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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Lucy, what did you have as your starting chain for the neat waves cushion you made? This is the bit that always flummoxes me. I'll be making a cushion rather than the moorland blanket and while I have the luxury of buying my cushion pad first (I'm going to take your previous advice and get a lovely feather one) I'm not sure how to calculate starting chain vs cushion pad size.
Thank you :) x


Good Morning, This is my first CAL and I am a beginning crocheter. Usually I jump right in, but this time I followed the tutorial and I'm glad I did. I'm having a little trouble figuring out if my stitches line up correctly row to row but it's getting easier as I practice. Thanks, Lucy for this beautiful pattern and for creating this group.

Audra Forbes

I bought the 2 packs for the larger blanket. Will it be enough for the 7ft/120cm blanket or should I do the 6ft one?


This is my first CAL and I'm so excited. I love, love, love the colors of this blanket and it's my first time with this pattern. I have been crocheting all weekend on it and now I don't want to go to work, I'd rather be home working on the blanket!

Veronica Dragon

Lucy, I am from Vermont, USA. I have been following your blog for a few years now. Just love your style and your ambition. Your work and colors are delightful. I ordered the yarn for this blanket, have started and love the way it is going. Thank you for your kindness and hard work.

chris cormick

Hello Lucy, Quick question,is it best to darn the tail ends in as I go or wait until I am finished.Thank you


I've done my practice samples (and decided on a 3.5mm hook, slightly reluctantly as I would rather work with a 4mm), and now done my foundation rows of the blanket...so good to have started! Loving the rhythm of the stitches. Need to stop and get on with some work, but don't want to... Thanks so much for the excellent instructions.

carmen attie

Thank You very much Lucy! have a happy new year!


Lucy, what a dream run you've given us - the instructions for working through the test piece were so clear - your talent for writing shines! So here I am in the middle of a warm Australian Summer (today is 35C) starting a crochet rug project. Hmm, should be in the pool! But it is just such a gorgeous rug - couldn't resist! Thanks, Lucy - love the colours.


Hi all, I used a 5mm hook to obtain the gauge. I have had a few false starts and had to unravel more than once. Inexperienced in crochet but getting the hang of it now. I have just completed row 8 and it is looking beautiful. It is getting addictive! Thank you Lucy for a great idea.


I used a 4mm. The 1st sample swatch I tried the 5mm and it was too long. I'm so glad I did the sample. I finished the first 4 colors today and weaved in the ends. I love th idea of doing it as you go along! Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern. More to be done tomorrow!!!

PS is there a way to go to the pattern without being on FB?


My tension sample was spot on with the 5mm hook phew!
Made my chain of 181 and completed foundation row 1 only to have lost the extra stitch by the end of it 😱 Managed to make an extra stitch thankfully and don't think it will be noticeable when the border is on. Couldn't bare to frog it!


I meant to say - smaller than a 4.0mm hook. I am going to try 3.5mm but that's much smaller than I'm used to working with.


This is so exciting - I've been looking forward to this COL all winter! Thank you, Lucy!! Like Joanna, I think I'm going to have to go for smaller that a 3.5mm hook. Even with 4.0 it's 23 cm long! I'm wondering - what size hook did other people end up going with.

Dorcas Bainbridge

Hi, just bought my yarn today and looking through instructions - just realised my tails will be at the other end to yours as I'm left handed, are there any other instructions that I should change due to be left handed?


Good Morning to all!!! I spotted this on Pinterest and just had to have a go. I ordered it yesterday so I will be a couple weeks behind, but I can not wait to add this blanket to your Scotland themed bedroom... Thank you so much for the incredible work and time you spend on planning and making these beautiful creations to share with all of us!!!
Look forward to working with you all in the coming weeks...
Kind Regards!!!
Las Vegas, NV


I am excited to start this. It has been a tough year already and we're only on day 7. However, I am now away to start the sample - something I wouldn't ordinarily do but I need calm and not to worry - so here goes in Perthshire, Scotland! Good luck everyone xx

Bex Crowell

Hi Lucy, you are amazing. What a lot of work went into this page! Thank you. I was impatient. I got the yarn in December but could not wait to start, so I made a small lap blanket using a granny square and just made it up... I wish now I had waited. I have tons of leftover yarn so I made a scarf/wrap out of it for myself which I love. My stitch pattern is slightly different from yours, only using 2 stitches instead of 3, but here's a photo of it if you can see it here: https://flic.kr/p/R16hKg

Henriet Ferguson

Catherine: I'm sure you will have plenty of wool for the blanket! I guess we will have a lot left to make a pillow cover or teacosy or what you will. I have done 20 waves (about 30 cm height) and used less than 200 grams of yarn


Great pattern, I have done my swatch and some colour reference tags. Looking forward to starting this afternoon!


Hi Lucy
My tension square is 20cm by 6.75cm and I wondered if I should drop down to a 3.75 hook?
Thanks for any thoughts.
Love the pattern!


Oh!!!! So excited to start! I bought the yarn pack and will force myself to do the sample before diving in. I'm always worried about running out of yarn....after making the sample, will I need to pull it out and reuse it in the blanket?

Thank you, and thank you SO much for creating this lovely project!

Leslie in Wisconsin, USA

Hilary Good

Hi Lucy,
Thank you so much for all your hard work on the new blanket. I have the yarn and can't wait to get started but I have to finish the Cosy one first!! Maybe I'll work the sample just to get a taste!!
I'm in bed with the "dreaded flu" but as soon as I can I'll have my hook back in my hand
I wish you a good recovery and all good things for 2017
Kind Regards
Hilary (in Cork Ireland )


After completing a couple of samples I had to drop to a 3.5 hook to get the tension right ...has anyone else done this ...🙄

Jo Jackson

The stripes will alternate - ie the first stripe begins with ch-2 and a half pattern repeat, the second stripe begins with a ch-3 and a full pattern repeat, the third stripe then goes back to starting with a ch-2 and a half pattern repeat, the fourth stripe will start with a ch-3 and a full pattern repeat etc etc. I hope this make sense??

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