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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Anne A dkins

Hi I would like to make the coast ripple blanket using Caron simply soft
Do you have a colour sequence for this

Lorna Clark

Love your raindrops pattern. I used it to create my monster blanket for a single bed. Pictured on my blog and of course referencing your blog :) https://clarkfamilyhandbook.wordpress.com/2015/01/13/the-mammoth-crochet-blanket-that-i-may-never-finish/

Love your site :)


I love your pattern and the raindrops stitch! Thank you so much for sharing!

Gloria Settle

Do you have the pattern where we can print it out or buy it? I love your colors and the stitch for the pillow. I would love the pattern in USA style!

Pam caines

How many stitches would work for Dk wool thanks


My piece (16 rows done) looks like it's on the bias - slanted though the right numbers. Is it really that the foundation row is too tight? Also, how do you make your "raindrops" all line up? Mine are a bit staggered.
I recently made the Granny Stripe and Cosy Stripe blankets and finished my quite large Blooming Flower cushion. That is a big pillow! Your site makes me smile and my heart feel happy. Thanks for what you do. And would you thank your family for me, too, for sharing you with all of us?

cyndi nantz

I bought the Rainbow yarn and buttons. Now i need the pattern for the pillow. Im making it for my granddaughter. Please share.


i have just bought my wool for your raindrop cushion as it is so beautiful but i am somewhat of a novice and am a bit confused as to how to make this into an actual cushion - have I bitten off more than i can chew? Do you just join up the sides - and where do we make holes for the buttons?


Thanx ... I love it ..

Dian L. Pribonic

Very very Pretty--Thank you

Linda Rigby

You have given me a new lease of life with your wonderful designs.Just made blooming flower cushion and now planning on making 2 more bright cushions and 2 throws along with some fabric cushions to match.My sitting room looking a little worn so hope my projects will inject a bit of va va voom.Thanks so much.

Susan Gregg

Your creations are so beautiful but I have to say, your photographs are stunning !

Heather Landels

Hi Lucy I'm fairly new to crochet therefore I appreciate your in depth tutorials.
When doing this raindrop stitch do you hook through both sides of the chain?
Looking at the picture where you place the needle in the stitch it seems that way. Hope you understand my explanation.

Diana Lovatt

I just have to say that I love your instructions. They are so clear and easy to follow. Keep up the good work girl! :)


adorable stitch! i have to try this.

THANK YOU so much for sharing!

Heidi Busk

Thank you so, so much!!
I love the blanket and is making one my self.

I saw a picture on instagram and with help from lots of friends in a Facebook crochet group in Denmark it was possible to se the pattern.

Heidi Busk

Thank you so, so much!!
I love the blanket and is making one my self.

I saw a picture on instagram and with help from lots of friends in a Facebook crochet group in Denmark it was possible to se the pattern.

Sheila H-L

My yarn pack arrived this morning and I'm trying to get to grips with the rainbow stitch. Thanks for the pattern - I've donated a "cup of coffee"!


Hi Lucy - I just made a donation that I'd been meaning to for some time now. I used the pattern to make a blanket in shades of orange using a DK weight (and thank you for answering my emailed question - it turned out nice and straight!) I love how it turned out. My house cleaner saw it (I work outside the home full time so need a little help, or I'd never have any time to crochet!) and wanted the pattern - so I hope this amount is enough to cover both of us - I shared the pattern and your website with her.
I also sought out the Simply Crochet magazine and love it. One of the big book stores carries it here in Canada, and it was a huge thrill to see it on the shelf. Anyway, thank you for sharing your work and your world!


Just started the Raindrops cushion pattern. Really lovely to work. Using the Stylecraft Chunky as recommended. Very pleasantly surprised at how good it is to work with. I so wish Stylecraft would bring out an Aran weight cotton yarn. Anyway have decided on using just three colours - the golden, red and navy. They work really well together - gold first, red then navy. Thank you so much for all your patterns and happy blogs. P.S. I had the same trouble as Wendy and Emma B. I shall remember when I start another cushion re the foundation chain being tighter.


Luv this. Putting it on my list of projects to do.

To Wendy and Emma B: I don't think I chain tightly when I'm doing it, but my work will curve if I don't use a larger hook. I have to go up three (3) sizes from my main hook! Also, I have found starting with a foundation chain helps to eliminate the problem. You can't use it on all patterns, but it's something to try when you are starting with a solid row of SC, HDC, DC or TC (US terms). Happy hooking ladies.

Emma B

To Wendy; I had the same problem as you, then I did a bit of research and found one explanation that makes sense: we made the foundation chain too tight and subsequent stitches becoming looser as we relax, making it look like we are increasing when we are not! The only solution is to start again from scratch with looser chain stitches. I now use a bigger hook to make the foundation chain, that seems to solve the problem for me.


Lucy, your illustrated instructions are fabulous, your projects are wonderful


Hi Lucy, I am working on a blanket using your stitch...I am having problems with each of the ends angling out like it has more stitches, but the count is the same...any suggestions on what might be causing this? would appreciate any help or comments you might have on this...it started after about the fifth row of stitches...thank you in advance.

Gina B.

LOVE this stitch. Am currently working this on 3 blankets! :) Thank you for sharing your talent.

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