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Karen l

Thank you for the easy to follow instructions. Great pattern


Hi, could you please contact me regarding this pattern? I have 3 chains left

Shelley Ryan

Ty Karen for finding this patten. Its basically what im using but i have an edged ripple.very similar

Sylvia Middleton

Love your tutorial
Mastered my first blanket and now on number 3
Thanks so much


I'm very confused. I started with a chain of 143 (10x14 +3) and now I've reached the end of the row I have 3 chains left not 1?! Have gone back and checked my chains, definitely 143, checked my work, no mistakes... So why do I have 2 extra chains?


Dear Lucy! I have been trying to get in touch with you... I'd like to ask you something about using your Neat Ripple pattern as part of another (free) pattern. Please let me explain more thoroughly in an email! Would you be so kind to write me a short message on the email address that I have provided by posting this comment? Thank you so much! Judith


I noticed in the utube video it was 12 plus three is there a reason for the different cast on?

Nancy Roulier

Is it possible to print just the pattern without the tutorial? It would really be nice if more people used "print" symbol and somehow offered just the pattern. That requires a lot of paper to print when all that is really wanted is the pattern. I mean "print friendly". Nancy


This is a lovely simple pattern but the bright cheerful colors really are impressively happy to look at. All your wonderfully bright projects are enjoyable to see without necessarily actually crocheting anything! But I do love to crochet and bright colors are my favorites. I’m saving this pattern for a later time but wanted to say “thank you” for such well written instructions & photo tutorials. Many blessings from Lewisville, Texas!!


I enjoy doing this type blankets


I just want to thank you for this pattern. I'm not a typical crocheter. I can't sit and watch TV or listen to music while I crochet, because I have always been so bad at being able to find and fix mistakes and identifying stitches, etc, so I have to solely focus on what I'm making. Pair that with a really complex and hard to remember pattern repeat and what you have is a blanket that never gets finished.

Your pattern is so easy to follow, and the fact that there's only one row to remember makes it so much easier for me to keep track.

I started working up a sample and only had to reference the repeat pattern one time after I got to the first repeat. And then after that I messed up a row by missing a couple of the increases, and I was able to EASILY go back and find my error and fix it. It doesn't sound like much, but that is a BIG DEAL for me!!!

I think I may finally finish a full size (non-baby) blanket for the first time in my crochet history!! Sorry for the long comment but I'm so excited!!!!

Christinna Ryder

What size (measurements)does this pattern make?

Mrs. Suzanne Hornick

Thank you so much for this excellent tutorial ❤️ I’ve been trying to learn this stick for years and thanks to you I’ve finally got it! I’m so grateful for this gift you gave to all of us!!


I swear if all tutorials were written this well we'd all be crochet masters. I love how you held my hand through the hard parts and didn't let go until we got it. Love this pattern ty for the tutorial!


i made it!
thank you so so much for this lovely pattern.
I whas able to understand it and love it from the first glance..
I made my first blanket after your pattern-s and i love it.
You can see it here


Thank you so so so much for this colourfull and lovely blog of yours.


Betty Shaw

Hi Lucy, Bought this kit earlier this year but haven't started it as I'd like to buy another kit the same and make it to fit a queen bed. Where can I buy the kit as I lost details of the first one I bought.

Pam McMillin

Thank you for this pattern and tutorial! I tried to donate a little money for your efforts, but PayPal wouldn't let me :(


Just want to say thanks so much for taking the time to write out these instructions. They are so clear and easy to follow! I'm not a beginner but still find some crochet patterns are worded & set out so confusingly that I can't make head or tail of it. But this one is awesome, and the pictures really help too. I'm loving my ripply blanket! Thanks!

Siobhan Burns

Thank you Lucy for a fantastic straight forward tutorial. I ordered my costal pack a few days ago so now I'm ready to get started as soon as it arrives.


Hi Lucy,

I have now finished the Ripple blanket (but with 3 stitches between the top and bottom of the waves, as you do in your baby ripple blanket, as mine is for a new baby of a dear friend.)

Thank you for the great tutorial!

I am a bit puzzled about all the ends. I don't seem to have made very nice knots at the changes of colours and some are coming apart and some just don't look good.
Would you advise making the knots again and then weave in the ends or simply to undo the knots and weave in each end within each colour. I fear I won't do this neatly enough with the knots, but I also fear that the ends might come unweaved if I undo the knots. I am pleasantly surprised how neat and tidy the other side has turned out. I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, which is the first time I use yarn with Acryl, so it's more slippery than the wool yarn I am used to work with.

(I tried to include a photo, but can't find out how to.)

Thank you!

Emma bushby

Hi where can I find the pattern of themripple blanket so I can print it out please. Fabulous design can't wait to try it. Xx

jenny price

would love to do this blanket in shades of blue is there a pattern or pack i could buy please

Mal H

I just love this pattern and have made it three times already. I'm halfway through my fourth blanket in rainbow colours when I made the mother of all mistakes!! Needing to uravel the last two rows I worked because of a counting mistake I was struggling to unravel the wool. Argh!! I had mistakenly started to uravelthe FIRST row!! Now I have stopped banging my head on the floor I'm wondering what I can do to rescue the work. Any help out idea greatly appreciated. At the moment I've threaded a running line through the stitches to hold them and left it till I've calmed down:-). X


And now I see it is UK treble!! Which is US double! Makes sense now! I will look forward to making this!


This is definitely double crochet and not treble. Does this change the pattern? Will multiples of 14 still work? Do we need to chain 4 on the end instead of 3 and start in the 5th chain from the holy? That’s typical for treble chrichet patters InBev seen

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