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Excellent tutorial! Thank you so much for making it. It's been invaluable with the blanket I'm making.

Tracey Jane Elizabeth Browne

Your explanations and photos are very helpful.

Jeneè DeChant

I was wondering if that was a double crochet in the US.

susan leblang

I practiced while waiting for my yarn to arrive in the us. every practice was great.
Got my yarn, not so great. I have gone down one hook size for chain and row one. My mountains and valleys show, but are not firm, they need to be pushed into shape. Then row two creates a straight row, and row one becomes straight also.

I went down another hook size and the same thing is happening. The yarn is
quite thin. I purchased the stylecraft summer ripple yarn.

Not sure what to do now, It is getting difficult to see the chains, as well as hooking into them. Any suggestions please, The yarn is now getting fuzzy from working it.

thank you. I desperately need help.




A wonderful tutorial! About to start the Sweet Pea blanket in this ripple effect - very excited.

Thank you!


Mandy this link gives a bit more information on sizes and the starting chain.


Hi I’m trying to figure out how many to chain for a full size blanket. No matter how many I do it’s off and I either make it to small or way to big that I don’t have enough stitches. If you could please tell me how many to chain using a G hook and a 4 weighted yarn?

Julie Mattson

Thank you so much for this detailed post on the ripple pattern. I used it to practice while waiting for my yarn to arrive. The most helpful for me was the photo with the hand written stitches next to the crocheted sample.
I ordered the Harmony Pack, it arrived yesterday and I am thrilled! What a lovely bunch of colors!!
Sorry to be a rebel - I am following the cottage ripple but subbing in the Harmony colors. I needed more blues.

I have enjoyed reading your blog for a couple years now but this is my first time to comment. I am just so excited to be making something with your yarn pack!
Thank you for all you do.


for KIRSTEN - Lucy had done an edging on the Ripple. If you look under " Ripple Blanket Knowhow" and scroll down and down, you will find out how to do the edging, particularly on the wave bits!


This is a lovely pattern. I’m just wondering if anyone has attempted to edge the finished blanket? I do love a nice edge on a blanket but wondering how to make it work with the ripples.

mariam habib

ive worked on thisbpatrern for over a year and now i have a big beautiful cozy blanket to gift to my love, just in time for winter snuggling. thank you for the wonderful pattern!!

Kari Mellon

This pattern was simple and easy to do. However, after starting the chain twice because of having way more than 1 stitch at the end, i Finally got it, but had to count 14, 14, 14 until i got the length i wanted. Here's the problem. I ended on increase stitches (then 4 more, with one left over) What do I do now? It looks like i have one more stitch before i reach the first row increases. This is where all my ripples seem to go wrong. I can send a pic if needed.


I have to say I really appreciated the needle marking the stitch - SUPER useful! I am in ripple heaven.

Maria  Hopkins

Thank you very much for this good explanation .


How do I buy the kit with yarn?

Cathy Tomaselli

Thanks. I started this ripple blanket for myself in 12ply. It ended up on my daughters king size bed. Hahaha now my two grandsons want one each in Theron football team colours for their beds.


Thank-you for simplifying this pattern. I do have a problem with the outer edges on this and any other ripple pattern. Following exactly, I end up with gradual expansion on the edges. Not straight at all, but continues to increase with each row. What am I doing wrong?

Debbie Hamm

I can't find a needle size in your instructions. Please advize.

Mrs. Vatsala Padmanabhan

Hi i. am really very very happy to era very clear instruction. I am able to follow easily.please kindly. Help me in getting your other crochet works how to contact you
Please kindly mail to me
Thanks a Lot
With Kind Regards
Vatsala Padmanabhan


Thank you for this great pattern! I can see why it's so addictive. I'm half way through my first blanket & already planning the next three. :)

Ruth Shields

You are now my favorite instructor for crochet!!! I'm relatively new to crochet and discover I need written and visual instructions. I'm going to give this a try. You've made it look possible! The only thing I need to do first is change the "TR's" to "DC's".

Thank you soooooooooo much!
Ruth Shields, New Mexico, USA


Hi Lucy, Thank you for this tutorial! I finally did a swatch using this pattern and your tutorial.


Hi, Im following this pattern for the single bed size, first row I've done perfect the second row I've followed to the letter and somehow I only have 4 stitches at the end and have no more room for the 2 trebles in the top of the chain 3. Can you help please?


Really tried hard to do this ripple blanket but by the third colour I start losing my ripple where am I going wrong please .When I did the test piece it worked only now I’m trying to make a blanket it’s going wrong .Thank you

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