work that is so easy to follow. I have 3 of your yarn kits, but when I'm done, this project is next. Only bummer for me is I'm in the US, but I've been successful in converting your patterns to US terms. Again, thank you.

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