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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Brenda van der Merwe

I am from South Africa and so greatful for discovering you through a dear friend. Thank you so much for your colourful photo's and clear instructions. I can't wait to give this ripple a go.Thank you ever so much.

Evelyn French

Oh my. I’m new to crochet after starting just over a week ago. Your instructions are absolutely brilliant!!!!! I’m at the end of my first blanket already and can’t believe it. I’m 64. Have knitted since the age of 10 and could just not get it. Yes I hold the yarn like a knitter, but that doesn’t seem to matter or affect my work. I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU XX

Joy Flockton

Hi, have just discovered you ! What a lovely find!
I make blankets for a baby charity and want to have a go at the ripple. They require different sizes all the time so was wondering if there's an easy way to work out sìzes like so many 14's equals so many centimetres etc. ? Thanks


I love your patterns. I was wondering what hook size did you use, how big was your finished blanket and how much yarn did you use? I know tension, yarn, hook size will determine finished size. Just want an idea what I will need. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.


Love this pattern, just ordered stylecraft DK yarn to make this blanket!

But i have a question; you say make a small ripple sample so that you're confident of the pattern. Make a chain of 31.

I was wondering what the dimensions of this sample should roughly be. I know i'm a bit of a tight crocheter so i'm not sure whether I should use a needle of 4,5 mm instead of 4. Thank you for replying!

Birgit Heidorn

One instruction says chain 219 but that is wrong. If you did that the pattern does not work out. Another instruction says 213 and that works just fine!


How many rows?

Cathy B

This is the most complicated crochet I have ever done but your instructions made it sooooo easy. Thank you :) Have just done the sample and am now ready to make a blanket! 😀


Hi, this looks gorgeous - is the pattern available as a knitting (rather crochet) pattern? I don't crochet but would love to knit it.

Linda Sims

Thank you!


My rows are ending wrong and i can't figure out why I was so excited to started this. Now I'm gutted. The mountains and valleys aren't directly above each other.


I think I figured out why some people were having trouble... caught this:

"Now you need to make TWO of these tr2tog's, so go ahead and do that whole same thing again in the next two stitches"

when it should say "in the next stitch," next two stitches after the first walk-thru made it three decrease stitches altogether. Thankfully I caught this right after I completed the four DC stitches after and re-counted to make sure. Other than that this pattern & turotial is suuuuper easy and you weren't kidding— that foundation chain stitching was TORTURE it took me 2+ hours !!!!!!!!!!!!

Yasmin Macan-Markar

please let me know how I could get

Diana Lovatt

I have for many years now wanting to crochet this blanket but there was always something else coming in the way. But now the pod-caster duo Dan and Kay from the Bakery Bears are doing a tutorial on how to make this one from your site, so now I think I finally will make this beauty. But Knitting has taking over my yarn craft over cross stitch and before that crochet but I really think that I'm going to make this one now after that the Bakery Bears reminded me about it again ;)

Denise C

I did the practice oc chain 31. Was perfect each row. Now I chained 213 and each row is not ending correctly. I have done three rows three times. I am counting ever so carefully. What now!!! Three chains left iver... then too many left over. Help!!!


I made ripple afghans 60 years ago as a child. But the one you made is soooo beautiful that I am going to make one for my first great grandson. Thank you for the tutorial that will make it easier for me to get it done in time.

Amy O.

Thank you for posting your clear photos and tutorial, and for the pattern! Thanks to your clear instructions, I am flying through my first ripple afghan. I am planning another one - I just love the colors you've used in yours!! I want to make a donation, but get an error message when I click on the donation link. I am in the United States - I wonder if that is the problem?

Jane rushworth

Wondering how I get to see the answers to the questions , ie how to subscribe to comment feed please?

christine hardman

I’m back to my old favourite! It’s been a while and i’m excited to get to it. Thank you, Lucy xx

Merle H

Brilliant, as always. Thank you

Sara m

I have embarked on a ripple blanket using the Moorland collection. I messed up the foundation on the first attempt so added a marker after every 14 chains to keep on track. I have nearly 350 stitches and am about to start my third repeat of colours, hoping to be done before Christmas. Loving it.


Excellent tutorial! Thank you so much for making it. It's been invaluable with the blanket I'm making.

Tracey Jane Elizabeth Browne

Your explanations and photos are very helpful.

Jeneè DeChant

I was wondering if that was a double crochet in the US.

susan leblang

I practiced while waiting for my yarn to arrive in the us. every practice was great.
Got my yarn, not so great. I have gone down one hook size for chain and row one. My mountains and valleys show, but are not firm, they need to be pushed into shape. Then row two creates a straight row, and row one becomes straight also.

I went down another hook size and the same thing is happening. The yarn is
quite thin. I purchased the stylecraft summer ripple yarn.

Not sure what to do now, It is getting difficult to see the chains, as well as hooking into them. Any suggestions please, The yarn is now getting fuzzy from working it.

thank you. I desperately need help.

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