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Noel Casale

A follow on to my previous post. I've developed a 'counting system' that is working quite well to check my work as I go and eliminate errors. There are 16 total stitch is the wave pattern, 4 sets of 4 stitches. I count 1-16 and know exactly where I should be in relation to row below. It goes like this.

Stitch 1-4 - Down the hill - Four treble crotchets

Stitch 5-8 - The Valley -two sets of treble-two together. I should start the valley in the stitch just to the right of the first stitch of the valley in the row below.

Stitch 9-12 - Up the hill - Four Treble crotchets.

Stitch 13-16 - The Mountain - two sets of 2trebles. i should start the mountain in the second stitch of the 4 stitches which make up the mountain in the row below and end in the 3rd stitch of the mountain below. .

Then start over at stitch 1 for the next ripple. That's it really - Just remember that each row starts with a Chain 3 and Treble crotchet into the first stitch below which are not counted in the above pattern, and ends with two trebles into the chain 3 below which likewise are not counted in the pattern above.

Noel Casale

Thank you for this super clear and helpful post. I do have a small suggestion. I'm an absolute beginner having just learn to crochet 2 weeks ago. The key to making this pattern work is that the 'valley stitches' (the two- tr2tog) and the Mountain stitches ( the two - 2tr) in each row have to be exactly on top of those in the row underneath. Otherwise the pattern goes wonky and you quickly lose the ripple. Now maybe others with more experience are probably better at counting stitches than I, but knowing where each Valley/ Mountain stitch should start in relation to the row beneath was critical to me in mastering this pattern. You might spend some more time explaining/ showing how the stitches line up from row to row. Checking the placement of these stitches frequently as you go is the key to achieving this pattern. Probably easier with a picture - but here's an attempt to explain.

The first part of each valley stitch should go into the stitch immediately before the valley stitch in the row below, causing the ^ of your first tr2tog to straddle the ^ of the first valley stitch in the row below.

The first 2tr (stitch 1 and 2) of the Mountain Stitch should go into the second stitch of the 4 stitches which make up the mountain in the row below. The second 2tr (stitch 3 and 4) should go into the third stitch of the mountain stitch in the row below. This causes the mountain stitch to be on top of the middle two stitches of the mountain stitch in the row below.

Araceli Arellano

Muchas gracias por ayudarnos ya que somos adultos mayores y estamos en cuarentena por mucho tiempo y esto nos ayuda para entretenernos y mantener la cabeza ocupada

Maureen Stopher

Have finished nine at ripple lap blanket lovey pattern thank you
Can you help with an edging for this & straitening the edge if needed please
Posted by Maureen 17th April 2020 18: 24 pm


Thank you for such a clear tutorial. I found a aimilar pattern on another site but struggled to really understand it, until - Eureka! - it all suddenly clicked with the help of your photos and instructions. Thanks again.


Is there an edging for the Neat Ripple blanket? How would I straighten the top and bottom edge?
Thank you Lucy

I'm making a cot blanket for my new baby grandson due in May

Liz Pratt

Could you please direct me to 'How to do the final edging of this ripple blanket'.
I have just taken up crochet after 50 year break!!! Enjoying making ripple blanket ... inspired by my daughter-in-law. It is filling my time as i am in lock down!!!


Mary D

Your instructions are SO clear and the photos are very helpful! I've been coming back to this pattern for years. Thank you!

Carol John

Dearest Lucy
You mention making blankets in cashmere...
Is there a yarn with similar colours to the Coast pack which I could use for my next Ripple blanket?
Best wishes


Wow! With this pattern, you just became my favourite person for explaining how to do crochet patterns. Your clear instructions are invaluable! Absolutely awesome. Thank you.

Yvonne Hamshere

How many chains to make a baby afghan please

Sandra Crome

Thank you so much for this pattern. At last a ripple pattern I can understand. 🤣. After numerous watches on you tube and several attempts that I pulled out in frustration last night I had almost given up and then .. I found you. ..
Love the photos and the use of the needle to show exactly where you need to place the stitch.
Feeling confident I have got it sussed now and looking forward to using up some of my yarn stash making a couple of lap blankets for the dementia unit at the local hospital.

Alicia Martin

I like this pattern a lot. But my only question is when you learn triple crochet, any information I have read teaches anyone to insert your hook from the fifth chain and not the fourth. And to chain 4 to count as the turning chain. I am just curious why you have 3 for the turning chain and to start from the 4th chain? I am not trying to be rude.

I would just like some help understanding the information.


Brenda van der Merwe

I am from South Africa and so greatful for discovering you through a dear friend. Thank you so much for your colourful photo's and clear instructions. I can't wait to give this ripple a go.Thank you ever so much.

Evelyn French

Oh my. I’m new to crochet after starting just over a week ago. Your instructions are absolutely brilliant!!!!! I’m at the end of my first blanket already and can’t believe it. I’m 64. Have knitted since the age of 10 and could just not get it. Yes I hold the yarn like a knitter, but that doesn’t seem to matter or affect my work. I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU XX

Joy Flockton

Hi, have just discovered you ! What a lovely find!
I make blankets for a baby charity and want to have a go at the ripple. They require different sizes all the time so was wondering if there's an easy way to work out sìzes like so many 14's equals so many centimetres etc. ? Thanks


I love your patterns. I was wondering what hook size did you use, how big was your finished blanket and how much yarn did you use? I know tension, yarn, hook size will determine finished size. Just want an idea what I will need. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.


Love this pattern, just ordered stylecraft DK yarn to make this blanket!

But i have a question; you say make a small ripple sample so that you're confident of the pattern. Make a chain of 31.

I was wondering what the dimensions of this sample should roughly be. I know i'm a bit of a tight crocheter so i'm not sure whether I should use a needle of 4,5 mm instead of 4. Thank you for replying!

Birgit Heidorn

One instruction says chain 219 but that is wrong. If you did that the pattern does not work out. Another instruction says 213 and that works just fine!


How many rows?

Cathy B

This is the most complicated crochet I have ever done but your instructions made it sooooo easy. Thank you :) Have just done the sample and am now ready to make a blanket! 😀


Hi, this looks gorgeous - is the pattern available as a knitting (rather crochet) pattern? I don't crochet but would love to knit it.

Linda Sims

Thank you!


My rows are ending wrong and i can't figure out why I was so excited to started this. Now I'm gutted. The mountains and valleys aren't directly above each other.


I think I figured out why some people were having trouble... caught this:

"Now you need to make TWO of these tr2tog's, so go ahead and do that whole same thing again in the next two stitches"

when it should say "in the next stitch," next two stitches after the first walk-thru made it three decrease stitches altogether. Thankfully I caught this right after I completed the four DC stitches after and re-counted to make sure. Other than that this pattern & turotial is suuuuper easy and you weren't kidding— that foundation chain stitching was TORTURE it took me 2+ hours !!!!!!!!!!!!

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